Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Cynthia Bailey Troll Tells Her To ‘Lose Some Weight’ And She Fires Back: 'My Fiancé Ain’t Complaining’ - yuetu.info


Cynthia Bailey does not need to change herself for anyone and she made that very clear! After all, the people who matter like her just the way she is!

It all started with a hater body shaming Cynthia Bailey by telling her that she should be losing some weight.

In response, the celeb told the troll that there is no reason for that since her fiancé thinks she is already as hot as they come!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is not one to just take insults and not react in any way so she was quick to clap back when someone commented on her weight.

Before that, she had posted a pic of herself in a black two-piece outfit and she looked stunning but one user did not think so.

They rudely commented: ‘lose some weight,’ prompting the reality TV celeb to reply: ‘@itsmikehill ain’t complaining [sticking out tongue emoji],’ tagging her fiancé.

That should teach them to mess with Cynthia Bailey!

In reality, Cynthia has actually lost quite a lot of weight as she prepares for her and Mike Hill’s wedding, which is only a month away.

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Cynthia previously admitted that she had gained about 20 pounds while in quarantine but she managed to shed it all and revealed how she did it during an interview for HollywoodLife not too long ago.

‘When I returned to Lake Bailey by myself, I was able to manage my food a bit better — because I did not have my family with me and honestly some days I did not even eat as much as before. I started slimming down. It was pretty awesome! I did not realize how good I looked until I put on a two-piece. I was like, ‘Wait a minute! I actually look okay!’ she said in part.

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