Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Bachelor Star Demi Burnett Says Rubi Rose Hit Up Her DMs After Her Bisexuality Revelation - But It Wasn't What She Expected! - yuetu.info


Demi Burnett, The Bachelor alum, says Ruby Rose hit her up in her IG DMs after she first revealed that she was bisexual while on The Bachelor in Paradise in 2019. Page Six picked up on Demi’s remarks while she was on the We’re Having Gay Sex podcast.

According to Burnett, Ruby slid into her DMs and she nearly “died” in shock. She claims she thought to herself, “oh my gosh, she’s sliding in.” Demi, 25, went on to say that she was “freaking out” by the time she finally responded to the 34-year-old actress, whom she claims is often the reason other straight women turn gay.

Demi went on to say that the conversation started out simple. Demi said to her, “hi, what’s up,” and Ruby said to her in response, “sup.” The reality star joked that she was trying – and failing – to look cool in the conversation thread.

However, not long after the conversation started, Demi says she was surprised – and maybe a little disappointed – to see that Ruby Rose just had friendly intentions. Demi Lovato told her to send her a message, so she did. Demi Burnett and Lovato are apparently good friends as are Rubi Rose and Lovato.


Burnett joked that she thought Ruby Rose was hitting on her. Followers of The Bachelor know Burnett joined the cast and crew of the show back in 2019 when she was competing for Colton Underwood’s love. During the same year, she was also on Bachelor in Paradise which ended with an engagement to Kristian Haggerty.

However, they broke up soon after in October 2019. Even though Demi Burnett didn’t wind up dating Rose or even sleeping with her, she did wind up dating Slater Davis, although, they broke up in June after just five months of dating, Us Magazine reported.

Demi came to prominence as a reality star, whereas Ruby has successfully appeared in big movies like the Resident Evil franchise, and as Batwoman for the CW network. She left Batwoman after the first season.

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