Thursday, March 11, 2021

Demi Lovato Reflects On Her Failed Engagement To Max Ehrich And How It Shaped Her Perception Of Her Own Sexuality -


Demi Lovato did a new interview this year with Glamour for their May issue and the star got real honest about her experiences with Max Ehrich, her ex-fiancée. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter shared her thoughts with the outlet, including what she learned from her split with Max.

According to the songstress, her relationship with Max helped her understand her gender identity and sexual orientation more. Fans of the pop star will remember when Demi and Max started dating during the start of 2020 and then announced their engagement in July.

In September of the same year, however, they had already called off their engagement which then became a point of contention in the media, especially among Demi’s fans. For instance, a lot of people mocked Max for appearing to visit the beach where he asked for Demi to marry him as a publicity stunt.

After being photographed by the paparazzi, many social media users argued that it was clear he had done it on purpose for attention. Obviously, Max’s intentions can’t be proven, but many social media users thought this was the case.

As for what Demi had to say in her new Glamour interview, the pop star explained how she began to fully understand and realize how “queer” she really is. The star went on to say that she began to realize that she wasn’t as into men as she had thought.

The pop star said she felt a sense of relief as if she could live her “truth.” Demi has had turmoils in her life, including in her family, her relationships, as well as her drug addiction. She checked into rehab following an overdose in July 2018.

The star said in the Glamour interview that she has moved on from the substances that led to her drug overdose, but she decided it wasn’t wise to deprive herself of a drink every now and then or smoking a bit of weed to relax.

Demi said she spoke with her healthcare professionals about it, and she realized it was wise to allow herself the breathing room to smoke weed or have a drink if she chooses to.

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