Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mariah Carey Reveals That The ‘Unconditional Familial’ Love She Received From Her Twins Helped With Her Childhood Trauma! -


Mariah Carey went through a lot when she was just a child but thankfully, she says that the unconditional love she received later on when she had her twins, helped her heal from that trauma!

The songstress chatted with Oprah Winfrey and that is when she revealed that as a young kid, she never got to know what ‘familial love’ was all about.

Fortunately for her, Mariah was finally able to experience that when she became a mom herself.

Having twins Moroccan and Monroe was the best thing that ever happened to the artist since not only does she love them unconditionally but they feel the same for her and that has made a huge change in her life and mental health.

While having Mariah on her show, The Oprah Conversation, the host stated that ‘Often, when you have had such trauma in your own life, you get to make up for the childhood you didn’t have through your own children.’

And as they were talking about Mariah’s tell all memoir, she wondered if the kids helped at all with her guest’s childhood trauma.

In response, she shared that ‘They helped to heal me every day. Every time we have a moment that feels real and authentic and genuine…them loving me unconditionally. Just by the fact that the children provide me with this actual love, and they’re my actual family, and I am not worried about them trying to hurt me or do any of the things that happened to me when I was a kid. I have never had a reference for unconditional, familial love until now.’

And that is not all! Mariah also admitted that aside from the kids, ‘my fans have been the only ones that I felt I got unconditional love from. Like, all of my die-hard fans.’

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