Monday, March 22, 2021

Cher Blames Trump For Asian Hate Crimes In The U.S. And Worries About Her Friends After Shootings Kill 8! -


The star took to social media to speak out after shootings targetting Atlanta businesses killed 8 people, 6 out of which being Asian women! That being said, Cher expressed how concerned she is about her Asian friends’ safety and used this opportunity to drag the previous POTUS for encouraging hate and discrimination towards the community.

As you probably remember, Donald Trump’s COVID-19 discussions greatly involved the rhetoric that it’s an Asian pandemic since it’s believed the first few cases appeared in China.

This led to some of his supporters attacking Asians-Americans, blaming regular people just as affected by the quarantine as anyone else, for something that was never in their control.

The hate crimes have gotten worse and worse and the latest tragedy was the most shocking.

A few days ago, 8 people were killed in three shootings at spas in Atlanta.

The main suspect, 21 year old, Aaron Long has been charged with murder and aggravated assault.

As for Cher, the singer took to her Twitter to post: ‘I Have two Friends Who Are Beautiful, Funny, Edgy, Smart.Talented and Both Are Asian. I’VE BEEN SO WORRIED ABOUT THEM. Finally reached Both an They Are Having rough time. THEY ARE PRECIOUS GIRLS. They’re coping,But There are no words for how angry I am. trump did this.’

One of her followers commented: ‘I’m so sorry for them and every Asian… Trump never thought about the consequences of his words.’

Another also related to what Cher is going through, saying: ‘Me too. My sis in law is Asian American and one of the best people on this planet. Sick that she has to feel threatened in her own country.’

The deadly attacks come just as the Stop AAPI Hate coalition has reported almost 3,800 incidents of violence and harassment towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the last year in the United States.

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