Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Chelsea Handler Claims She Asked Andrew Cuomo On A Date And He Agreed Only To Then Ghost Her And Now She Wants Answers! -


Chelsea Handler is apparently majorly thirsting over none other than NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and she is not afraid to make it public knowledge! That’s right, the celeb went as far as mentioning it on national TV!

Chelsea revealed that she actually shot her shot with Cuomo before, asking him on a date only to then be ghosted by the man and now, she wants The View co-hosts to ask the politician why he did that!

After all, he apparently agreed to go out with her but then he just stopped showing interest!

The comedian wants answers and she will not stop at anything to get it!

As for why she is so interested in Cuomo, Handler dished to The View co-hosts that ‘First of all, he’s like a big giant — he came in like the Incredible Hulk, right? We needed someone to come on the scene [amid the COVID-19 crisis]. We were so dehydrated for real leadership. Then he came on the scene, looking like this big, Italian hunk. He was like, ‘wear a mask,’ I was like, ‘I’ll wear a mask, I’ll put a mask on every part of my body. I want to flatten your curve, and you can flatten my curve and then we can both apex together.’

Funny enough, the man is expected to appear on The View the very day after Chelsea’s interview, which is why she asked the co-hosts for a favor, which is to ask him why he’d ghosted her after agreeing to going on a date!

After all, Chelsea shared that ‘I did have a conversation with Cuomo a few months ago, and I did ask him out on a date. And he did say yes. And then I never heard from him.’

With that being said, it’s safe to say that Andrew Cuomo’s interview on The View, is already sure to be super interesting!

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