Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dennis McKinley Posts And Deletes Message For Porsha Williams Amid Split Speculations -- Fans Are Not Here For It -


If you aren’t aware by now, Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley of the Real Housewives of Atlanta tend to be an on-again off-again couple. The main element fusing them together to try and stick it through is their beautiful daughter — Pilar Mckinley.

Sometimes, a child isn’t enough and two people will just have to end up trying to peacefully co-parent.

Recently, Porsha unfollowed her sort-of fiance and it sparked rumors that the two have split. Not to mention, she posted a gorgeous picture with a shady caption hinting that Dennis was ‘really lucky’ to have her.

Yesterday, the Hot Dog Factory owner posted and deleted a photo with a message for his baby’s mother.

‘I like that Moneybaggyo record! Somebody go to P page and tell her. “I ain’t never leavin’ my b****, she dime, Why would I switch out a dime for a penny?”

Dennis usually asks his followers to deliver a message to Porsha when he’s blocked.

Fans of Williams were not feeling the post at all. In addition to the curse word being used in the quote, they feel as though Porsha, who is an amazing mom and activist, deserves better and if Dennis wants to get her back he should work way harder than posting a quote from Moneybaggyo.

One person commented on the Neighborhood Talk’s post: ‘This is embarrassing, I really want better for her.’

‘Lmaooooooo I don’t understand why she’s even with him 🥴 He toooooo ugly to act like this 😭,’ said another.

This commentator added: ‘She needs to leave that damn man he’s nothing good!’

‘Like…she could do 1000 times better mannnnn…I been saying this since the beginning,’ his person wrote.

While one observer said: ‘He too old for this 🤣, if you were really serious and a Man about it you’ll accept your wrongdoings and give her space instead of having ppl comment lyrics under her post.’

What do you think about Dennis’ post-and-delete?

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