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People Think Brad Pitt's Rumored Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski Looks Like A Young Angelina Jolie — See The Photos! -


Brad Pitt is rumored to be dating Nicole Poturalski but many fans think that she looks exactly like Angelina Jolie, especially when she was in her twenties. Brad and Nicole made headlines after they were spotted spending time together at Le Castellet Airport in France. It has later been learned that Nicole is married but it is believed that she and her husband, Roland Mary, have an open marriage. While many people are eager to learn more about Brad’s and Nicole’s relationship, others are suggesting that he really isn’t over Angelina and is trying to replace her with a look-a-like.

The German model is 27-years-old and Brad Pitt is 56-years-old. Angelina Jolie celebrated her 45th birthday in June. Brad is used to dating younger women, but Angelina’s 12-year-age difference with Brad (he turns 57-years-old on December 18, 2020) it pales in comparison to Brad’s 30 years on Nicole. Nicole is apparently used to being with older men as her husband is reportedly 68-years-old.

Fans commented immediately about the similarities between Angelina and Nicole. Both have dark hair and blue eyes, though Angelina has sectoral heterochromia where she has two colors in each eye — blue and green. Though Angelina has a square-shaped face and Nicole has an oval-shaped, the two are very similar in appearance.

You may see a side-by-side comparison of Nicole Poturalski and Angelina Jolie in the photo below.

Here is a black and white photo of Nicole Poturalski. Many people think she looks strikingly similar to Angelina. You may see several black and white photos of Angelina Jolie when she was young below.

Though Angelina had a fuller face, many believe that she and Natalie still resemble each other. Some are suggesting that Brad Pitt isn’t over Angelina and is looking for someone who looks so much like her because he is heartbroken that their relationship is over.

Here are color photos of Angelina Jolie when she was younger.

Here is a color photo of Nicole Poturalski taken recently.

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What do you think? Do you think Nicole Poturalski and Angelina Jolie look alike? Do you think Brad Pitt is trying to replace Angelina?

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