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Kelly Dodd Brags About Being A ‘Super Spreader’ And Loses Important Brand Deal As A Result! -


Kelly Dodd made some very questionable comments about the COVID-19 pandemic and her supposed role as a ‘super spreader.’ As a result, it turns out that she has been dropped from her brand deal with Positive Beverage!

This was one of her major brand deals since it’s a company The Real Housewives of Orange County star worked with for over two years!

However, the backlash Kelly received because of her coronavirus comments would have definitely reflected badly on the brand and so, they dropped her.

Not to mention that, fittingly enough, Positive Beverage did not wish to keep supporting and be partnered with someone who spread such harmful views.

It all started with Kelly Dodd having a rather nonchalant attitude towards COVID-19.

Then, earlier today, Positive Beverage announced their decision to cut ties with the reality TV star, explaining in an official statement, released via HollywoodLife, that: ‘Our core values of wellness, community, diversity and inclusion should always be reflected by our brand and anybody associated with it. It’s become clear over the past months that Kelly’s controversial views have distracted from our primary objectives, so starting from today, we’re no longer affiliated with Kelly Dodd.’


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The controversy that led to the brand’s decision was Kelly getting serious backlash for enjoying dinner with a group of friends at Newport Beach all the while joking that she was a ‘super spreader.’

And this is not even the first time that she made such controversial comments about the dangerous pandemic!

Just earlier in the week, she also admitted to Andy Cohen that not only did she hate wearing a mask, she was not too convinced they are even effective!

Positive Beverage CEO Shannon Argyros added that ‘We welcome all people, however they are and whatever they’re passionate about, to Positive Beverage. But there must be an underlying layer of respect. Unfortunately, we feel like Kelly’s stance is no longer congruent with our core values … we don’t align with her opinions or views while we uphold our own values.’

Wendy Williams Finally Talks About The Notorious B.I.G. Hook-Up Rumors - What Happened Between Them? -


There have been some longstanding rumors that Wendy Williams and the rapper went on a date together and ‘held hands’ for publicity while others say they hooked-up! Now, the talk show host finally addressed the speculations – check out what she had to say!

In her brand new documentary on Lifetime, titled What a Mess!, Wendy talked about, among many other topics, her supposed hook-up with Notorious B.I.G!

As fans know, the iconic rapper passed away back in 1997 so we can only get Wendy’s side of the story!

‘You’ve been wildly curious about it for years. Now I’m telling you,’ Wendy teased what she was about to reveal.

She started by talking about how the two of them met each other.

At the time, B.I.G. had just dropped his 1994 album titled Ready To Die, while Wendy was a pretty well-known radio host on NYC’s hip hop station Hot 97.

‘Big was one of the rappers that was never scared to come see me. We just had a cool relationship. He’s the hit with the music, and I was the hit on the radio. I liked him. He had a great sense of humor, and he liked to eat. One day, after we did an interview, Big asked me out. I said yeah. I wasn’t thinking about Big in a romantic way. I mean, he was a nice guy, but definitely not my type. But I was still very single and, you know, a young girl. And I was out here, doing it,’ the talk show host shared.

Sure enough, Wendy was focused on getting some publicity so she decided to suggest Shark Bar as a ‘date’ spot since it was so popular with celebs and therefore attracted the photographers a lot.

‘I planned this scene. I said, ‘Let me get on Page Six. It’s good for my business.’ I mean, it was the best thing for my business ever,’ she mentioned, referring to how much of a stir the hand holding caused.

Wendy went on to confirm that beyond the Shark Bar outing and hand-holding, absolutely nothing else happened between them, not even a kiss, let alone a hook-up.

Lenny Kravitz And Tyler Perry Share Emotional Tributes To Cicely Tyson -


The year is starting off by losing yet another icon with the passing of groundbreaking actress Cicely Tyson. The tributes have been pouring in since the announcement of her death last week but none have been more touching that Lenny Kravitz and Tyler Perry‘s.

Lenny was the godson of the award-winning actress. His mother and Cicely were best friends until Lenny’s mother passed. They kept their sacred bond until Cicely’s death.

He took to Instagram to reflect on having the woman in his life for so many years alongside multiple beautiful pictures of them together.

With inimitable style and grace, my dear Godmother Miss Cicely Tyson made her grand exit to the heavens. She lived a remarkable life up to the last moment. A true pioneer, who bared her heart and soul so we could witness the spirit of the characters she so brilliantly portrayed, which continue to move and inspire generations.  A Black queen who showed us how beautiful black is. The love between us was and is tremendous.  As long as I have had consciousness, I’ve known Godmother.’

The musician went on to say: ‘She and my mother were kindred spirits. Sisters. And after my mother passed, Godmother’s role in my life was amplified.  I constantly felt her spirit over me. She always gave me unconditional support. She came to my shows, came over for holidays, met me for dinners, stayed with me in Paris when I first moved there, and never let me too far out of her sight. Our phone calls went on sometimes for hours. We spoke just a few nights ago and talked about everything. She had just sent me her book that has been sitting on my nightstand where it will remain. She did it all, wrote the book, and then God called her. I can hear Godmother saying  “ok, now y’all can read about it, I’m going home”. Rest peacefully, Godmother. You did it all exquisitely #CicelyTyson.’

Meanwhile, Tyler Perry shared a beautifully prepared video of his and Tyson’s friendship that started 16 years ago. In the video, viewers got to witness Perry and Tyson’s playful relationship and the unveiling of Cicely’s sound stage at Tyler Perry’s movie studio.

He also shared that the news of her passing brought him to his knees because he felt the urge to watch one of her movies right before he was notified that she was no longer with us.

It’s clear that Cicely broke boundaries and touched people in ways that will stay with them forever. May she rest in peace.

Dale Moss Gets Tearful While Talking About Split With Clare Crawley -


Since Dale Moss announced he and Clare Crawley split after leaving The Bachelorette, they have been getting pretty candid with their fans. Dale tried to find some solitude near the ocean where he was vulnerable about what happened between him and Clare.

‘I talk so much with family and friends about everything that’s gone on. This situation with Clare, it’s f–king sucked, you know. And I think everyone looks for a right answer, a right way to handle these things, someone for guidance and there really f—king isn’t one.’

He became teary-eyed as he admitted: ‘This has been a learning experience for me, as someone who’s had to provide for everybody all the time, for friends, family, and if I was hurting, not even having an option to stop and just having to keep going for everyone else. And trying to move forward each and every day. This has f–king rocked me. I felt so many emotions, so much guilt, but also so much confusion, so much hurt, and I know that we both have. And looking for so many answers before this even happened on how to make things better. But the reality of it is, life isn’t perfect. And we make mistakes. I’ve made a lot of them, I know we all do. My pops would always say you gotta hurt before you heal. I’ve been f–king hurting. A lot.’

It definitely seems like Dale may be regretting his split from the Bachelorette. He ended the Instagram Live by stating that whatever happens they will get through it ‘together.’

Meanwhile, Clare has been upfront about her anxiety when it comes to the show and the split. She’s shared with her fans that she’s been practicing gratitude daily even though there are some days that go by where it’s hard to find something to be thankful for.

Both of the exes have taken trips since their split was announced and surrounded themselves with people that love them.

Do you think they will reconcile?

Tom Girardi's Former Associate Explains Why Erika Jayne Was Not Like By Other Lawyer's Wives -


Tom and Erika Girardi are in deep trouble. After being sued by multiple victims who allege that he stole settlement money from them, it seems that Tom is going have to go the route that makes him seem incapable of running a business while Erika may be left to fend for herself.

Just weeks after filing for divorce, it was made public that Girardi’s law firm took millions of dollars from victims he was representing in settlement lawsuits.

As if stealing wasn’t enough, the thing that made the notion even more despicable was the type of clientele he represented. This means he was stealing from relatives of people who died under devastating circumstances, orphans, and people who could be disabled for the rest of their lives because of a tragic accident.

Erika Jayne has built an entire brand around being rich. She even bragged about having a glam squad that costs $40k a month. In case it wasn’t obvious — she couldn’t afford her lifestyle with Bravo checks alone.

A former associate and client has come forward to speak out about the couple accused of scamming people under the guise of getting divorced.

Kimberly Archie started working with Tom after he represented her in her son’s wrongful death case.

She spoke on Heather McDonald’s podcast where she revealed that she thought Girardi was a good guy but he’s actually ‘a shark.’

She went on to explain why Erika wasn’t exactly welcomed into Girardi’s world by other lawyer’s wives.

‘I think one of the things that maybe didn’t sit so well in the world she was trying to navigate, is she created a persona based on money.  When your money – even if it wasn’t stolen – came from people like my son’s wrongful death case, or a burn victim, or somebody’s family member who died of cancer, or was injured in a train crash, or died in a bus rollover that shouldn’t have happened, you probably could have a little more etiquette and class about how to let people perceive how you’ve enjoyed the wealth that has come from these terrible tragedies.’

What do you think about Kimberly’s comments?

Ja Rule Invites Donald Trump To Use His App After Former President Gets Banned From Social Media -- Gets Dragged -


Just days before he was due out of office, the former President of the United States was either temporarily or permanently suspended from most major social media apps. Ja Rule wants Donald Trump to know he is welcome to use his app.

Ja Rule is the creator of the Iconn app where people are able to directly book talent for events without having to jump through hoops.

The rapper was asked if he would allow Trump on his app and he said yes. However, Rule made it clear that he doesn’t want any involvement with Trump’s most loyal supporters — the Proud Boys.

He told TMZ: ‘It’s freedom for everybody. But I suppose if he started doing crazy things like trying to rile up his base and get the proud boys going on Iconn, then he got to go. Any funny shit out of you Donnie and you gotta go.’

He does agree with the decision that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made.

‘[Jack Dorsey] said it best when he [banned] Trump. He said that he believes that it’s the right thing to do but he also believes this is a slippery slope. And that’s exactly what I felt about it—the decision that was made. I really do believe it was the right decision because the rhetoric and the things he was tweeting … they rushed the goddamn Capitol for Christ’s sake. Something had to be done. So Trump, come on over to Iconn and get yourself a page. But you better behave.’

In the comment section of the TMZ Facebook post, social media users went in on Ja Rule.

‘Do not give hitler a microphone please… we see what it did in Germany and we see what it did in the US.. do not give this modern day hitler a voice in this country,’ one wrote.

‘He’s trying anything to make money back lost at the fyre festival he will support Trump insane rants and followers to make cash back,’ said another.

This commentator wrote: ‘Ja Rule makes horrible career decisions.’

While another questioned: ‘Why is it always the crazy people like (Candace Owens) or the has been rappers who supports Trump?’

What do you think of Ja Rule’s offer?

Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik - Here's The Very Meaningful Reason They Named Their Baby Girl Khai -


As fans know, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik shared the name of their baby girl not too long ago and it turns out that it has a very deep meaning for the couple! Check out what it is!

It took no less than four months for the private new parents to finally tell the world that their daughter is called Khai!

The supermodel revealed the unique moniker by changing her Instagram bio to ‘Khai’s mom’ on January 21 and now, one insider tells HollywoodLife that even the date it was revealed to the public was meaningful, not just the name!

‘It’s not a huge surprise Gigi decided to name her daughter ‘Khai’ because she chose the name in honor of her grandmother, Khairiah, who’s the mother of her dad, Mohamed. Bella‘s middle name is Khair so it’s sort of become a family tradition and a just way to tribute their loved one. Also knowing her grandmother came from royalty, it seemed fitting since Zayn’s last name means ‘king’.’

They went on to also tell the news outlet why the new parents decided to wait four months before telling fans the name of their bundle of joy.

‘January 21st also held significance as to why it was such an important day to reveal Khai’s name. It is considered a lucky day because it’s a palindrome when the calendar numbers ‘12121’ are written out so it seemed like the perfect time for them to share her name with the world.’

But before Gigi changed her bio to read ‘Khai’s mom,’ some fans were already thinking that was the name of her baby with Zayn.

The reason why they figured it out was that they noticed a newer tattoo on the former One Direction member’s arm that read ‘Khai’ in Arabic.

What do you think about the meaningful moniker and reveal date? Did you know about this?

Fans Warn Princess Love Not To Mess With Tommie Lee After She Claims Tommie And Ray J Hooked Up -- Tommie Responds -


Tommie Lee quickly became a fan favorite as she reminded Love and Hip Hop fans of firecracker Joseline Hernandez. Even though they started off as love interests, Tommie and Joseline ended up being on bad terms by the time Hernandez left the series.

Many fans felt that Joseline had met her match. Since then, Tommie has been involved in multiple altercations and is even supposed to face off against Natalie Nunn in a boxing match.

During a recent episode of a Love and Hip Hop special, Princess Love revealed in a game that host Kendall Kendall made the stars play that Tommie Lee hooked up with her husband Ray J (who hooked up with multiple women on the Love and Hip Hop franchises).

Tommie took to social media to deny the claims.

‘I’ve never been with anybody on that show besides scrapp. @Princesslove keep my f***in name out cha mouth spreading rumors girl ya man been for the streets, but he ain’t Neva bend my block FOH!’

The message was reposted on The Shade Room where fans warned Princess Love that Tommie was not a person to mess with even if she was telling the truth.

‘Princess messing with the wrong person in this situation 😭,’ said one person’

‘Tommie is REAL LIFE CRAZY , not REALITY CRAZY princess needs to know the difference. Even joseline was scared to fight tommie,’ added another.

This person wrote: ‘Princess this is not what you want.’

After the comments went viral, a video of Tommie Lee insinuating that she would hook up with Ray J ‘again’ was circulating.

Tommie took to her Stories to deny it.

‘Nice try still never f***ed him like I said, prime example of editing / scripts move on this is how old 5 years to be exact! I’ve never even seen that man in person ever Lol!’

She went on to explain why she said what she said in the clip: ‘It was literally a f***ing game they played smash, kill, or destroy. O actually didn’t like anyone in the line up and had to do this part over 15 times til I gave in. And also was threatened that I don’t participate that I would be suspended or lose my check.’

Who do you believe in this situation?

Drew Sidora Drags 'Fake' RHOA Co-Star Kenya Moore In New Interview! -


Drew Sidora revealed how she really feels about RHOA co-star Kenya Moore and it’s safe to assume that she does not like her very much! Check out what she had to say!

During an interview for HollywoodLife, Drew Sidora did not hold anything back when asked how she really feels about Kenya Moore, going as far as to call the other reality TV star ‘fake!’

The newest member of the RHOA cast mentioned that ‘To me, she is a fake, fluffy face at this point. That is where I categorize her and we will keep it movin’.’

As to why she’s now saying this, it all started with Kenya getting a private jet during the RHOA episode that just aired last week.

Everyone was on the yearly cast trip when that happened but instead of inviting everyone on the jet, Kenya only took LaToya Ali, her 2 year old daughter Brooklyn and her nanny with her!

As for the other Housewives, they were heading to Isle of Palms, South Carolina in a sprinter van and they were really confused as to why they were not on the same plane with their pals!

In the meantime, Kenya texted Drew, telling her about the private jet and asked her to keep it a secret from the other ladies.

And that was not all! The others were also pretty upset that Kenya brought her daughter along for the trip even though none of them were allowed to bring their kids.

Drew went on to say that ‘My thing is this — I am new to this group and the type of person that I am, where I come from, I hold people’s feet to the fire because I am all about living in your truth and being honest. What happened to being real especially on reality?’

Wendy Williams Shares How She Took Revenge On Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter And His Mistress! -


In her brand new documentary, Wendy Williams shared with the world the way in which she got revenge on her now-ex-husband, Kevin Hunter for cheating on her! The documentary, as you might know, is called ‘What A Mess!’ and premiered yesterday, January 30 on Lifetime!

What a mess shared a lot about the talk show host’s failed marriage of 22 years and Wendy did not hesitate to share anything, pretty much telling all!

This is not the first time that she opens up about Kevin and even his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson, but now, she even told her viewers how she got revenge on Kevin for betraying her like that!

Apparently, at some point, Wendy learned that her husband had purchased a house for his other woman only ten miles away from her own property.

So, she drove there to see it and she also took her revenge on both Kevin and the mistress.

Wendy recalled that ‘I was cupping my eyes in every window. I pulled out my spray paint and spray painted ‘Kevin and Wendy Forever.’ And even to this day, it still is forever. Does not mean I love you, not like that. Love doesn’t live here anymore. And I had my Gorilla Glue and glued the mailbox closed…and spray-painted pink all over it. I am just crying and having a good old time in my own head, saying, ‘Alright, Wendy, you have always been strong. Girl, this is your time. You have to get this mess together.”

This reveal comes after Wendy also shared not too long ago while on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, that what happened before their divorce was not the first time Kevin cheated on her.

In fact, it even happened while she was pregnant with their son two decades ago!

However, she got over it for the sake of their marriage and their son, Kevin Jr.

But the one thing she promised herself to never forgive the man for was having a baby with another woman.

As a result, when it ended up happening, Wendy went ahead and filed for divorce!

Kid Cudi And 50 Cent Might Be Working Together Not In The Rap World But In Film and TV -


According to Hot New Hip Hop, it’s been a big week for Kid Cudi, who just dropped MOTM3 which has only solidified the rapper’s iconic status in the industry. Moreover, the outlet says Kid Cudi is now working on his acting chops, and it looks like with 50 Cent as well.

As fans of 50 know, he has been active in the film and television business for a while now, including with the very popular STARZ program, Power, which has attracted a lot of viewers to the network. In fact, 50 Cent has asked fans to boycott the network before for not showing Power more love, the insinuation being that it’s one of their biggest shows and yet they’ve purportedly failed to promote it as much as they should.

Regarding Kid Cudi and his career, of course, he has worked with Kanye West among other artists so there’s no question he’s on top in the biggest way. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Kid Cudi was actually a theater kid before he started rapping, in fact, it was his first love.

HNHH says Kid Cudi has been flexing his acting skills on new productions like Westworld as well as We Are Who We Are. The rapper-turned-actor reportedly has a project coming out on Netflix in the next few months too.

On his Twitter this past weekend, Kid Cudi came forward to say that he and 50 Cent had spoken over the phone about a new show. “Big things happening!” Kid Cudi wrote on his account, adding that 50 Cent was one of his favorite rappers and he had a “good heart.”

As for 50 Cent, he’s been busy in the headlines as well for his social media activity. The rapper recently caught wind of the Wendy Williams interview in which she claimed that she had hooked up with the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man many years ago, back in the “coke days,” as she put it.

50 Cent took Method Man to task, asking what kind of weed he had been smoking to hook up with her. More importantly, 50 Cent joked that he would say he didn’t remember the hook-up either.

50 Cent Continues His Troll-A-Thon Of Method Man After Wendy Williams Claims They Hooked Up Many Years Ago -


50 Cent is one of Instagram’s most favorite trolls, fans know this to be true. The rapper recently found himself entertaining many people online once again after Wendy Williams suggested that she and the Wu-Tang legend had hooked up many years ago.

As it was previously reported, 50 Cent joked about the incident and said that he wouldn’t remember sleeping with Wendy Williams either if it happened. The rapper posted a photo of Wendy online this weekend in which he made fun of Wendy’s body, asking how Method Man got himself into such a predicament.

50 also joked that Method Man must’ve smoked a special kind of weed to make him think that sleeping with Wendy Williams was a good idea. The rapper said again, “I would not remember that s**t either, LOL never b*tch, I don’t remember,” as if he were in Method Man’s shoes.

As most know, 50 Cent and Wendy Williams have thrown shade at each other many times for years, with the vast majority of it starting when Williams talked badly about the relationship Curtis Jackson had with his son.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, 50 Cent wrote on his account again this weekend, “Man f*ck that keep saying you don’t remember.” Apparently, at least according to what can be seen from 50’s remarks, Method Man has denied ever having slept with Wendy Williams, who has since gone on to host her own television talk show.

Another woman who has had a rapper deny sleeping with her is Tiffany Haddish, who claims she had hooked up with the 2000s rapper, Chingy, in the early 2000s at the height of his fame. A year ago, Tiffany appeared on The Breakfast Club where she talked about her fling with the performing artist.

Charlamagne later pointed out that Chingy had denied ever sleeping with her, and Tiffany responded by claiming there was even more drama behind the scenes than she had originally revealed. She claimed his brother was involved and that Chingy had been upset over it.

50 Cent never commented on this particular incident, however, much to the chagrin of his fans probably.

Wendy Williams Reveals She Had An Abortion After Getting Pregnant With Hip-Hop Legend Eric B -


Fans of Wendy Williams know the television personality has been all over the news circuit over the last few days regarding her new biopic and subsequent promotional interviews.

One such conversation was between herself and DJ Suss One during which she talked about a hook-up she had supposedly had with the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man. Thus far, Method Man has reportedly denied the incident had ever occurred, which Wendy predicted, albeit through his silence.

By taking a look at Method Man’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, it looks like the rapper hasn’t said anything in response to her claims, although, if one peruses the #MethodMan hash-tag on Instagram and Twitter, many memes and jokes are clearly visible. Clearly, a lot of people online are saying something about the story.

You can check out one of these below:

And there’s another one right here too:

Furthermore, 50 Cent – who has had a beef with Williams for years now – has been having a field day with the story. The rapper has put Method Man on blast a number of times, asking how he ever could’ve gotten himself into a sexual situation with Wendy.

According to a new report from Hot New Hip Hop, Williams has been making waves once again for her personal relationships, including one with Eric B, the legendary rapper from Eric B and Rakim. Thus far, the details of their purported romance haven’t been revealed.

The outlet says Wendy Williams: The Movie, which airs on Lifetime, revealed that she had once gotten pregnant with the iconic rapper’s baby. In fact, she says they even had to get an abortion. The rapper allegedly ruined her credit after using her card as well.

People Magazine picked up on the clip in which Wendy claimed their romance didn’t “even last a year,” and when everything was said and done, her “credit was ruined” and she was “growing his seed.” The personality claims she went to the clinic on her own and never told anyone about it, describing the incident as one of the “loneliest experiences” of her life.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Getting Ready For A New Comeback Sources Claims -


Tekashi 6ix9ine hasn’t been a favorite among his cohorts in the rap business for a couple of years now. In case you missed it, he was released from prison last year amid the coronavirus pandemic, and ever since then, the hatred for him has intensified to the point where most podcasters and media personalities won’t give him any press.

One such example is The Breakfast Club and The Joe Budden Podcast, both of which have all but refused to talk about him in recent months. Additionally, Tekashi 6ix9ine released Tattle Tales which didn’t perform as well as the record label hoped, and since then, Daniel Hernandez – aka Tekashi 6ix9ine – has stayed out of the limelight.

However, a new report from Hot New Hip Hop suggested this week that Mr. Hernandez could actually be attempting a comeback following the lackluster release of Tattle Tales, which was greatly outsold by Big Sean‘s Detroit 2, much to the rapper’s chagrin. Not everyone has liked the idea of him coming out of the shadows, however.

According to the same publication, Benny the Butcher did a poll via his Twitter account the other day and told his fans how Tekashi 6ix9ine’s manager had asked him for a collaboration. “What you think I said?” Benny remarked, clearly declaring that the answer was no.

Benny the Butcher then went on to release two tweets that were possible options for Tekashi 6ix9ine’s manager, “no,” and “f*ck no.” Fans of the rapper answered the poll and overwhelmingly voted “F*ck No” over just plain “No.”

Hot New Hip Hop says another rapper did a similar thing on his Instagram page, Kid Trunks. He says Tekashi and his crew asked him to do a song together, and his answer wasn’t all that different. In response to the jokes, DJ Akademiks claimed both of the rappers would benefit more from a collab with Tekashi than he would.

On his account, Akademiks shared that Tekashi never asked any of these rappers for features at all, in fact, they were merely prank calls. Akademiks went on to say that Hernandez was more likely to work with someone like Roddy Ricch or Drake rather than either of them.

Tyler Perry Spoke About The News Of Cicely Tyson's Passing -


A lot of people are mourning the passing of Cicely Tyson, and Tyler Perry is one of them. Check out what he had to say about the tragic event.

Someone said: ‘She is a Queen. She is a legend, She is Regal. She is Strength, Elegance, Grace, & Beauty personified! She broke records, Barriers, and Ceilings. We honour you, Mrs Cicely Tyson! Rest, your work will speak for decades on…’

A commenter said: ‘One thing about Tyler.. he loved working with Ms Tyson 🙌❤️’ and somoene else posetd this: ‘He gave her her roses while she was here! Respect to Tyler! ❤️’

Somoene else said: ‘I’m so happy she didn’t die in a wicked way… I love that for her ❤️’, and one other follwoer said: ‘He was the first person I thought of when I have seen.’

A fan said: ‘It’s never a mourn when you give ppl their flowers while they’re here’ and someone else posted this: ‘As soon as I saw that she passed I immediately thought that someone needed to go check on Tyler!’

Somoene else said: ‘He loved her the way he cared for her you would of thought this was his birth mother wow so sad,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Thank you Mr. Perry, for bringing her back to the big screen and remembering to give her flowers while she was alive. ❤️’

A follower posted this: ‘Man I know this one hurt him. Her last role was in a “ Fall from Grace “ …. that her produced,’ and someone else said: ‘This genuinely doesn’t feel real man 😒 she was literally the epitome of black excellence and a whole legend! May she rest in eternal paradise.’

Also, not too long ago, NeNe Leakes addressed the passing of Cicely Tyson.

Check out the message that she decided to share on her social media account.

Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her Stretch Marks In Skimpy Two Piece Bathing Suit -


Khloe Kardashian has revealed her stretch marks for the first time to the public. She follows her older sister Kourtney Kardashian who has shown her own stretch marks multiple times on social media. Khloe showed off her flawless figure and proudly displayed her stretch marks that she referred to as ‘stripes.’ Khloe shared the post with her 128 million Instagram followers and included the following caption with a zebra emoji.

I love my stripes.

The picture featured a close-up view of Khloe’s flat stomach and the side of her thigh where her stretch marks were visible. She hashtagged Good American in the snap making it clear that she was wearing a bathing suit from her company.  Khloe took the photo while vacationing in the Turks & Caicos with her sisters and their children.

The sisters have been sharing photos from their exotic getaway and Khloe has shared several including the stretch mark photo that is going viral.

The photo has 3.7 million likes and over 18,000 comments.

Kim Kardashian shared this.

It’s the waist for me… 👏🏼

Multiple people left comments praising Khloe for her bravery and for normalizing women’s bodies.  One social media follower stated this.


Source: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Khloe has been making headlines for her relationship with baby daddy Tristan Thompson. Many people believe the couple is secretly engaged and are planning on having another baby. Tristan moved to Boston as he recently signed with the Boston Celtics. His relationship with Khloe is still going strong and the two are commuting between Boston and Los Angeles. They were together before Christmas but didn’t spend the New Year together.

It’s unclear what Tristan is planning to do for Khloe Kardashian on Valentine’s Day but many people suspect he will go all out this year.

Though neither Khloe nor Tristan has said anything publicly about the engagement rumors that are surrounding the pair, many believe it’s just a matter of time before the two take their relationship to the next level and walk down the aisle.

What do you think about Khloe Kardashian’s recent photos? Are you surprised that she showed off her stretch marks?

Porsha Williams Wishes A Happy Birthday To Her Bonus Mom -


Porsha Williams wished a happy birthday to her bonus mom and she shared a message on her social media account in which she makes sure to mark this event. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

‘Shouting Happy Birthday to my sweet Stepmom/ Bonus Mom Lisa! I thank God for you and i hope you had the lost amazing day! Love you 🎉🎉 @lodwill’ Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Happy Birthday Lisa You are such a Beautiful person inside out. I wish you Divine Happiness, Love and Health. To the Best Plus Mom!! We are Family & Friends Forever, love Diane.’

A follower said: ‘I swear you and Lauren look like twins. I would have never thought y’all were half-sisters. Nonetheless, beautiful family.’

Someone else said: ‘She is beautiful. Look like she could be your sister,’ and one other follower posetd this message: ‘Wow Lauren is her mini-me happy birthday beautiful💕.’

A follwoer said: ‘Most* amazing day.. but Happy Birthday to your stepmom !!.. beautiful throwback pic P .. my fav .. girl the way you jumped over that couch on the trip in the sneak peek.. girl, you black black.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘Happy birthday greetings and blessings Lisa we love ❤️’ and one other follower said: ‘Happy birthday Ms Lisa and I hope you will find the most amazing day and fulljoy it🎉.’

Another follower said: ‘Lisa is gorgeous happy birthday and have a bless day your way.’

In other news, Porsha Williams is motivating her fans with these really intense exercises. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

‘Loading… 💪🏾 @iamtherealdp #IPushedthrough *Full workout on my IGTV 🎶: Olamide “Loading” Mask: @reallifesnacks’ she captioned her post.

Porsha is living her best life these days.

Kandi Burruss Wishes Kirk Frost A Happy Birthday - Check Out The Photos From His Anniversary -


Kandi Burruss wished Kirk Frost a happy anniversary for his birthday and made sure to share some pics from the event on her social media account. Check out the photos she shared on her IG account below.

‘Happy Birthday to my bro @frost117! I hope this year brings more happiness, good health, & continued wealth! Everybody give @frost117 some bday love! 🎂🎂🎂’ Kandi captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘I see yall left T.I and Tiny out of these pictures,’ and someone else posetd this: ‘I hope this year gonna bring him some loyalty and faithfulness to his wife. Smh. Kickstand Kirk needs to do better.’


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A post shared by Kandi Burruss (@kandi)

Someone else posted this: ‘And they still having birthday parties when people haven’t dined out since March. Grown people acting like kids having birthday parties every year. I hate this place.’

A follower said: ‘Why can’t the guys dress more appropriate as to you ladies. They look so casual all of the time when you ladies are glamorously dressed. Especially Kirk🤔🤔’

Someone else said: ‘Kandi you always the baddest B!#€h when it comes to dressing.I love me some you!❤❤❤’ and a follower posted this message: ‘@kandi Yall Sharper than a blade! ❤️’

One follower said: ‘You make wearing a mask look sexy and cute!!😷’ and another follower said: ‘Happy birthday. It’s great to see you in your wonderful masks. Many, many more. 🎈🎈🎈👍🏽’

A commenter said: ‘You guys look so good!! Kandi, Love the mask!! Happy birthday brother!!!❤️’ and someone else posted this: ‘wait a minute kirk was voluntarily bald lol happy birthday!’

In other news, Kandi Burruss managed to shock her fans on social media with a photo that she shared on her social media account. Check out the pic that she posted.

‘I keep reminding y’all that #ValentinesDay is coming soon! Believe me… you need one of these! 😜’ Kandi captioned her post.

Should Mossimo Giannulli Be Allowed To Serve His Sentence At Home? -


Should Mossimo Giannulli be allowed to serve his prison sentence for the college admission scandal at home? That’s the question many people are asking since it was learned that the 57-year-old sought an early release to spend out his sentence at home but was ultimately denied. Mossimo is serving a five-month sentence at California’s Federal Correctional Institution, Lompoc, and is set for release on April 17, 2021, due to his role in the Varsity Blues scandal that saw his two daughters, Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade, admitted to the University of Southern California on a $500,000 bribe.  Mossimo was convicted along with his wife, actress Lori Loughlin, who spent two months in prison. Lori Loughlin served her sentence from October 30, 2020, until her release date on December 28, 2020. Mossimo began his sentence on November 19, 2020.

Due to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, Mossimo was put into solitary confinement, and at the time he filed a request for an early release, had spent 56 days in solitary.

Mossimo’s family and supporters believe that 56 days of solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment for the crime Mossimo is convicted of. His legal team presented their case stating that his emotional well-being was being harmed but it was to no avail.

The toll isn’t being felt solely by Mossimo either. Lori Loughlin is reportedly in distress, along with the couple’s children.

A source spoke to Life & Style for their February 8, 2021, issue and discussed Lori Loughlin’s’ fears for Mossimo’s emotional health since being incarcerated and in solitary confinement. The source stated the following.

She can tell that Mossimo isn’t handling this well and wishes that she could do something to help him.

Though Giannulli’s bid for early release was quickly shut down, he did receive some good news. As Giannulli had been in solitary confinement, he was only allowed outside of his cell three times per week.

On January 13, 2021, Mossimo Giannulli has been moved from solitary confinement to a minimum-security camp and is now allowed to have some time outside.

You may see a report from Vanity Fair about Mossimo Giannulli’s failed attempt at an early release below.

What do you think about the report? Should Mossimo Giannulli suck it up and serve out his time without trying to be released? Do you think 56 days in solitary was a cruel and unusual punishment for his crime?

Gabrielle Union's Video Featuring Kaavia James Makes Fans' Day -


Gabrielle Union shared a video featuring her baby girl Kaavia James that made her fans’ day. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

‘I don’t know where she gets it from 🤷🏾‍♀️ Saturdays with @kaaviajames 🥰😒’ Gabrielle said.

Someone else said: ‘You are amazing. Be proud. Beautiful young lady,’ and one other follower said: ‘She got a little bit of Dwayne and a whole lot of Gabby 😂’

A follower said: ‘Definitely the coolest 😎kid I’ve seen…laid back not giving no….you know what’s.❤️. #kaaviajames.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Are you trying to imitate Kaavi? Nobody does it like her 😂’ and one other commenter said: ‘she’s just staring. something has her captivated, future photographer or filmmaker perhaps 🤔’

A commenter said: ‘she’s definitely been here before lol’ and one other follower said: ‘Two Beauties in a Pod. You’re doing your offspring right Queen 💖’

Someone else said: ‘Omg I just want to squeeze her. The 💩 vid is my favourite. Smart lil girl all deflecting her moms questioning 😂’

In other recent news, Gabrielle Union shared a heartbreaking message on her social media account following the passing of Cicely Tyson. You can check out her message below.

‘we have lost a visionary, a leader, a lover, an author, an ICON, and one of the most talented actresses the world has ever seen. A life, a career, a fire to be celebrated forevermore! #RIPCicelyTyson 🙏🏾🙏🏾’ Gabrielle said.

Earlier today, it’s been revealed that Gabrielle made an announcement to her fans and followers on social media,, and you can also check it out below.

She’s telling people that the shady baby aka Kaavia James has something to tell to the world.

Gabrielle is living her best life these days and she could not be happier. Fans are also happy for her.

Jordyn Woods Shares A Funny Video Featuring Her Mother And Sister And Fans Are Praising The Gorgeous Ladies -


Jordyn Woods shared a video on her social media account in which she’s together with her sister and mother. Check out the post that she shared that had fans in awe.

‘I cannot 😂 our mom has me done @elizabethwoods @jodiewoods,’ and a commenter said: ‘I’d have to kick my momma out if she did that on my white sofa 😂.’


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A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods)

A follower said: ‘Where’s mom tho, those are sisters haha 😍’ and one other followewr said: ‘oh so all dat is genetic! i see you mama woods 🗣💛’

One other commenter posted this message: ‘Damn I thought I wanted you…I think I want yo mama 😫’ and one fan posted this: ‘The way she steps on the sofa tho… 😂’

A follower said: ‘Mama was the only one on that couch 😂 black parents don’t play all the time’ and a commenter said: ‘I’ll do push-ups for everyone who likes this comment, this is dare for me :(‘

One other follower posted this: ‘Mom came through looking like a big sister! #mamawoods,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘You know it’s real when Jordyn hop on the wave @juneelite come see this bruh 😂’

In other news, Jordyn Woods has been Karl Anthony Towns’ rock for the duration of their relationship.

The NBA baller gave his lady a sweet shout out while revealing a devastating incident.

While hosting a Q&A on his Instagram Stories, Karl revealed that he was hit by a drunk driver in the off-season and had to be hospitalized for it.

One fan asked him how he’s managed to overcome it all to which he answered, in part: ‘My woman has held me down more than the world knows. From my mother and family members dying (1 on her bday in Cabo), getting hit by a drunk driver (was 2pm in the afternoon FYI) in LA this off-season and staying with me in the hospital for the night and helping me in rehab, to this stint with COVID.’

Jordyn is living her best life with her BF.

Safaree Shares The Funniest Photo Featuring Safire Majesty - Check Out Erica Mena's Baby Girl! -


Safaree shared a photo of his and Erica Mena‘s baby girl, Safire Majesty. The cutie pie is so gorgeous and Safaree made a joke that has everyone laughing their hearts out. Check out the pic below.

‘I’m getting my baby @getstuntfit waist trimmer! This is unacceptable @safiremajesty 😂 .. 6 pack coming soon😤😤😤 click the link in my bio 😂😂j/k’ Safaree said.

A follower said: ‘After what he said about Erica I find this not funny,’ and somoene else posted this: ‘After what you said to E I wouldn’t be surprised smh.’

One commenter said: ‘They bout to eat you tf up cuz why would you even say that on a picture of your daughter, should’ve posted her mother with this caption 😩 not saying she needs it but this is tasteless and tacky advertising.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Hopeful your joking because the stuff you said on E about Ericka having yo second child was very disturbing. Don’t be the day that’s always talking about their daughter’s weight it’s not coo at all!’

One follower said: ‘You really know how to make a female have self-conscious same on you!! And to think I’m a supporter smfh at you,’ and one other follower said: ‘ the potbelly on tiny humans are the cutest ever 😂💖 this is hilarious!! I’m in tears!!’

One commenter posted this: ‘That’s the cornmeal and dumplings belly lol 😍’ and a commenter said: ‘This baby is your twin I see you so much in her sheesh ❤️’

Someone else said: ‘Omg people have no sense of humour..he’s obviously joking 🙄🙄🙄’

A follower said: ‘She is growing up and looking more and more like her mama😍✊🏽’

Safaree told fans about something that happened to him recently and asked for advice. Check out his post on IG below.

‘Was I wrong?? I’m taking a break from my phone. Ppl Trippin. I don’t even remember a call when she was born. Smdh. It’s a pandemic, and yalll got some nerve!’ Safaree said.