Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Kristin Cavallari Talks Upcoming 'Laguna Beach' Reunion And Reveals If She's Made Peace With Lauren Conrad! - yuetu.info


Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad are known as one of the biggest pairs of enemies in all of reality TV land! After all, their feud started back in the early 2000s while shooting ‘Laguna Beach’ (2004-2006.)

But now, with the Laguna Beach reunion right around the corner, many have been curious to know where the two ladies stand!

More precisely, have Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad managed to bury the hatchet?

Well, as confirmed by the True Comfort author herself, her drama with Lauren is all in the past at this point!

While On The List podcast with Brett Gursky, Cavallari discussed the upcoming Laguna Beach reunion and she could not have avoided the topic of her feud with Lauren either!

With that being said, she stressed that they are ‘totally fine. I think so much time has passed and what we went through was so silly and it was so high school, I’m pretty sure we’re both over it at this point.’

It definitely should be over after so many years, especially since the two were just high schoolers at that point and their feud started because of the colors they chose to wear at a black and white themed party, as some diehard fans may remember.

Kristin also shared some details about the Zoom reunion with the cast-members that took place not too long ago.

‘It was so much fun. That’s the first time that we have all been together since high school since we stopped filming, and so it was really good to see everybody. We played a drinking game, we answered fan questions, and just kind of reminisced about the show and everything… I feel like everybody was the exact same. It was like no time had passed. And then we’re all on this group email and afterwards everybody was like ‘I love you, it was so good to see everybody!’’ she dished.

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