Thursday, July 30, 2020

Todd Tucker Shares A Photo Of His And Kandi Burruss' Daughter Blaze Tucker That Melts Fans' Hearts -


Kandi Burruss‘ hubby, Todd Tucker shares the most gorgeous photo of their baby girl, Blaze Tucker that makes fans smile. The cutie pie is in bed and she could not be sweeter.

‘Daddy Daycare at his best! Lol, I get tired of holding the bottle!’ Todd captioned the post.

Someone said: ‘@kandi lord we all did I definitely did it with my 3 babies because there were a lot to be done around the house,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘@kandi then he is going to post it kandi lol….. *whispering* but we’ve ALL done this! Lol’

One commenter wrote: ‘That’s part of the bonding process, that’s where you can sing to @blazetucker, speak poetry, count, etc. True story, I would sing to my son, I would put his name in the lullaby…to test if he could hear me or was even listening, One time i “Did NOT” include his name, he pulled on my collar and said, “Ma, put my name in it,” my reaction was “priceless!”‘

Another follower said: ‘@kandi I know how you feel! And we use that same formula! Daddy knows he could have put it in a bottle,’ lots of otheer fans said that they also did this with their babies.

Shamea Morton commented this: ‘Ha! 😂She looks like she’s saying he gets on my nerves w this lazy shit. You wait til I tell momma 😩’

A follower said: ‘Wait til she’s propping up your ensure can in the next 40 years 😂😂She’s gonna remember this!’ and someone else posted this: ‘Her expression “I’m going to tell mommie on you”’

A commenter wrote this: ‘If she’s old enough to sit on the potty, then she’s old enough to hold the bottle!’

Speaking of baby Blaze, Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss‘ baby girl, Blaze Tucker seems to be loving it on the potty!

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