Sunday, September 13, 2020

Artem Chigvintsev 'Already Missing' His 'Loves' Nikki Bella And Their Infant After Returning To 'Dancing With The Stars!' -


Work is work but at the end of the day, Artem Chigvintsev can’t help but miss his fiancée, Nikki Bella and their newborn son already after returning to Dancing with the Stars! It must be particularly hard on him since he and Nikki actually fell in love on the set of the dancing competition as partners and now he has to dance with someone else while having memories of the two of them everywhere!

Not to mention that now he is a new father as well and he‘s also been in quarantine at home for months so being away from all of that all of a sudden is making him homesick only a couple of days into his return to DWTS!

Yesterday, he took to social media to update his fans from his trailer, making it very clear that he was ‘already missing’ his newborn and fiancée.

‘Finally got situated in my trailer for the next, hopefully, 11 weeks. Welcome to my house. I need to swap the pictures behind me to Nicole and Matteo’s pictures, obviously, to feel like I am actually home. Today is an exciting day. We are shooting our opening number, plus we are doing the first pictures with our celebrity partners. Excited to do that and maybe share with you. It is getting closer. I think there is only 2 days of rehearsals left and then there is showtime so get excited.’

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Dancing feet?🦶🏼#dwts

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And that was not the only post! Artem also shared a pic of Nikki holding their newborn baby boy in their kitchen and in the caption, he wrote: ‘Missing my loves already @thenikkibella.’ Aww….

Later on, Nikki also took to her own social media platform to post a screenshot of their texts.

It looks like she sent him a pic of two bottles of breast milk, telling her fiancé: ‘Look what mama just pumped!!!’

In response, he sweetly wrote back: ‘So proud.’

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