Sunday, September 13, 2020

Kelis Welcomes Her Third Baby - And Her First Daughter -


On her Instagram account this week, Kelis, the singer-songwriter, revealed that she welcomed her third child into the world. It just so happens to be her first daughter as well, Page Six reported.

The 41-year-old wrote on her account that she has been “MIA” lately, but it was for a good reason because she just had her baby. Kelis touched on what it was like to have her third child, explaining how happy she was to make another addition to her growing family.

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Kelis says she actually gave birth to her child just a week ago. As fans of the performing artist know, she announced she was pregnant at the beginning of August. She already has a child named Shepherd, who is 4-years-old, and she shares him with Mike Mora.

They’ve been married since 2014. Kelis and Nas have an 11-year-old child named Knight as well. Fans of Kelis know she and Nas have had a complicated relationship. For instance, in the past, Kelis accused Nas of being physically abusive toward her during their relationship ten years ago.

The then-38-year-old star shared how Nas had supposedly abused her physically and mentally when they were in a relationship many years ago. While speaking with the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee, Kelis shared how there were many problems amid their romance.

For instance, there was a lot of drinking involved, and things often turned violent. A lot of social media users, however, weren’t buying her story, with one arguing that Kelis was coming out with her story of abuse long after her career had already ended.

More importantly, the social media user argued that if Kelis was abusive toward him than really it was mutually destructive. In other words, no one could place blame on Nas as the sole facilitator of the violence if she also participated.

During the same interview, Kelis said there were a lot of highs and lows in their romance. As most know, Kelis is most famous for her hit song, “Milkshake.”

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