Sunday, July 19, 2020

Terry Crews Addresses Fan Criticism For Not Defending Nick Cannon - Says He Is More Scared Of Thought-Shaming Than The KKK -


Terry Crews has been in the headlines repeatedly over the last few months for his comments on social issues, including Black Lives Matter and diversity. Hot New Hip Hop said today that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has sparked the ire of fans once again.

Amid a recent social media conversation, Terry Crews argued with a fan over Nick Cannon’s remarks which led to his firing from ViacomCBS. Nick agreed with a conspiracy theory regarding Jews being responsible for the world’s wars.

During the actor’s appearence on The Talk recently, Terry urged for all voices to be included in the debate surrounding some of the most important issues of the day. The actor claimed if society didn’t succeed in this aim, it would turn into something no one is prepared for.

A person online accused Terry of not standing up for Nick Cannon and
also claimed the actor would not be defended by any black person if he ever came upon his own scandal. Crews wrote in response that when he was a young man, his greatest fear was not the KKK.

Terry said his greatest fear was other black people who want to silence those who think differently. Crews went on to write, “the threats, the intimidating, discouraging free tough, and ‘the insult of acting white.'”

Crews wrote that it truly caused him emotional pain to see how the anonymous social media user didn’t understand their own power as an individual, including some of their negative behavior as well.

As it was noted above, Terry has been in the headlines for many social activist causes over the last few months, especially in regards to the Black Lives Matter protests. In the aftermath of the protests, Terry claimed it was crucial to obtain equality for everyone, rather than only one particular race.

Crews also explained how his greatest fear was the Black Lives Matter movement turning into a “black supremacy” movement. Terry appeared on Don Lemon’s program on CNN to defend his ideas.

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