Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kim Zolciak Fires Back At Troll Saying She And Her Daughters Have Fake Teeth! -


One hater on social media dragged Kim Zolciak but also her daughters Ariana and Brielle Birmann, claiming that their teeth are fake! That being said, the reality TV star did not hesitate to clap back at the troll, proving once again that people should really not mess with the mom of six! Here is what she had to say!

It all started with Kim Zolciak posting a video on her IG account in which she, alongside her look-alike daughters, were sharing the exciting news that they will be appearing on HSN in September.

There is no doubt that the three ladies not only looked like triplets but they also stunned in the vid!

However, while most comments were positive, people gushing over their beauty, not everyone was impressed by their looks.

One person in particular grabbed Kim’s attention with their shady comment that claimed the mother and daughters must have all gotten their teeth done since they were apparently talking with a lisp.

The sassy former Real Housewives of Atlanta star responded in the comment section: ‘Umm nobody has fake teeth sweets! God given [2 kiss emojis.]’

At this point in time, Kim is pretty much a clap back expert since she has to do that every time she posts something featuring her or her family members online.

Previously, she was also accused of going under the knife during quarantine.

Kim fired back by saying in part that: ‘Listen, I live a f**king dream — great husband, healthy amazing kids, I’m healthy, three successful companies my own TV show; I don’t really give a f**k if you think that my face looks altered, because I want to know who’s getting a f**king altered face during quarantine, sweetie. I want to know who’s getting a f**king altered face when they’re on blood thinner.’

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