Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Michael Jordan - Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing His Father Expected To Be Released On Parole In 2023! -


According to several new reports, one out of the two men that were convicted for murdering the father of Michael Jordan, has received a parole date after over two decades behind bars. That being said, 44 year old Larry M. Demery is expected to be a free man in 2023 after North Carolina’s Post-Release Supervision and Parole Commission decided to grant him the parole release.

This was first confirmed to be the case by state officials yesterday via a press release.

They announced that ‘Under the agreement, the offender’s parole release date is 8/6/2023.’

As it seems, the parole was granted via a ‘three-way agreement’ involving Demery, the Division of prisons and a vocational program the state runs.

Furthermore, one spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety tells The Associated Press that the current inmate will be getting the help needed in order to return to a normal life outside of prison after such a long time away from society.

As you might know, Michael Jordan’s dad, James Jordan, was killed by shooting back in 1993 while sleeping in his own car along a North Carolina highway.

Three years after, in 1996, Demery pleaded guilty of killing the 56 year old man and was sentenced to life in prison.

At the trial, he also named the supposed shooter, Daniel Green and this second man was also convicted.

In reality, WFMY-TV mentioned that both Green and Demery have accused each other of being the one to actually pull the trigger ever since.

Even today, Green continues to claim that he is innocent of this crime they allegedly committed when they were no older than 18.

As for the motive of the fatal shooting, prosecutors have argued that it was robbery.

ET reports that Michael Jordan’s spokesperson refused to comment on the parole news to the AP yesterday so it’s still unclear how he feels about this.

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