Saturday, July 18, 2020

Todd Tucker's Photo Featuring His And Kandi Burruss' Son, Ace Wells Tucker, Shocks Some Fans -


Todd Tucker shared a cute photo of his and Kandi Burruss‘ son, Ace Wells Tucker. Some fans freaked out when they saw that he has a snake around his neck.

Check out the unexpected gift that the young boy got.

‘I would have literally passed out,’ a follower said, and someone else posted this: ‘Omg!! He really is brave. I wouldn’t even touch a snake. Go Ace!’

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@acetucker is Brave.

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A commenter said: ‘Yup that’s a brave young man but not I nope,’ and someone else posted: ‘Your mother is so proud.’

Someone posted this: ‘I don’t do 🐍 . ace is brave & strong , that 🐍 might be little now, but what happens when 🐍 it gets bigger ?!?!?! #icant 🤗 #bemindful, #becareful #havefun,’ and a follower said: ‘Yes he is because lawd knows I would’ve had a fit.’

A commenter wrote: ‘@todd167 Yes, he is. Most kids are fearless. My granddaughter held a baby gator once,’ and someone else posted this: ‘He wanted a snake? He going to be such a great big brother and protector.’

One follower posted this message: ‘Hell no you that snake is sizing him up to eat him no my child,’ and another fan said: ‘So afraid, I almost couldn’t like this post, but he’s just so adorable.’

One other follower wrote: ‘Good job Ace! I’ll just look at the picture, because that’s how close I want to see a 🐍,’ and a commenter said: ‘Love your snake what’s his name you are so brave to want a snake for a pet.’

Other than this, Todd Tucker shared a video featuring his and Kandi Burruss’ daughter, cute baby girl Blaze Tucker.

The cutie pie could not be sweeter, and each time they get to see her, fans are in awe and they simply cannot get enough of the baby girl.

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