Saturday, August 29, 2020

Monica Talks About Upcoming Versus Battle And Feud With Brandy: 'We're Going To Have A Very In-Depth Conversation' -


Monica and Brandy are set to go head to head in the most anticipated Verzuz battle yet. The two have been pitted against each other for decades and both of the women are ready to see it be put to an end in a celebration of both of their music.

Brandy recently released a studio album and during a press run she explained that the media pit her and Monica against each other after their 1998 hit The Boy is Mine.

She claimed that although they never actually had a problem with each other, the pressure between fans, the media, and people within the industry made the feud over the song so real that they eventually fed into it.

Now that they’ve both agreed to do the Verzuz battle, Monica recently opened up about how she feels this will put an end to any type of animosity they may have for each other while showing fans that women in the same business can come together.

She explained to Entertainment Tonight: ‘It was not something that I would say was anyone’s fault. We all added to it and after a while it became real.’

As for how they will handle it before going Live, she told the interviewer: ‘We’ve long removed ourselves from the dramatics of it but we’re gonna have a very in-depth conversation that may possibly be shared even with the audience because there’s a lot that happens, the fans have no idea what really took place, what really caused the initial friction.’

She says after they speak, they will decide what they’ll share with fans.

‘Hopefully, we can help some of the younger artists avoid doing the same thing because we did a whole lot more together than we did apart.’

The two are set to go head to head this Monday. What song are you most excited to hear?

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