Saturday, July 18, 2020

Brian Austin Green Reportedly Still Not Over Megan Fox But Source Says Tina Louise Is A Healthy Step Forward! -


While he’s been seeing Tina Louise and they seem to vibe together really well, one insider report argues that people should not be fooled – Brian Austin Green is still very much heartbroken over his Megan Fox separation. That being said, he’s still put all of his hope in his new romance with Tina Louise, that she will help him heal and get over the mother of his children.

The actress wasted no time moving on from Brian Austin Green with Machine Gun Kelly but while it appears her ex-husband did the same with Tina Louise, things are actually quite different.

In reality, Megan Fox is not looking back when it comes to their failed marriage and is, in fact, happier than she’s been in years!

The same cannot be said about Brian Austin Green, however.

One source tells HollywoodLife that the man is still heartbroken over losing the one woman he considered his soulmate and who he still loves a lot, even while dating someone new.

Furthermore, seeing that Megan moved on so fast hurts even more but thankfully, Tina Louise really seems like just what he needs in order to heal.

‘Brian needed Tina now more than he ever thought because losing Megan was very tough on him. Tina makes him laugh and she puts him in a good mood that he hopes it just continues. He is really happy to have her in his life. There’s something really special about her that’s making him happy. Tina’s like a breath of fresh air for Brian and exactly what he needs right now,’ the insider dished via the same news outlet.

Another insider went on to explain that: ‘She is such a positive person and always laughing, and looking on the bright side of things. In the handful of occasions he has spent with her, Brian likes her more and more every time. He was understandably in a bit of a slump for a while after the split from Megan, but Tina’s definitely lifted his spirits.’

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