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Olivia Culpo Shows Off Her Beach Body In Two-Piece Bathing Suit -


Olivia Culpo is currently vacationing in Mexico and she’s already apologizing for the heavy influx of bikini photos that she’s sharing on social media. The 28-year-old beauty queen showed off her flawless beach body in a white bikini from Lovewave and the look was sensational. Olivia has 4.7 million Instagram followers who loved the photos that she shared.

First, many of Olivia’s fans noticed that she has a new hairstyle. Olivia has new bangs and has been wearing her hair just below shoulder length. For the photo slideshow that she shared, Olivia wore a white headband in her hair as her bangs gently skimmed the tops of her eyes.

She wore makeup for the picture shoot and accentuated her eyes with a sweep of mascara and enough dark eyeliner to draw attention. She wore a rose-colored lipstick on her full pout. Olivia looked stunning in the photos and people are sounding off, praising her for her beauty.

The Lovewave bikini top is called the Campbell and it retails for approximately $72. The top is a classic triangle with a halter neck and back closure.

The Lovewave bikini bottoms are called the Ryder. They provide medium coverage and are in the Brazilian style. The Ryder bikini bottoms retail for approximately $68. You may see the photo that Olivia shared on her Instagram account below.

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In the second photo that Olivia shared, she posed by turning sideways and giving a profile view of her bikini. you may see that photo where Olivia showed off her perfect figure below.

What do you think about Olivia Culpo‘s new photos? Do you like the Lovewave bikini?

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41-Year-Old Rapper Montana22 Dies During Shooting -


Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the police are looking into a shooting that left one man dead. The outlet says a shooting went down in Houston, Texas, at an apartment complex. ABC13 was the first to report that it occurred on the 26th of October.

Currently, it’s unclear what events led to the killing, but the outlet confirmed that the 41-year-old rapper, Montana22, was shot and killed during the confrontation. Emanuel Solomon, aka, Montana22, lived in the complex with his 11-year-old son and he died while he was protecting his child from gunfire.

Reportedly, the police never shared the identities of the people killed, but the ex-girlfriend of the rapper was the one to come out to say it was her boyfriend who was murdered.

According to ABC13, the 11-year-old child was hurt in the attack but his life hasn’t been endangered. The police say they were looking for three suspects who there at the apartment building. Montana22 had three children at the time of his death.

As most know, this wouldn’t be the first time a hip-hop star was involved in a shooting incident this year. Perhaps most famously, Pop Smoke, 20, was killed in a home invasion near the start of 2020 just before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Following his death, 50 Cent and other rappers in the industry participated in the creation of the posthumous record, Shoot For The Stars…Aim For The Moon, which went to number one on the charts after its release.

Additionally, another rapper, Hurricane Chris, was indicted on second-degree murder charges after he was accused of shooting a man in a Louisiana gas station. Hurricane Chris was picked up by the authorities over an incident in which a man was left dead.

The rapper claimed he was acting in self-defense, but the police said they have video footage showing the contrary. Hurricane Chris and his attorney at law have argued that he will work to clear his good name and will come out victorious in the trial.

Justin Bieber Is Doing A Lot Better Now After His 'Really Suicidal' Phase -


Justin Bieber has had a turbulent life as a pop star. The singer-songwriter became famous when he was a young boy and he came under fire frequently for his behavior in the spotlight. Over the last few months, Justin has been a lot more candid about his mental health struggles.

In a documentary shared on the 30th of October, Bieber touched on his challenges once again. In Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, the singer-songwriter claimed he fought against depression and suicidal thoughts for many years.

Bieber says in the clip that he was “really suicidal,” and he often asked himself if the pain was ever going to go away. The singer said, “It was so consistent, the pain was so consistent.” In addition to sharing his personal experiences with mental health problems, the singer-songwriter had some words of advice for his fans.

Justin said, “Hey if you’re feeling lonely, talk about it.” While Justin has certainly struggled with his emotions, the performing artist did have a silver lining toward the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

In recent news, the singer-songwriter was in the headlines when he and Hailey Baldwin revealed they were doing better now than ever before. According to Bieber, he and Hailey have a lot more confidence in their relationships as a consequence of a lot more time spent together.

Additionally, Justin talked about his canceled world tour and how he would have to adapt to that. As it was previously reported, Justin announced he was postponing the tour for his Changes album earlier this year.

At the time, reports came out stating that Justin Bieber’s tour had to be downgraded in a number of locations due to low ticket sales. For instance, Justin had to move from stadiums to arenas, although, sources said the coronavirus pandemic was playing a role in the ticket sales.

Others, however, argued that Justin’s new record wasn’t quite as popular as his last album, Purpose, which was his biggest hit thus far. The record included a number of hit singles, including “What Do You Mean?” “Purpose,” “Where Are U Now?” and more.

Saweetie Clarifies Her Remarks About Men Needing To Buy Women Birkins Bags -


Saweetie sparked a massive controversy in the entertainment world when she came out to say that men should buy their girlfriend’s Birkins bags. Since then, celebrities, social media users, and rappers have been discussing the purpose of luxury items and whether they do any good.

Saweetie released a video on her social media this month in which she claimed that if a man doesn’t want to buy his woman a Birkin, “then throw that n*gga back to the streets.” At the time, Saweetie was promoting her latest single, “Back to the Streets,” featuring Jhené Aiko.

Ever since her comment, which most likely was just meant to be a promotional tactic or even just a joke, other entertainers have been discussing the significance of expensive gifts in relationships or whether they matter at all.

For instance, people like Yaya Mayweather, Safaree Samuels, YK Osiris, Lil Durk, T.I., Offset, and Cardi B have all chimed in on the debate. Considering she started the whole controversy, it looks like Saweetie has come out to end it.

During a new interview, Saweetie said that it was just an “entertaining comment.” The rapper went on to say the bag was a “gift of value” and said people should stick within their means and buy only what they can afford.

Saweetie went on to comment on the importance of women and how they should be given gifts and celebrated by their man more often. She says women “create life.” The rapper went on to say that “women are magical creatures” and they deserve to be treated like “a queen.”

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Saweetie said people should buy the things they want for their partners, but don’t worry about looking cool on social media or in society. She added, “because I don’t want you to clean out our savings” to meet other people’s expectations.

During the same interview, Saweetie was asked just how many bags she owns, and she said she has “four.” Cardi B was in the headlines this month as well when she showed off her massive collection on the ‘Gram.

Mel B Wants Child Support Payments From Eddie Murphy To Be Increased To $25,000 -


Back in 2006, it was revealed by a number of outlets that Mel B was pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s baby. Hot New Hip Hop says that in the same year, it was revealed Eddie and his wife of the time, Nicole Murphy, had finalized their divorce.

The news of Eddie expecting another baby was shocking to the entertainment news circuit. Initially, the comedian reportedly denied having the baby with the former Spice Girls member, however, a DNA test later proved it was his.

Ever since Angel was born, Eddie and Mel B have been intermittently in the courts over their daughter, including back in 2009, when it was revealed that Mel B had been given sole custody of their 13-year-old. Murphy was demanded by the court to pay $25,000 per month in child support.

A report from Us Magazine this week claimed the actor has been given the responsibility to pay for her health and education expenses, and Mel’s legal team says Murphy hasn’t been paying the money he owes as per the court order.

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According to Us Magazine, Mel B has taken to the courts once again to file a petition for an increase in child support due to the fact her income has been “dramatically reduced” amid the coronavirus pandemic. As most know, the coronavirus pandemic has led to the shutter of many businesses, including in the entertainment industry.

As per the legal documents, Melanie’s team says both Eddie and Mel B have been working in the entertainment business for many years, and while Mel has managed to make it on her own without Eddie’s help, her situation has changed a lot.

For the first time, her team argued, Mel B had to ask for more money to supplant what she has lost during this past year. Moreover, her legal team says Mel tried her best to resolve the dispute without going through a court of law.

As most know, Eddie has 10 children, including Angel, and they range from 31-years-old to 22-months from five different women.

Matthew McConaughey Says He Wanted To Be The Hulk But Marvel Didn't Want It -


A report from Yahoo this week revealed that Matthew McConaughey actually wanted to try his hand at a superhero movie. After Edward Norton chose to bow out of his role as the Hulk, Matthew expressed his interest in taking Norton’s place.

During an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz, Matthew said he wanted to take on the role of the Incredible Hulk but Marvel Studios wondered if it was a good idea. As it was previously reported, Norton bowed out of the MCU following his appearence in the 2008 movie.

At the time, Norton’s portrayal of the Hulk was only the second MCU movie and it didn’t do as well at the box office or with critics as the studios had hoped. When asked if he wanted to portray the Hulk, Matthew said he “wanted it.”

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Marvel Studios reportedly told him, “no thank you,” in response to his request. Instead, Marvel went with Mark Ruffalo instead, who has portrayed the character ever since 2012’s The Avengers. As most know, Mark’s portrayal of the Hulk has been praised.

Matthew never went into detail about why the studios didn’t want to cast him, but it’s worth noting that this was just before Matthew started his rebirth in the movie industry with productions like True Detective, Dallas Buyer’s Club, Mud, and more.

Even with a series of incredibly successful movies under his belt, McConaughey still hasn’t had a chance to work in a superhero movie yet. There’s no question Matthew’s career has been the subject of many ups and downs.

For instance, the actor has claimed that in the past, he fought tooth and nail to get out of romantic comedies. For years, it seemed as though he was destined to always star in movies as the love interest, but he finally broke into movies like Mud, where Matthew showed that he was capable of a lot more.

The actor went on to secure a Best Actor win for his portrayal of an AIDS-infected cowboy in Dallas Buyer’s Club, in which he co-starred alongside Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner.

Lil Pump Says He's Moving From The USA If Joe Biden Wins -


Lil’ Pump is just one other rapper who has come out in support of President Donald Trump amid the 2020 election this year. It has become a running joke in recent months for celebrities, entertainers, and even Trump himself to threaten to leave the USA if Joe Biden and the Democrats win this year.

In case you missed it, the president of the USA claimed Joe Biden was the worst candidate of all time, and if he were to lose to him, it would be the most embarrassing thing he could possibly experience. Donald said he would leave the USA out of pure humiliation.

Trump joked that he was going up against the worst presidential candidate in “the history of politics,” before going on to say he would have to leave the country if he lost. Stars such as 50 Cent have said the same thing, although, he later backtracked on his remarks.

Lil Pump joined the list this weekend as well after he posted a short Instagram video on his account in which he hoped out loud for the president to win his second term. The rapper said if Joe Biden won he would have to pack his bags.

As most know, this wouldn’t be the first time Lil Pump has been in the headlines for his choice in social media expressions. The rapper found himself the target of concerned fans who sent him a swath of messages after he appeared to insinuate that he was going to commit suicide.

Many of the rapper’s fans – and detractors – either defended him and told him to seek out help or wondered why it has become a common thing for entertainers to complain about mental health issues. Either way, Lil’ Pump will probably spark the wrath of the entertainment industry due to his support of the president.

Another rapper who found himself the target of social media warriors was Lil’ Wayne, who was put on blast after he met up with the president to discuss programs and reform for black Americans.

Mimi Haleyi Files Federal Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein Following His Incarceration -


This Friday, Mimi Haleyi, the accuser who helped put Harvey Weinstein behind bars, slapped the Miramax co-founder with a federal lawsuit even though the producer has already been convicted for his crimes.

Mimi and her legal team filed court documents this weekend in which they accused Harvey of using his “wealth, power, and influence,” to rope her into a relationship she didn’t consent to.

From her testimony, Haleyi claimed Weinstein lured Mimi to his apartment in 2006 and forcibly performed oral sex on her after removing her tampon. Additionally, Haleyi claims the disgraced movie mogul pushed her onto the bed against her will.

Mimi says she cried and said the words, “no, no, no,” during the incident which she states occurred on the 10th of July. In the court documents, Mimi claimed Weinstein’s actions led to horrendous psychological pain which has lasted years.

Reportedly, Mimi agreed to meet up with Weinstein once again because she was desperate for work in the film business. She went to his place at the Tribeca Grand Hotel and had sexual intercourse with him while he called her a “wh*re” and a “b*tch in an attempt to arouse her sexually.

Her lawyers claimed Mimi spoke with Weinstein for years afterward due to his connections in the film business. As it was previously reported, Weinstein was convicted of a first-degree criminal sex act for forcibly performing oral sex on her in 2006.

Back in March, he was sentenced to 23 years in federal prison. Now, Mimi is filing a suit against him in which she has asked for an unspecified sum of money, including lawyer fees. Juda Engelmayer, who is acting as the producer’s spokesperson, said the lawsuit is an attempt to “pave the way” for other women to make “civil-damages claims.”

As most know, Weinstein is now going to trial once again except in Los Angeles, where he’s up against another 11 counts of rape, sexual battery, and other crimes related to the claims of five different women. Weinstein, whose case was the catalyst for the #MeToo movement, was convicted earlier this year.

Forbes Removes Allegations Against Joss Whedon From Ray Fisher Interview About Changing Actors' Skin-Tone -


Page Six reported today that Forbes removed a quote from their recent interview with Ray Fisher in which he alleged that Joss Whedon had asked for changes to an actor’s skin tone. Forbes allegedly removed part of the story as a way of adding “balance and fairness” to the report.

Matthew Hutchinson, the chief communications officer for Forbes, said to Page Six on Friday that the story “captured a discussion that has been in the public sphere for some time,” before going on to say they had to add comments and eliminate the quote for “balance and fairness.”

The 33-year-old actor who starred in Justice League from Whedon claimed the director had altered the skin tone of one of the actors in the post-production phase. Entertainment Tonight claims Ray Fisher accused Joss of changing the skin tone of an actor because he didn’t like it.

This was part of the reason why Fisher decided to “speak out” against Joss; he said it lit his “soul on fire” when he found out. The star went on to say in the interview that with the way 2020 has been thus far, that was the “tipping point” for him.

A representative for Whedon responded to Fisher’s claim by saying that the person in the story, Ray Fisher, was just regurgitating a rumor started by someone else on set. With a bit of research, the statement added, it easily could’ve been debunked.

Another allegation from a Forbes story claimed Whedon had intentionally cut out scenes featuring actors of color, including Zheng Kai and Joe Morton. Furthermore, in the same article, Fisher insinuated there were examples of racial bias during the filming phase.

Fisher claims he “always suspected” that race and ethnicity played a role in the way the films were cut. Moreover, he says the on-set conditions featured things like “taunting,” “coercion,” “threats,” “gaslighting,” and “unsafe work conditions.”

As most know, this wouldn’t be the first time Fisher has come out against Whedon. Back in July, the actor claimed Whedon was an abusive director during the filming of the Justice League. Jason Momoa later backed up the allegations as well.

Why Didn't Common Follow Tiffany Haddish Until Fans Pointed It Out? -


Not long after social media users screenshotted an image of Common‘s “following” list on Instagram, fans began to wonder if the rapper and Tiffany Haddish had already split up.

Hot New Hip Hop says the screenshot in question showed that he wasn’t following his reported girlfriend, Haddish, the Night School star. Fans of Common and Tiffany Haddish know there have been rumors for a long time about the nature of their romance.

Initially, everyone thought they were just friends, but social media posts continued to show there was something brewing beneath the surface. They confirmed the rumors when both of them came forward to reveal they were happily in love.

Not long after the breakup rumors began to spread, Common and Tiffany Haddish went on Instagram Live as a couple to dispel rumors about their relationship. Both parties said there was no trouble between them, and things are going well.

During the same Instagram Live session, Tiffany made fun of Common because a woman supposedly revealed she had a crush on him. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Tiffany can be heard saying in the video that he better tell her he has been “spoken for.”

Additionally, Common, who must’ve heard their fans’ concerns, began following Haddish as a result probably to make sure there wasn’t any confusion about their romance. However, a lot of fans have wondered why it took so long for the rapper to follow her on social media?

In other news, Haddish and Rachel Lindsay recently had a conversation about her romance with Common. Tiffany said to The Bachelorette alum that she and Common “laugh all the time,” and he’s “really funny.” Tiffanys says Common told her he didn’t want to “exploit” their romance, but she said she didn’t want to be in one that didn’t make any money either.

As most know, Common and Tiffany’s relationship comes as no surprise at least to the people who have been following their social media accounts. After Tiffany shaved her head, the actress came out to say that Common was 100% supportive of her decision. She claims he told her it looked “beautiful.”