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Oprah Suggests Royal Life Was ‘Unsurvivable’ For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry In Teaser Video For Their Interview! -


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chatted with Oprah Winfrey about a lot of things they could never really reveal before, and the first teaser for the full sit-down interview seems to suggest that royal life for the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex was ‘unsurvivable!’ Check out the clip here!

It’s believed that the interview will be covering a lot – from Harry’s late mom, Princess Diana, to the reasons why the couple decided to exit the royal family and move to the U.S.

In the teaser clip, Oprah makes it very clear that both Harry and Meghan had agreed no topic of discussion is ‘off limits.’

And sure enough, the host is not holding anything back!

The first question from the legendary TV personality is: ‘You’ve said some pretty shocking things here. Were you silent or were you silenced?’

Fans will have to wait for the whole interview to air to find out Meghan’s response, however, as it’s not featured in the teaser!

However, in response to something unfeatured Meghan tells Oprah, the host says ‘almost unsurvivable sounds like there was a breaking point.’

On the other hand, Harry does hint more at the reason why they decided to leave behind their titles: ‘My biggest concern was history repeating itself. I’m really relieved and happy to be sitting here, talking to you with my wife by my side because I can’t begin to imagine what it must have been for her going through this process by herself all these years ago.’

He was, of course, referring to his mother, Princess Diana’s own struggles with the British media, which eventually even led to her deadly car accident.

This comes about two weeks after Meghan and Harry announced that they are pregnant with their second child! The two already share a son named Archie Harrison.

Matt James Allegedly Has Broken Up With His Bachelor Fiance Already -


In an unforeseen turn of events, Matt James and the woman that won the Bachelor have already broken up. Read ahead for these alleged spoiler alerts.

Hometowns were last week where James met the parents of the women vying for his heart. The frontrunner, and the woman under fire for racially insensitive behavior, is Rachael Kirkconnell.

Reality Steve spoilers claim that Rachael won over Matt’s heart. After it was revealed that she attended an old south party, Matt had to release a statement about Chris Harrison’s gaslighting interview with Rachel Lindsay.

‘Chris’ failure to receive and understand the emotional labor that my friend Rachel Lindsay was taking on by graciously and patiently explaining the racist history of the Antebellum South, a painful history that every American should understand intimately, was troubling and painful to watch.’

He went on to say that it was a ‘much larger issue that The Bachelor franchise has fallen short on addressing adequately for years.’

However, according to the Huffington Post, this wasn’t just a blanket statement condemning Chris Harris for his behavior. It was actually confirmation that Matt had broken up with Rachael.

An article from the outlet read: ‘HuffPost has since learned that James and Kirkconnell are no longer together, and that their breakup was ultimately precipitated by recent revelations that she had attended an antebellum-themed fraternity formal in 2018 and liked photos containing Confederate flag imagery in the past.’

Now that the After the Final Rose special has found a host in Emmanuel Acho, it seems that the franchise is working on fixing their race issue.

Although the latest season had more BIPOC identifying people than ever — their white counterparts received more screen time.

The ATFR stand-in host gained notoriety for talking about race issues in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. It will be interesting to see if the rumors are true.


Tiger Woods Takes To Twitter For The First Time Since His Scary Accident - Check Out His Message! -


Following his scary car crash, Tiger Woods took to social media to show his fans as well as fellow golfers, some gratitude for giving him so much love during such a hard time. This is the very first tweet from Woods ever since the crash a few days ago and it must mean that he is starting to feel much better.

Before, there have been statements made in his name, as well as insider reports, that confirmed he was doing well and recovering after undergoing an emergency surgery.

Sure enough, a number of other big names in golf, made sure to send Tiger all their well wishes and to pay tribute to him while in the hospital.

Some of them even wore his signature red shirt at the WGC-Workday Championship in his honor, which must have been really touching for the golfer.

As you know, the event took place only a few days after the accident so they wanted to make sure he knew they were thinking about him.

It turns out that Tiger really appreciated the gesture, tweeting: ‘It is hard to explain just how touching today was when I turned on the TV and saw all of the red shirts. To every golfer and every fan, you’re truly helping me get through this tough time.’

This comes after his team also confirmed that he was in ‘high spirits’ after the extensive surgery on his right leg.

‘Tiger and his family want to thank you for the wonderful support and all the messages they have received over the past few days. We will not have any further updates at this time,’ the message went on to say.

Furthermore, People reported that Tiger Woods is determined to make a full comeback to golfing, even though it’s still not known how much or how little his injury will affect his career.

Chadwick Boseman's Wife Delivers Powerful Acceptance Speech In His Name After Winning Golden Globe Award -


The late actor has been honored with a Golden Globes award posthumously and his wife delivered a touching acceptance speech in his name! Check out what she had to say!

As you know, Chadwick Boseman passed away after a secret, years-long battle with cancer but before that, he tied the knot with his partner.

That being said, Taylor Simone Ledward has been by his side every step of the way and even now that his work on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is being recognized, she was there to pay tribute to him.

Chadwick won in the ‘Best Actor in a Motion Picture—Drama’ category and Taylor is very proud.

As she held back tears, Taylor told the world what she thinks Chadwick would say at that moment: ‘He would thank God. He’d thank his parents. He’d thank his ancestors for their guidance and sacrifice. He’d thank his incredible team. He’d thank his team on set. He’d say something beautiful, inspiring, something that would amplify that voice inside us that tells you you can, tells you to keep going, calls you back to what you’re meant to be doing at this moment in history.’

Furthermore, as far as she is concerned, he would also take this opportunity to celebrate other very talented actors such as Viola Davis and Denzel Washington.

‘I don’t have his words, but we have to take all of the moments to celebrate those we love. So thank you HFPA for this opportunity to do exactly that and hun, you keep em coming. Thank you,’ Taylor concluded her acceptance speech.

This special award sadly comes six months after Chadwich lost the fight with colon cancer. He was only 43.

This is not the first time that Taylor accepts an award for her late husband.

The actor was also honored with the Actor Tribute at the Annual IFP Gotham Awards.

Rachel Lindsay Appears On Her Husband Bryan Abasolo's Instagram After Deactivating Due To Bullying -


In a twisted turn of events, Rachel Lindsay has been bullied by social media users due to Chris Harrison’s uncertain future in Bachelor Nation. The vile words that haters spewed caused the former contestant to deactivate her social platforms.

This all started when it was revealed that Rachael Kirkconnell liked racially insensitive photos and attended an old south party. After Chris went to bat for her with Rachel on Extra — Bachelor Nation stars spoke up against him about the gaslighting comments.

Chris then decided to back down from hosting duties for the foreseeable future. After all the commotion — Kirkconnell finally decided to apologize.

‘I’m here to say I was wrong. I was ignorant, but my ignorance was racist. At one point, I didn’t recognize how offensive and racist my actions were, but that doesn’t excuse them. My age or when it happened does not excuse anything. They are not acceptable or okay in any sense. I was ignorant, but my ignorance was racist.’

Unfortunately, this made social media users who perpetuate racism place the blame of Harrison’s break solely upon Rachel.

She deactivated her social platforms but received support from her peers like Nick Viall, Mike Johnson, and other members of the franchise.

Rachel appeared in a photo with her husband, Bryan Abasolo, the day after.

I love you, I appreciate you, I believe in you and I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. Keep going and never stop being you and fighting for what’s right,’ his caption read.

She received a load of support in his comment section.

Meanwhile, the host for After the Final Rose has been announced. Producers have tapped Emmanuel Acho — the star and author of Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man to step in for the time being.

His recommendation came from Lindsay who turned down the opportunity due to being exhausted by the turbulence that comes with some of Bachelor Nation’s toxic fan base.

Paris Hilton Reveals How Carter Reum 'Tricked' Her When He Got On One Knee To Propose! -


As you may know, Paris Hilton is now engaged to Carter Reum, after he popped the big question in a romantic private island proposal. That being said, the heiress opened up about the whole thing while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, revealing how he played it cool, surprising her at the time.

In other words, Paris was apparently taken by total surprise when it happened and nothing had prepared her for the special moment.

Paris explained that she actually suspected her man would get on one knee months before, while they were on another vacation together.

However, it obviously did not happen back then, which made her less likely to expect it the second time around.

‘We had gone on another trip to Bora Bora for our anniversary and he had a really romantic dinner set up, with all of these shells and things that said ‘I love you.’ Then the whole dinner I was just expecting a ring to come on. Then, at the end, dessert came, and I thought there would be a ring in the cake. So at the end I was like, ‘You know, I am a little bit bummed, I thought you were going to propose. This would be the perfect place.’ He said, ‘When I do it, it’s going to be incredible.”

And sure enough, he was right!

The proposal actually happened on her birthday, while the couple was on yet another island vacation.

That day, Paris and Carter had a photoshoot in their schedule, but that was really only a cover for his actual plans!

Paris shared that ‘I think to make me feel like it wasn’t going to happen, he was like, ‘If you’re not ready in time, we can chill, just do it another day.’ So then I did not think it was happening. He tricked me. We got down to the beach, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was one of the most romantic moments of my life.’

Justin Duggar And Claire Spivey Officially Married At 18 And 19-Years-Old! -


Justin Duggar, just like most of his siblings, did not waste any time getting married! The 18 year old and his fiancee, Claire Spivey have tied the knot, only 5 months after announcing their courtship.

The teenagers reportedly got married on February 26 and they have shared a pic from the nuptials, as well as a statement via E! News, to make it official.

It reads: ‘Today we’ve started a journey that God crafted long before we ever knew it was meant to be. We’re so thankful for the love of Christ that’s brought our lives together and which teaches us what real love looks like. There’s no greater joy than marrying your best friend. We’re thankful for all the prayers and the support so many have shown us throughout our engagement and we look forward to this new chapter of our lives as husband and wife.’

Fans know that Justin is the 14th child of Michelle and Jim Bob and he, along with his parents and all his siblings has been featured on the family reality TV show, 19 and Counting, as well as the spin-off, Counting On.

Furthermore, he is the ninth child of the massive family to get married.

Back in September, he announced that he’d started to court Claire, following the family tradition.

Only two months after, right as he turned 18, they were engaged!

As for the wedding, his sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, said that ‘It was such a gorgeous wedding! Love you both very much and am SO happy for you guys! [red heart emoji].’

Another comment about it, which was also left under their wedding post on Instagram came from his sister in law, Anna Duggar, who is married to the firstborn, Josh Duggar.

It reads: ‘Such a lovely wedding! Thrilled for you both! Welcome to the family Claire! You are a stunning bride!’

Vanessa Bryant Reacts To Evan Rachel Wood's 'Vile' Post About Kobe Bryant -


It’s been a year since Kobe Bryant tragically passed away and Evan Rachel Wood called the legendary basketball player out for supposedly being a rapist! In response, his widow, Vanessa Bryant, just clapped back!

It all started with a tweet from Evan Rachel Wood that was actually posted last year, right after Kobe’s death, but which has just come to Vanessa’s attention.

As you remember, Kobe and one of his daughters with Vanessa, 13 year old Gianna, lost their lives in a helicopter crash in January of last year.

Not too long after the shocking news became public knowledge, Evan tweeted: ‘What’s happened is tragic. I’m heartbroken for Kobe’s family. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist. All of these truths can exist simultaneously.’

The post seemed to refer to his 2003 assault case that came from an unnamed female accuser.

Later on, however, the case was dismissed.

Now, a year after the unnecessary post, Vanessa finally learned about it and responded on her IG Stories.

‘This just came to my attention. Your false, insensitive, defamatory and slanderous tweet on 1/26/20 is just vile and disturbing to say the least.’

As for the public backlash she got for her comment last year, Evan responded at the time that the post was never supposed to be a ‘condemnation,’ or a ‘celebration.’

Instead, she’d intended it as ‘a reminder that everybody will have different feelings and there’s room for all to grieve together instead of fighting. Everyone’s lost. Everybody will be triggered, so please show kindness and respect to all.’

As you can imagine, this follow-up only made things worse and the backlash continued since it was pretty much contradictory to her own comments.

As a result, Evan ended up deleting both posts. At this time, she is yet to respond to Vanessa’s late reaction.

K. Michelle Responds To Wendy Williams Saying Her 'Butt Collapsed' During Hot Topics -


Wendy Williams brought the video seen around the internet of K. Michelle‘s dancing mishap where loose skin made it look as though her butt collapsed to Hot Topics. The talk show host scolded people for being jealous but also made some jokes of her own.

In addition to saying she had silicone spilling out of her body, the 56-year-old talked about her former relationship with Idris Elba and joked that she had silicone spilling on his sheets.

The clip went viral and K issued a classy response.

The former Love and Hip Hop star said that she no longer is for tearing down other Black women so she won’t be going off on her.

More than anything, K. Michelle sounded more disappointed than angry when she stated: ‘I could’ve hid everything but it’s my truth. No fear. The test of true character is not what u do when it’s convenient but what u do when it’s uncomfortable. I have a gift and you can’t take that from me and I’ve decided to use it for something bigger that you might not understand. No one will understand what’s it’s like to feel not so pretty, get a deal, and follow your favs and 6 years later wake up to death in your face. I knew know better. Today i’m just happy to be alive. I begged God if he let me live to see my son graduate I would be a better woman. I changed my life, but it’s crazy some people just won’t let me be. I am no where on the scene I stay out of the way by choice. I think we all know that nothing deflated there’s nothing to deflate I have extra skin and praying next week is my last surgery. To those of you who desire money and fame, I have them both but they never truly made me happy. The beauty of this God has equipped me with finances to afford to correct this but their are women who can’t. It is my goal to help as my many of them as possible. It is also my goal to open a genre of music up that African Americans have be greatly looked over, country music. I’m on my journey. Media I know you have to do your job, but people are dying just don’t make it so hard. ❤️’

She let the talk show host, who extended an invite to her for this summer, that she will see her soon.

The singer was praised by her peers for handling the situation eloquently.

Do you think K. Michelle will confront Wendy in person?

Columbus Short Says Britney Spears' Parents Called Him A Racial Slur During Their Romance -- They Deny It! -



Columbus Short and Britney Spears had a fling when he was working with her as a producer and dancer. He recalls overhearing a conversation between the troubled star and her parents.

‘I was next to [Britney] while she was on the phone with them crying while she had it on speaker,’ he explained.

He went on to say he heard them ask ‘Why are you f–king that n—-r?’

‘Britney looked at me so apologetically, knowing I’d heard it. I shook my head and didn’t say anything, because what was there to say? After that I felt like maybe [Britney] was using me to piss them off for some reason. I think she is a really sweet person that was tormented in a position on a high level that I can’t imagine. I liken it to Princess Diana. She was the pop princess. Britney couldn’t go nowhere — her world [was] completely controlled in this bubble. There would be times that she would act out, and I don’t blame her. She was trying to find her way,’ he added.

Unfortunately, he was not surprised by the behavior. Short says that just because they have Black bodyguards doesn’t mean they are exempt from bigoted behavior.

He added that he really loved Britney and still loves her to this day.

Lynn Spears swiftly sent out a denial statement.

‘I want to be very clear. Those terrible words are not remotely in my vocabulary. I would never say that to anyone, much less my daughter. Ever.’

Meanwhile, Jamie Spears denies even being a part of her career around that time.

‘Jamie was not there, and not involved. In fact, during this time period, Jamie was not involved in Britney’s business at all.’

Social media users believe the story and are pointing fingers at Jamie due to his treatment of Britney. Additionally, the pop singer is from the country where racism is and was a common thing.

K. Michelle Explains Shocking Accident On Instagram Live -- Wants To Save Other Women's Lives By Sharing Her Story -


K. Michelle had hundreds of people wondering what went wrong when something appeared to sag from her pants while she was dancing on Instagram Live. Although she tucked it back in and continued her dance session — viewers were perplexed by what they witnessed.

K. Michelle took to Twitter to explain what happened and slam Black women for the criticism.

‘So the video of me dancing is sad that I even have 2explain. I walked y’all through how difficult this process of removing silicone from my body for 3YEARS/16 surgeries Did we not forget I almost died due 2this?????? Now i’m in the process of 3 reconstruction steps. What u saw in the video was a happy woman with a faja and my extra fat! I’ve been very open so I can heal ladies. I didn’t have to tell anybody and I could’ve covered up until the process was done,but NO. Ladies need to see and hear the truth. I decided to use my platform to help. I havent bothered anyone Ive been out of the way so What I dont understand is what was the purpose or what was so entertaining about a woman FINALLY bein able 2walk again with EXTRA fat from the removal.I saw the comments and of course it was Black women filled with so much hate.’

She went on to say that she has one surgery left and is trying to mentally prepare for it.

She also took the opportunity to promote her new show coming up on Lifetime where she is assisting other people with botched surgeries — something that quite literally almost cost her her life.

‘I am the executive producer and host of a new show on Lifetime Networks shooting THIS MONTH that only focuses on silicone removal and botched surgeries.I had to do something 2save some people’s life. So get ready to tune in and see MY surgery ups and downs and others.’

It’s great to see that K. Michelle took the criticism she was receiving and turned it into a positive.


Wendy Williams Picks A Suitor For Date Wendy -- Fans Applaud Her Choice -



Wendy Williams has taken to her talk show to find a new beau! Date Wendy had hundreds of entries and she narrowed it down to three great men.

Wendy ended up picking Mike — a real estate salesman and contractor. They share a mutual friend in Mario Lopez.

The Wendy Show shared a clip from the segment and her comments were overwhelmingly positive.

‘I was on the edge of my seat praying you chose Mike, very mature. Seems like a solid type of a guy. Good luck and have fun,’ one person said/

Another added: ‘Yes Wendy you made the Right Choice. New Life New Flavor . He looks like a lot of Fun and Age appropriate. A little Swirl never hurt no Body. Beautiful Blessings Goddess. How you doing.’

While this person said: ‘All three were interesting gentlemen.. but you definitely made the right choice. Plus you both share a mutual friend who seems to know what you both are looking for! I’m so excited for this!! You deserve to be happy and to laugh every day and I think Mike will do that for you! ❤️ Best wishes Wendy!!’

‘I was so hoping you picked him !!! Julian has a busy lifestyle & I don’t think he would have been available like a good boyfriend should be LOL I also think he was promoting himself and the last fellow whose name escapes me was much too young to be serious. So have a great time with Mike,’ one commentator added.

Another supportive follower said: ‘I agree with this pick . He seemed cheesy and wore a fun print and looks like he doesn’t take himself too serious which I think will be nice for her. I’m excited to see if this goes well for 🙌❤️ love is awesome.’

This comes after Wendy’s divorce to Kevin Hunter was finalized.

The talk show host insists that she genuinely intends on dating these men and it’s not just something that she’s doing for the show.

Are Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Hooking Up? -


Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt hooking up? That’s the subject of the upcoming March 8, 2021, issue of In Touch magazine. Fans have speculated that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were getting back together since his split from estranged wife Angelina Jolie. The two have made several public appearances together and now, fans think that Brad Pitt was resting on the floor in the background of Jennifer’s Instagram story!

Now, In Touch is quoting a source who says that the two are hooking up on weekends! Neither Brad Pitt nor Jennifer Aniston has spoken about any relationship they may have and though these are just rumors, many people believe them.

A source stated the following to the publication.

He’s been at her house on the weekends. They’re hooking up.

You may see an article discussing Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, along with the photo that many thought showed Brad Pitt was in the same studio with Jennifer Aniston below.

The publication said that Jennifer Aniston is keeping her options open and though she is reportedly seeing Brad; he isn’t the only person she’s dating!

There will always be fans who want to see Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston get back together and though neither of them is discussing their personal relationship with the public, it is clear they remain friends and still get along well with one another.

Brad and Jennifer are both in a great place with their careers and in their personal lives. Many believe that there is no better time for the exes to get back together for good than now!

What do you think about the rumors that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are hooking up on weekends? Do you believe they are back together? Did you see the viral photo of a man resting on the floor behind Jennifer Aniston? Do you think the man in that photo was Brad Pitt?

Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She enjoys writing about celebrities, entertainment, crime, and fashion. The writer of this article will take legal action on those who reproduce or spin this article outside of Celebrity Insider. 

Danger From For The Love Of Ray J Reveals Experience On Show Negatively Affected Her Life -


Ray J has been a staple in reality TV long before his ventures with Zeus. Around a decade ago, the little brother of singer Brandy broke out on the reality TV scene with a dating show.

The series was responsible for a few iconic pop culture moments but the girls from the show quickly faded back into normalcy except one — Danger. She actually was one of the most popular contestants and the show would follow her everywhere for years after.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a success story for the woman whose real name is Monica Leon. She recently opened up about how the show negatively impacted her life.

The notoriety she gained didn’t translate into a thriving career — instead, infamy followed her everywhere and opportunities were slim.

She explained to Madame Noire: ‘I couldn’t really go anywhere without being mobbed, which wasn’t good for my family or my relationship. And what people don’t know about reality shows is that, they don’t really pay you. Ray J made money but we didn’t make money like that. It was a very small amount. I got paid for appearances but I would have to travel all over the country to make that money. It was all busted opportunities with people who just wanted to take advantage of me.’

To make things even worse, it was harder for her family.

‘They didn’t enjoy the negative press that I got, the online shaming that I got. It made them look bad. My parents didn’t handle it very well. It was an embarrassment No one really enjoyed being in the spotlight. It was a bunch of horrible things that they were saying. It didn’t go well. It wasn’t good for my life.’

Danger is now a mother and a Youtuber who enjoys vlogging about her life and doing makeup tutorials. Hopefully, her story prompts people to get to know the real her.

Young Thug Trolls El Chapo's Wife By Changing His Profile Picture To Her Mug Shot -


El Chapo, née Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loeram, has been sitting behind bars for serious drug trafficking crimes for years now. El Chapo – who was given the name as a result of his short stature – has been in the headlines over the last week due to his wife, the former beauty queen.

Reportedly, El Chapo was incarcerated back in 2016 after a shootout with the Mexican police. He was captured and sent to the United States of America where he is now being held in the nation’s maximum-security prison, ADX Florence.

Hot New Hip Hop reported this weekend that after the capture of Emma Coronel Aispuro, the Mexican drug dealer’s wife, the FBI is now offering her and her 9-year-old twins protection for the rest of their lives in exchange for information into the Sinaloa Cartel. El Chapo is currently the leader of the cartel.

As it was previously reported, Mike Vigil, the DEA agent, came forward to say that the DEA would offer her witness protection in exchange for information, that much was for certain. The police nabbed Aispuro at the Dulles International Airport in Virginia this past week.

Her mugshot was released on the 23rd of February, and she has been in the news ever since. In fact, even Young Thug made fun of her by changing his IG profile picture to her mugshot.

Vigil reportedly explained how the authorities would be willing to give her many things in exchange for information into how the drug cartel operates, their routes, how they make the drugs, and how they smuggle the narcotics into the nation.

In other words, Emma’s capture wasn’t a good thing for the cartel, however, it’s not clear what her position is in the cartel and what her relationship is to El Chapo these days. Whether she remains loyal to her druglord husband remains to be seen.

According to Vigil, her life under witness protection wouldn’t be glamorous, that much is for certain. She wouldn’t have contact with her family and she would be given a small amount of money until she found work.

Are Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Photoshopping Their Children's Photos? -


Are Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner photoshopping their children? The Kardashians and Jenners are scrutinized for their photos and many can’t help notice how their looks have changed over the years. Kendall Jenner is being accused of photoshopping her pictures and using a body filter to appear slimmer and now the Instagram site Celebrity Plastic is pointing out that it appears Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are using the same techniques on their own children.

Celebrity Plastic blocked the children’s faces out as they shared photos and videos that appeared to show the famous mothers were editing their children’s features to make them appear more aesthetically pleasing.

Celebrity Plastic shared the following message along with their Instagram post that you may see below.

Kim and Kylie allegedly photoshopping their children. the kids have circles over their faces for their privacy. in the second slide, you can see the wall is warped near stormi’s ear, possibly to make it smaller.

in the third slide, I showed the original photo vs what Kim posted. in the edited one, north’s whole face & stomach have been made smaller. in the fourth slide, it shows what Kylie posted vs what Kim posted. in Kim’s version, Chicago’s forehead is smaller.also please don’t comment anything rude about any of the  kids please & thank you 💘

The post is drawing plenty of comments from social media users who find the allegations highly disturbing. Though many thanked the account for not showing the children’s faces, there were responses from those who believed the photos showed that the women were guilty of editing their children’s faces. One user stated that Khloe Kardashian has also edited her own daughter’s photo. No one has accused Kourtney Kardashian of editing photos of her three children Penelope, Mason, and Reign.

What do you think about Celebrity Plastic’s report? Do you think Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are photoshopping their children’s photos and videos?

Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She enjoys writing about celebrities, entertainment, crime, and fashion. The writer of this article will take legal action on those who reproduce or spin this article outside of Celebrity Insider. 

Will Michael B Jordan Portray The Next Superman - Sources Say It's Doubtful But Never Say Never -


Michael B. Jordan is serious about making a change to American culture. The Black Panther actor once said that he wanted to only take on roles specifically made for white men as a way of fighting back against what the entertainment industry elites have called “white supremacy.”

As fans of the Creed alum know, Michael B Jordan appeared in the 2015 film, Fantastic Four, and again in the 2018 movie, Black Panther, as Erick Stevens. He also went by the name as “Killmonger” in that incredibly successful film.

These days, it has been reported by a number of outlets that Mr. Jordan wants to star as “Superman” in the upcoming movie. The Superman reboot reportedly will be produced by J.J. Abrams and written by Ta-Nehisis Coates.

Coates and Abrams are looking to find a black male actor to take on the role, and Michael B. Jordan is the person that comes to mind. Thus far, it’s clear that producers and the studio have tried to reach out to Jordan, but it hasn’t been confirmed if he has signed on to it yet.

Knowing what Michael has said in the past, there is a good chance that he’ll do it because this sort of thing appears to be right up his alley. The publication reported that even if they’re unable to secure Jordan’s talents, they still won’t go back to Henry Cavill.

According to another report from Hot New Hip Hop, however, Jordan did finally respond to it in recent news and said he couldn’t sign as the hero due to creative differences as well as conflicting schedules.

In other Michael B. Jordan-related news, the actor has been busy hanging out with Lori Harvey, the daughter of Steve Harvey, who has been hanging around a lot of rappers and actors over the last few years, including the Atlanta performer, Future.

Hot New Hip Hop says that Michael and Lori have been pretty candid in terms of how they have handled their romance lately, even going official on social media in recent news.

Nick Jonas Jokes About The Jonas Brothers' Return On Saturday Night Live -


According to a report from Page Six, Nick Jonas appeared on Saturday Night Live as the host this weekend and it wound up turning into somewhat of a family ordeal. The outlet says that the 28-year-old singer-songwriter appeared alongside Kevin Jonas during the start of the episode.

It was during this segment where the two brothers touched on the plans for The Jonas Brothers and whether they would be getting back together anytime soon – or if they had even split up at all in the first place.

The 33-year-old said to his brother that he was glad to see him and support him as well, but he had to ask how he was feeling about his brothers because he has obviously been doing a lot more solo stuff over the last few years.

Kevin went on to ask him whether they were still a band. Reportedly, Nick is currently in the middle of promoting his latest record, Spaceman, which will come out in March. He said to his brother, “of course,” they were still together, he has just been doing his own thing lately.

According to Page Six, Nick, Joe, and Kevin, who made up the trio called The Jonas Brothers, released their last collaborative project in 2019 approximately six years after they announced they were splitting up, seemingly by surprise.

As for Nick, he has been in the headlines a lot more often – as his brother suggested – for his solo career, but also for his marriage to the Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra, who is 10 years his senior. This fact about their romance hasn’t always garnered the most positive headlines, nor has it attracted nice comments from social media users.

For instance, Chopra and Nick have been criticized for the large age gap by a small group of people online. Priyanka is 10 years older than him, and a lot of people have questioned the legitimacy of their relationship, accusations to which the couple hasn’t said a lot.

Neither Chopra nor Nick has given much credence to these criticisms on social media or in interviews.

Prince Harry Says That The 'Toxicity' Of The British Media Is The Main Reason He And Meghan Markle Had To Leave The Royal Family -


Royal family watchers know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have fought with the British press pretty fiercely over the last few years. The purported abuse levied at the couple first ramped up following their royal wedding back in May of 2017.

In a new interview, Prince Harry revealed the real reason why he and Meghan left the royal family. According to the former British royal, he and Meghan left their obligations with the aristocracy due to the British media and the way they have been treated.

As it was previously reported on Thursday night, Prince Harry did a long interview with James Corden in which they talked about a number of things, including the Queen, how they feel about the press, as well as their move to the USA.

During his chat with James, Harry explained that the way the British press had been treating him and Meghan was “destroying (his) mental health.” The Prince went on to say that the press created a difficult situation for him and his wife, and they had no choice but to leave the family and their duties behind.

As for The Crown, the popular Netflix series that presents itself as exposure to what the royal family life is really like, Prince Harry said that he was far more comfortable with it and how it looks at the royal family because it doesn’t pretend to be factual.

However, Prince Harry did note that the show did a good job of showing a “rough idea” of what it’s like to be a royal. As for how his family has been doing lately, the Prince says it’s not a big deal that they’ve moved because they regularly make Zoom calls with Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Philip, although, he’s sure that they wish they would come home.

This Thursday, the 94-year-old Queen of England told the public to follow her lead and get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Queen explained how it wasn’t a big deal, nor did it cause pain or take a lot of time. She added that it was really “quite harmless.”

Paris Hilton Goes To Washington D.C. And Netflix As She Lands New Show -


Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild are featured in the latest issue of L’Officiel and Paris dropped some major news in the magazine. Paris ended 2020 thrust in the public eye in a way she was unaccustomed to. Paris is no stranger to making headlines but in September 2020, she released her documentary This Is Paris to critical acclaim. Not only did Paris open up about herself for the first time with the public, but she alleged Provo Canyon School staff abused her when she was sent to the Utah reformatory school as a teenager. She’s been an outspoken member of the “Breaking Code Silence” viral campaign and announced she will travel to Washington D.C. to speak out about her abuse experiences with the facility.

Paris Hilton also revealed she has a new television series in the works that will premiere on Netflix. Paris didn’t delve into the show or explain what the show’s premise will be, but fans were thrilled to hear the news.

This Is Paris premiered only on YouTube and quickly became a global, viral sensation. Paris explained that her dumb blonde persona was an act, and it seems it is one that she’s tired of playing.

Speaking about her persona, Paris Hilton stated the following.

There are many preconceptions; Coming from a family with an important surname, I think a lot of people think I take it for granted or that I’m spoiled, that I have always had food ready and haven’t worked a single day of my life.

Paris Hilton does work hard and is currently preparing to release her 29th perfume. Besides preparing to go to Washington D.C. and launching her new television series, Paris is also writing a book.

What do you think about all of the exciting events Paris Hilton has planned for 2021? Are you looking forward to seeing her new Netflix series?

Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She enjoys writing about celebrities, entertainment, crime, and fashion. The writer of this article will take legal action on those who reproduce or spin this article outside of Celebrity Insider. 

Paris Hilton Goes To Washington D.C. And Netflix As She Lands New Show -


Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild are featured in the latest issue of L’Officiel and Paris dropped some major news in the magazine. Paris ended 2020 thrust in the public eye in a way she was unaccustomed to. Paris is no stranger to making headlines but in September 2020, she released her documentary This Is Paris to critical acclaim. Not only did Paris open up about herself for the first time with the public, but she alleged Provo Canyon School staff abused her when she was sent to the Utah reformatory school as a teenager. She’s been an outspoken member of the “Breaking Code Silence” viral campaign and announced she will travel to Washington D.C. to speak out about her abuse experiences with the facility.

Paris Hilton also revealed she has a new television series in the works that will premiere on Netflix. Paris didn’t delve into the show or explain what the show’s premise will be, but fans were thrilled to hear the news.

This Is Paris premiered only on YouTube and quickly became a global, viral sensation. Paris explained that her dumb blonde persona was an act, and it seems it is one that she’s tired of playing.

Speaking about her persona, Paris Hilton stated the following.

There are many preconceptions; Coming from a family with an important surname, I think a lot of people think I take it for granted or that I’m spoiled, that I have always had food ready and haven’t worked a single day of my life.

Paris Hilton does work hard and is currently preparing to release her 29th perfume. Besides preparing to go to Washington D.C. and launching her new television series, Paris is also writing a book.

What do you think about all of the exciting events Paris Hilton has planned for 2021? Are you looking forward to seeing her new Netflix series?

Charisse Van Horn is a freelance writer from Tampa Bay. She enjoys writing about celebrities, entertainment, crime, and fashion. The writer of this article will take legal action on those who reproduce or spin this article outside of Celebrity Insider. 

R. Kelly Reportedly Got Both Vaccines While In Prison - The 1st And 2nd Dose -


Despite the egregious allegations against him, R. Kelly has reportedly received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. As most know, the R&B singer-songwriter is currently sitting behind bars on very serious charges, including human trafficking, abuse, and sexual assault.

At the moment, Mr. Kelly is incarcerated in an Illinois jail as he waits for his upcoming trial this spring. Page Six, via TMZ, claims that the singer-songwriter – who has tried to get out of jail a number of times on account of the coronavirus pandemic and more – is part of a 60-plus group of inmates who have been vaccinated.

The inmates who have all received the vaccinations are staying in the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center. According to TMZ, Kelly got the first batch of vaccines in January, and then he got the second one this month. It’s not known whether the 47-year-old crooner got the Astra-Zeneca or Pfizer vaccine.

As it was just noted, Kelly is waiting in an Illinois jailhouse on charges of sexually abusing underage girls, tampering with evidence, and also producing child pornography and distributing it. Kelly’s problems intensified with the release of Surviving R. Kelly, the Lifetime docu-series.

The docu-series featured interviews with some of Kelly’s purported victims, and the popularity of it led many celebrities and entertainers to distance themselves from the R&B singer.

As the protests and outrage grew, so did the official police charges that were laid against him. Kelly has been charged in not only his home state but also in places like New York as well.

As for his attempts to get out of jail, this past year, Kelly and his lawyer petitioned the court repeatedly to have him released as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, which they claimed the singer was at special risk too. The same thing was done for Daniel Hernandez 23, also known as Tekahsi 6ix9ine.

Additionally, Kelly was reportedly attacked by another inmate and his lawyer argued that nothing was done to stop it, in fact, the facility and the guards had appeared to facilitate it, he argued.

Eva Marcille Receives Massive Support For Her Merch -


Eva Marcille gets a lot of love and support for her merch. Check out the clip that she shared on her social media account not too long ago.

‘That SMILE🌻 Thank you @badassboz for your support of the my lil passion aka the Jaded collection @evabyevamarcille Love you Sis 🌻 Queen Vibez’ Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘I love the look of this 💓 jewellery. How can I purchase it’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Verified

Queens support Queens! Keep shining sis… love you!!! 💚’

A follower posted this: ‘drop a heart on my recent post if you feel like showing some love 💗’ and a commenter said: ‘I got a business proposal for you, HMU and see if you’d like to give it a shot💸’

Someone else said: ‘Im really loving all of your pieces very beautifully 💛💛💛’

More people continued to praise Eva’s merch like there’s no tomorrow in the comments.

Eva Marcille‘s eye collection has fans in awe. Check out the post that she recently shared on her social media account that had fans excited.

‘May every evil eye in your life go blind 🧿Shop my Eye Collection! @evabyevamarcille 🧿’ Eva captioned her post.

Eva Marcille praised the godmother of soul and dropped a message for her on social media. Fans appreciated it, and you can also check it out below.

‘GodMOTHER OF SOUL, Queen Mother @erykahbadu Grand Rising and Blessed Born Day Queen 👑 Salute 🌻 You’re the soundtrack to my life. Your vibration has lifted me since I first laid eyes on you. May your day be as blessed as you are a Blessing✨,’ Eva captioned her post.

In other recent news, Eva Marcille shared an emotional message on her social media account, and you can check it out below. This had a lot of fans emotional in the comments.

Safaree Drops A New Message Following Erica Mena Breakup -


As you probably know by now, Safaree and Erica Mena are no longer an item. Check out the latest message that Safaree shared on social media.

‘You’re perfect ‼️ never forget it. 🎥 @shotbysed’ Safaree said. A lot of fans offered him their support in the comments.

Someone said: ‘Don’t allow anyone to dim your light 💡’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘No one is perfect but self-motivation is good 🙌’

A follower said: ‘U give loving yourself a whole new meaning 😂😂’ and a commenter said: ‘I wanna love myself as much as safaree loves safaree ❤️😂’

Someone else said: ‘Until u gain too much weight from having a baby. 🙄’ and a follower posted this message: ‘Na only God is. But you look good tho.’

A fan posted this: ‘That’s a juicy vein lol sorry that’s the first thing I noticed! 😂 ( I’m a phlebotomist) veins catch my eyes quick 🤷‍♀️’

One commenter wrote: ‘Erica is very lucky to have u as a husband!’

Someone else said: ‘Bro all I’m gon say, I did my research and somethings never change 🤦🏽‍♂️ Stay STRONG 💪🏾. Be thankful for the positives! #ShakeBackTime I know u got OPTIONS my G!’

A commenter posted this: ‘Now that’s an album cover❤️’

Erica Mena shared a photo on her social media account in which she looks bomb. Fans praised her look – this comes right after Safaree and Erica confirmed their breakup via IG.

Safaree and Erica Mena had fans believing these days that everything is okay with them and that they are still happy in their marriage. Safaree was dropping all kinds of happy clips featuring Erica, and this led people to believe that all is great between them.

But now The Shade Room caught some posts of the two, and things are going downhill big time. Check out what Safaree posted on Twitter, making fans sad.

Ammika Harris Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Home - Check Out The Video That She Shared On Social Media -


Ammika Harris is giving fans a glimpse of her home and she shared a video on her social media account. Check out the post that she dropped on IG and see the pics and clips from her lovely home.

Someone said: ‘Coming from your stories… I love your house, it looks like a museum 😍 I think I should go for the same vibe and make my home my own sanctuary 😍😍’


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ammika Harris (@ammikaaa)

A follower posted this: ‘Woooow Im in Love With pic 2❤️😍 Wow wow and again wow’ and someone else said: ‘It’s also safe to say you’re skin is glowing brighter than a lightbulb ♥️’

A commenter said: ‘And it’s safe to say that I live in awe❤️😫!’ and another commenter said: ‘And the lighting of these photos is so beautiful 😍’

Someone else posted this: ‘@ammikaaa omg I am living for the content you are giving us 😍’ and a follower said: ‘So random, but I had a dream last night that Chris brown proposed to you in your home with a Beautiful gold ring that had a huge Red Diamond on it.’


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ammika Harris (@ammikaaa)

A fan posted: ‘ur make up looks so beautiful. Such a natural glow 😍💫’ and a follower said this: ‘Your home looks like a Parisian art gallery. I’d love to see some tulips in there.. 🌷they come in every color. 💐’

A follower said: ‘Maybe I’ll jump into some loungewear tonight and catch the vibe. 😘’ and one person said: ‘@ ammikaaa you have an undescribable flair for everything you do and do it so pleasingly well. My darling you are that exquisite rose out of many. Both amazing inside and out that’s you 🌹🌹🌹👑’

In other recent news, Chris Brown‘s baby mama, Ammika Harris, shared a photo on her social media account that has a lot of fans impressed in the comments.