Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tiny Harris And Daughter Heiress Both Rock Braids In Adorable New Clip - The 4-Year-Old Insists She Doesn't Look Like Dad T.I. -


Another day, another post featuring Tiny Harris and T.I.’s adorable little girl, Heiress bringing smiles on people’s faces! The proud mom took to social media to show off the fact that she and her 4 year old were sharing the same hairstyle!

Not only did they undoubtedly look like twins but even Heiress herself mentioned that she did not look like her dad in the clip.

Tiny Harris now rocks a new hairstyle composed of red braids and she just had to include her mini me in the transformation, making sure to try out the same hairstyle on her as well!

The only difference was that the child had colorful beads on the ends of her braids which looked super cool!

That being said, the clip was all about their new hair, the mother and daughter duo gushing over their new looks.

Furthermore, Heiress let her sass come out when she insisted that she did not resemble her dad, rapper T.I. at all!

‘Twinsies,’ Tiny says as she leans her head against her daughter’s.

‘Twins!’ Heiress quips, obviously agreeing with her mom, earning a kiss on the forehead from her.

Then Tiny asks her youngest child who she thinks she looks like.

‘Who do you look like? [Heiress points at her mom’s chest.] You don’t look like your daddy? I think you look like your daddy,’ Tiny teases.

‘I do not look like my daddy,’ the tot says with confidence, turning her head from side.

Tiny Harris insists: ‘Are you sure?’ Heiress finally admitting that she looks like him a ‘little bit’ as well.

Her mom agrees, telling her that ‘I think so. I think you do. You look like mommy too.’ So cute!

Fans were quick to flood the comment section with compliments and love, gushing over the baby girl’s personality and more: ‘Her little personality is everything.’ / ‘I do not look like my daddy too cute.’ / ‘Your baby is sunshine.’ / ‘Awww she is so smart I just love her @majorgirl.’

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