Monday, August 24, 2020

Corey Miller's Ex Puts Monica On Blast: Calls Her Trash And Says She Sneaked To Visit The Prison-- Brings Up Future In Post And Delete -


It all started when Monica posted her everlasting love for her ex-boyfriend Corey Miller who is believed to be wrongly convicted of a 2002 murder that he’s serving a life prison sentence for. After revealing that she and Lala presented his case to Kim Kardashian who is working in prison reform, the singer opened up a Pandora’s box that no one could have predicted.

Shortly after Monica made the announcement, it was clear that she can’t wait for the C-Murder to be freed so they can rekindle their romance.

However, Master P had a problem with Monica and Kim Kardashian all of a sudden jumping in to help Corey after he claims to have been holding his brother down for years.

Percy and Monica had some public back and forth that ended with Master P apologizing and admitting that she just got caught up in family drama.

In the midst of the feud, a woman believed to be Corey’s ex-girlfriend took to social media to claim that she’s the one who was really there for Miller while he served his time in a post-and-delete where she dragged Monica.

The woman who’s private Instagram account is @sheflysplanes posted photos of herself and Corey during prison visitation and brought rapper Future into the situation.

She accompanied the photos with a caption that read: ‘Where these n***** be at when they doing all this and all that….. @future you remember how it all went down! All she did was finess his kids an sneak to the prison lol! The lady was married. But y’all know know how down down I was. Let’s be clear clear … I moved 4 mins away from Angola Prison. I’m realer than any man you will ever meet!!’

In another post, she wrote: ‘Didn’t miss a weekend! Didn’t miss a call didn’t miss a payment! Monica who?! We all have a story and he will forever be apart of mine!’

‘I don’t remember Monica spending a dime. But P is gathering her a** together trash a**.’

Although most people slammed the woman for being a hater, some brought up the fact that Monica claims to have been C-Murder’s ride or die for nearly two decades although she was married before.

This is getting messier by the day.

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