Friday, August 21, 2020

Patton Oswalt Remembers Late Wife Michelle McNamara On The Day The Golden State Killer Is Sentenced To Life In Prison After A Decades-Long Search! -


The serial killer and rapist Joseph DeAngelo, also dubbed as the Golden State Killer has been sentenced to life in prison and Patton Oswalt took to social media honor his late wife Michelle McNamara and also remember everyone else who helped bring him to justice. Here’s what the comedian had to say!

While true crime author Michelle McNamara is unfortunately not here to see the serial killer get punished for his crimes, there is no doubt that she has contributed to the case a lot and those close to her remembered her for it when the news of the conviction appeared.

The life in prison without a possibility of parole sentencing of the Golden State Killer was the conclusion to a decades-long search for the serial killer than took no less than 13 lives and who is also responsible for at least 50 rapes that happened all over California between 1973 and 1986.

McNamara, who was Patton Oswald’s wife, and who passed back in 2016, dedicated her last few years to solving the case, and her book, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, which was released posthumously, even inspired a docu-series with the same title!

Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to honor and remember his late wife upon learning about the news of the serial killer’s sentencing.

‘The insect gets none of my headspace today. I am thinking of the victims, and of the survivors, the witnesses and crusaders and investigators. And of course Michelle. Go forward in peace, all of you,’ he wrote.

Judge Michael Bowman acknowledged McNamara as well during the sentencing hearing today, calling her one of the ‘many heroes’ that have led to killer’s capture.

The now-74 year old former police officer got arrested back in 2018 after his DNA was finally connected to crime scenes via a genealogy service!

In order to avoid the death penalty, the man plead guilty to 13 counts of murder and of kidnapping with robbery!

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