Tuesday, October 27, 2020

LisaRaye McCoy Talks About Meek Mill’s VIP Package For Her OnlyFans Page: “Tell Him I'm Here And Tell Him To Pull Through. Come Through" - yuetu.info


LisaRaye McCoy announced on Instagram that she will launch an OnlyFans page and her fans went wild. But it wasn’t only her fans that wanted to see Diamond on OnlyFans!

The actress recently took to IG and revealed in a video that she was planning to show everything on her OnlyFans page. The idea started with the exhausting negative comments on what she posts on her IG, so if she had an OnlyFans page, she could post a lot more things without seeing all the haters comment.

“If I could have a place that only my people come to, only my fans, only my likes, only my members, only my people that mess with me — you know what? I could do a OnlyFans page.”

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Everything insta aint ready for! No haters allowed

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Thousands of people commented on LisaRaye’s video, and one of them was Meek Mill. He joked, saying that he would sign up for the VIP package. So what was LisaRaye’s reaction to this comment?

During her chat with the ‘Cocktails with Queens’ co-hosts, the actress was teased by Mill’s comment. Here’s what LisaRaye said about that.

“Is he in Atlanta? […] Tell him I’m here and tell him to pull through. Come through.”

Claudia Jordan asked LisaRaye if she would go on a date with the rapper, and the actress asked: “How old is Meek?”

Then, LisaRaye added that “You never know what’s behind the brand. Behind the face. Behind the words, you know what I mean? I find it to always be a geniune attribute to be able to have a conversation with someone and let their guard down and you let your guard down, that preconceived notion of who you think they are.”

The actress didn’t say whether she would go on a date with Meek or not, but judging by the answer, her co-hosts understood LisaRaye was open to the idea.

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