Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ellen Pompeo, 50, Gets Candid About Aging On Screen During Grey’s Anatomy’s 16 Seasons - Admits ‘It’s Not So Fun’ And Talks Plans To Leave - yuetu.info


As fans know all too well, Ellen Pompeo has been starring on Grey’s Anatomy for no less than 15 years! That being said, it makes sense she looks quite different now compared to the first season since she was 33 years old then and now she’s 50!

It must feel weird to see yourself aging gradually on TV throughout 16 seasons and the actress admitted that ‘it’s not so fun!’

Furthermore, she also talked about when she is planning to finally leave the medical drama.

While Ellen Pompeo is as beautiful as ever, there is no question that she has transformed a bit since 2005 when she joined the cast as the star and that’s only natural.

However, it doesn’t mean that it’s fun, especially if you get to see it on the small screen and that is something the actress admitted herself.

Furthermore, it’s possible that she will be the last original cast member to leave the medical drama and Ellen confessed that she’s not happy about that either!

All of this and more, Ellen Pompeo opened up about during her interview on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert.

‘I don’t want to be the grape dying on the vine. Already, to watch myself aging from 33 to 50 on screen, that is not so fun. You really see it, because I am in the same clothes. I am in the same character. So the way that I see myself aging is… that is a motherf**er,’ Ellen admitted.

But of course, that doesn’t mean that she is ashamed of her age.

In fact, she has not even tried to get any cosmetic procedures that would help with the subtle signs of aging.

‘I don’t lie about my age. I don’t put anything in my face. I don’t want to tell myself any lies. I’m not doing myself any favors. But certainly, I think, to dip out sooner rather than later, at this point, having done what we’ve done, to leave while the show is still on top, is definitely a goal. I’m not trying to stay on the show forever, no way,’ she told Dax.

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