Friday, October 30, 2020

Tamar Braxton Tells David Odefeso To Release The Tapes From The Car Fight -- He Claims She Smashed The Camera! -


Tamar Braxton is doing her first public interview since her suicide attempt and toxic breakup. As stated before, the former couple have conflictIing reports as to what happened on that dangerous day.

David Adefeso shocked fans when he applied for a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend. According to him, he and Tamar got into a fight on the highway which became physical.

He claimed that Tamar was so irate that she punched him in the head while he was driving — rendering him nearly unconscious.

Tamar’s camp responded with a completely different story that claimed David actually was the aggressor.

During her recent interview on Tamron Hall, she says that her relationship with Adefeso was never violent and he has cameras in his car to prove what went down.

‘I voice-recorded it, he video-taped it. He has a camera in his car. He has the video tape. He has it. It was in his car. Release it.’

There’s only one problem: David claims that Braxton smashed his car camera in order to destroy evidence.

TMZ reports: ‘A rep for David Adefeso — who recently got a TRO against Tamar over this — tells TMZ her recent plea on “The Tamron Hall Show” for him to show his cards as far as evidence is moot … because she knows d**n well she destroyed his camera, ensuring there’s no video evidence.’

Another interesting fact is that David’s reps claims that Tamar has been dodging her day in court by not being served. He has had to take out a spot in the Los Angeles Times in order to serve her for the court date.

This comes after Toni Braxton called out her sister’s ex in which he claims was because authorities came to her house to try and serve Tamar. However, she wasn’t there.

This is just getting messier by the moment.

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