Saturday, October 31, 2020

T.I. Says He's Taken 13 COVID-19 Tests While He Goes About His Regular Life Because He Doesn't Want To Live 'In Fear' -


Hot New Hip Hop says T.I recently came out to comment on the coronavirus pandemic, including the way he has taken precautions to ensure the safety of himself and others around him. As most know, approximately 230,000 Americans have died from the virus thus far.

As for what T.I. has been up to lately, the rapper just unveiled his latest project, The LIBRA, and he was recently seen out in a nightclub. Many of his fans and followers wondered if he was taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, and he claimed he wasn’t panicking.

During a conversation with Speedy Norman, T.I. explained that he has taken 13 COVID tests and every single one has come back negative. In fact, he just took one the other day and he got the results back within two hours.

The rapper went on to say that it wasn’t like he wasn’t concerned about the virus, he’s just choosing not to live his life in fear, because what kind of life would that be? T.I. says he is in the school of thought where he would rather worry about “boosting his immune system” than hiding from the virus.

As for his wife, Tiny Harris, she was in the headlines when it was revealed she had the antibodies for the virus, which means she already had it once. The rapper went on to say that considering the fact he has been around his wife all of the time, he must be doing something right not to catch it.

T.I says it commonly starts in the throat of an infected person, including a “scratchy throat,” or a “sore throat.” According to The LIBRA artist, if you wash your mouth out with warm liquids and drink other warm beverages, you can wash the virus down into your stomach where the stomach acid has a chance to kill it.

Since T.I.’s interview, the rapper has come under fire from his fans and followers who say he is spreading disinformation about the virus. Most social media platforms have strict policies against non-government approved information about COVID-19.

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