Thursday, October 29, 2020

Michael Fishman Opens Up About His Son's Tragic Overdose In Heartbreaking New Interview -


It’s been four months since The Conners actor Michael Fishman tragically lost his son, Larry to a fatal overdose and he is now finally able to open up about the painful loss. During a new interview with Tamron Hall, the man discussed losing his youngest child and how he’s been coping with it in the meantime.

As you might have heard, Larry lost his life because of an accidental drug overdose back in June, something that shocked his father and family in general since he did not really have a drug problem.

When asked if he knew his son ‘was struggling with drug abuse’, Michael explained that ‘It wasn’t so much a struggle for him. People try things over time and that wasn’t really an issue overall. He moved to a house in transition after living with his sister for a little while, and he tried drugs that turned out to be bad drugs that multiple people had a very serious reaction. I came to Larry, maybe later than I wish I could. And I think for parents, you wish you had more time.’

As for why he was opening up about the tragedy despite still mourning, the actor explained that it was all for the sake of helping others going through a similar thing.

‘It’s this combination of trying to find a way to help my kids grieve, and go through that process and to model positive behavior. A couple years ago, I probably would have never shared this, to be honest with you. But if… one other person can relate… If it can help you talk to your kids in some way, if it opens up a dialogue where you just listen… The really important part is that you’re brave enough to admit when you struggle and that you need help or that you aren’t strong,’ he went on to share.

For more on what Michael Fishman had to say about the tragedy, check out the interview in its entirety.

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