Sunday, September 13, 2020

Heiress Harris Is Tiny Harris' Little Dance Machine - See This Sweet Video -


Tiny Harris shared a video featuring Heiress Harris on her social media account. Check out the clip on IG below.

‘Tiny Gone head stop playing and let me teach her ✨🔥😂’ someone said.

Someone laughed and said ‘Did she just say “I didn’t mean to do that” …Tiny: “what?”…Heiress: “fart”…Tiny: “omg”….Heiress: “umm I’m starting to smell it”.’

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Lol @heiressdharris

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A commenter wrote: ‘She is about to make you feel old…talking about what was out when you were young! 😂’ and another follower posted this message: ‘She said I didn’t mean to do that! 🤣🤣 too cute and a little lady.’

A commenter wrote: ‘She said I didn’t mean to do that! 🤣🤣 too cute and a little lady,’ and someone else said: ‘She’s hilarious! You know TIP gonna have a problem with the rubbing down. Lol.’

One other follower said: ‘she’s so cute! “Whatcha movin your hands down there for?” She was so confused about you not growing up with tictok. Lol 😆 #adorable.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Ayeee 💃🏼 I love to see her pretty face 😍I love all ur kids so smart and beautiful,’ and a fan posted this: ‘She said I didn’t mean to do that!!! Fart 😂😂😂😂… She too cute.’

Another follower posted: ‘A crucial lil age reminder at the end. She’s precious! I like to watch their dances!!!💜💜’ and one commenter said: ‘When Tiny said “ion like that one”… Heiress really then tried to swerve her whittle body more😂😂😂.’

Someone else posted: ‘She’s soo cute & she speaks so well. That’s the best part of this all!!’

In other news, Tiny Harris is praising her big sister and she also shared a post on her social media account to make it public.

‘#Tbt Growing up I wanted to be like my big sis @michellerich46 she was The Real Deal for me! I was 12yrs old here😩 Just a few slides on Macon Dr. of my childhood. A real Cleveland Ave. baby #JonesboroSouth I make it look sweet tho😏 👑❤️🤑’ Tiny captioned her post.

Fans praised both Tiny and her sister.

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