Friday, July 31, 2020

Kenneth Petty Pleads With Judge To Let Him Be There For Nicki Minaj When She Goes Into Labor Amid Legal Problems -


As you might have heard, Nicki Minaj is currently pregnant with her first baby! That being said, it makes sense that her hubby, Kenneth Petty, would really want to witness the birth of their child together but he may not be able to!

According to some documents obtained by HollywoodLife, the rapper filled some papers in which he is begging the judge dealing with his pending criminal case to change the terms of his pretrial condition so that he can be there for Nicki Minaj when she delivers their baby.

What might stop him from seeing that happen is Kenneth Petty registering as a sex offender in California not too long ago after initially failing to do so when he first moved there, as legally required.

That being said, the docs prove that he now has restrictions to only travel within California.

Naturally, this could be a huge problem if Nicki Minaj goes into labor outside of his curfew hours.

So, Petty is asking the judge to modify this condition so that he can be there when his child is born.

In the docs, he claims that the U.S. Attorney’s Office as well as the pretrial services office have not opposed his request so at this time, he only needs to wait for the judge to also sign off on the special permission.

This comes after the female emcee took everyone by surprise by announcing her first pregnancy.

Nicki Minaj showed off her baby bump and pretty much broke the internet earlier this month.

Naturally, she must be really excited since she’s expressed her desire to start a family in the near future, not too long ago.

Days after her announcement, Nicki was also spotted out and about, putting her belly on display again.

Finally, she also posted some behind the scenes footage from the set of her new music video and her baby bump made a guest appearance once again!

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