Sunday, August 23, 2020

Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Does The Coolest Most Graceful Backflip During Gymnastics Lesson - Check Out The Video! -


Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty, is so multi-talented! The girl has proven in the past that she is a great dancer and singer, just like her dad, but the latest video of her posted online also proves that she is a great gymnast! The 6 year old was getting a gymnastics lesson at home and her grandma, Joyce Hawkins, could not help but document it and post it on her social media!

The footage shows Royalty with her instructor, doing a backflip perfectly off a mat, with barely any help!

The child looked really graceful and did the backflip with impressive ease, smiling at the end, obviously proud of herself as well.

‘Squeeze, squeeze — arms arms up. Swing and keep your arms right by your ears, okay? Night and tight. Jump!’ the instructor guided the little girl.

Royalty looked like a pro, totally confident, fearless and eager to prove herself.

As she did the flip, she put her arms up to finish it and smiled as customary, prompting her instructor to gush: ‘Beautiful!’

As for her gymnastics outfit, she was rocking a pink-and-purple leotard for the at-home lesson, her curly hair gathered in a ponytail and away from her face.

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Even though she is so young, Royalty Brown is present on social media quite a lot and is always grabbing everyone’s attention with her cuteness, smarts and talent to the point that she’s recently celebrated no less than 1 million followers!

Furthermore, lately she’s also been slaying the fashion game!

In the newest post on her own page, she can be seen rocking a $365 Louis Vuitton mini pochette accessories bag as well as an adorable tie-tie outfit.

Finally, her hair was styled in long braids and looked super cool!

Her mom, who manages the IG account for her, wrote in the caption: ‘Y’all know what day it is…FRIIIII-YAYYYYY!’

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