Friday, August 28, 2020

NFL Player Brandon Marshall Says Security Guards Called The Cops On Him When He Was Moving Into His New House -


Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a video from Brandon Marshall this week in which the former NFL player revealed security guards called the police on him while he was moving into a new house.

The outlet claims the ex-NFLer was in the middle of moving all of his belongings into a home he had just purchased, but security personnel called the police on him due to his name not being on the list.

Marshall says he was moving into a gated community in Florida that had its own security guards at the front gate. The former football player says he wasn’t on the community list, so the guards called the police on him.

Reportedly, Marshall was very upset by the exchange, and he documented the entire situation on his social media. The football player says in the video that it was a “problem” that he moved into the community and they called the police on him simply because his name wasn’t on the list.

Marshall goes on to say in the video that there wasn’t any threat to anyone’s lives, and they weren’t just trying to do their job either. As most know, this story comes at an especially turbulent time for the United States of America.

Earlier this year, the killing of George Floyd spurred Black Lives Matter protests around the country and into other areas of the world. NFL, MLB, and NBA players have made their thoughts and opinions on the protests known through their social media accounts.

Before the season began again, some NBA players suggested that they should go on strike and not resume the regular season. Shawn Marion took to his social media to say it would be a much better idea to resume the season, but speak out on police brutality in press conferences and interviews.

The issue of police brutality has become a lightning rod for celebrity activism. For instance, it was reported earlier that Oprah Winfrey had purchased a number of billboards to be put on display in the southern United States. The billboards referenced the death of Breonna Taylor.

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