Thursday, January 21, 2021

Joe Biden Delivers Powerful And Inspiring First Speech As The New President - Swears To Unite The Divided Country! -


In his very first speech as the new POTUS, Joe Biden promised to unite the deeply fractured country he is now leading and more! Check out what he had to say here!

That’s right! Like he’s said before, Joe once again stressed that his main goal is to serve ‘all Americans’ and not just those who voted for him in this election.

The new President spoke at the Capitol earlier today, his thoughts on moving forward and healing as a country made clear.

Joe Biden mentioned he felt ‘humbled by the faith you placed in us [he, FLOTUS Jill Biden and VP Kamala Harris],’ before he swore to be a President for ‘ALL Americans.’

‘Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this. Today, we mark the swearing in of the very first woman in the American history elected to national office, Vice President Kamala Harris. Do not tell me things can’t change. Unity is the path forward. This is the United States of America.’

Biden also addressed foreign nations’ leaders, promising he will be repairing their alliances after all the ‘challenges’ faced under Donald Trump’s leadership, although he did not drop his name.

‘We must reject the culture in which facts are manipulated and even manufactured. Fellow Americans, we have to be different than this. We have learned again that democracy’s precious. Democracy’s fragile. And at this hour, friends: democracy has prevailed! We must end this uncivil war which pits red versus blue, rural against urban, conservative against liberal. We can do this if only we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts.’

In his speech, Biden also addressed the COVID-19 situation and asked the crowd to join him in a moment of silence dedicated to the 400,000 American citizens who tragically lost their lives because of the virus.

For more on what he had to say, check out the speech in its entirety in the video above!

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