Sunday, January 10, 2021

Fabolous Shares Loving Post About Relationship With Emily B By Giving Advice To The New Generation -- Gets Dragged By Social Media Users -


Fabolous wanted to start the new year off by showing love the the mother of his children and longtime partner Emily B. However, by stating that he was giving advice to the new generation — he opened up a Pandora’s Box of criticism.

Alongside a photo of him and Emily, Fabolous shared a caption that wrote: ‘I know the cool of this generation is being savage & not giving a fuck.. And all the rap songs say money over everything & everybody is sleeping wit somebody else’s man or woman.. But fa real.. having a partner to love, share life with, raise a family together with, & make each other better is real GOALS. That’s the real COOL. That’s really WINNING!! Love You.’

It would be an innocent and loving post if you didn’t know the couple’s history; however, the people who do had a lot of thoughts about what the rapper said.

For one, people remember on Love and Hip Hop when Fabolous cheated on Emily. Although it’s clear Emily has moved on and forgiven her man, some feel that he will never marry her after being together for so long.

Then there was the incident heard around the world when Fabolous and Emily got into an argument so heated that he was rumored to have knocked her teeth out.

Physical abuse is in no way, shape, or form love — and that 2018 incident will not be forgotten.

The Shade Room reposted Fab’s message and instantly followers gave their thoughts.

‘If getting cheated on constantly and getting your tooth knocked out by your man equates to love…..ion want it,’ one responded.

Another Twitter user said: ‘He tried fighting her dad and threatened him, punched her tooth out, and keeps cheating on her. Ohhh and he never claimed her in the beginning of their relationship. If that’s the love he’s referring to in good sis!’

While this one added: ‘HONESTLY…Fabulous can quite literally suck my silicone dique. that man tormented that woman with everything he has including literally knocking her teeth out. I would take relationship advice from a fortune cookie before I listen to that man.’

Do you believe Fabolous has changed his ways?

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