Friday, July 17, 2020

Breaking News: Tamar Braxton Was Reportedly Rushed To The Hospital In LA Following An Alleged Suicide Attempt! David Adefeso Is Accused By Fans -


It’s been just revealed that Tamar Braxton might have tried to take her own life! Everyone’s in shock following the latest reports.

TMZ and more outlets just revealed that law enforcement sources told TMZ that a 911 call was placed at around 10 PM Thursday.

‘The caller said someone at the Ritz Carlton hotel in downtown L.A. attempted suicide. When EMTs arrived we’re told they found Tamar unconscious inside her room. Her boyfriend, David Adefeso, told cops she may have overdosed on pills and alcohol,’ TMZ wrote.

The tragic notes continued and said: ‘Our sources say the boyfriend also told police Tamar had been upset earlier in the day and had threatened suicide. Our law enforcement sources say Tamar did not leave a note.’

It’s been also revealed that Tamar was rushed to the hospital and her condition is not known at the moment.

People rushed on David Adefeso’s Instagram account and blasted him.

Someone said: ‘Praying for you guys pray that Tamar is safe and healing,’ but a follower posted this: ‘I know you did something to her! Tamar would never leave Logan.’

One other commenter said: ‘Here you go with this bs. Let’s be clear you dont really know Tamar or her mental state. Y’all gotta stop bullying people on social media…smh.’

Someone else exclaimed: ‘David how is Tamar ???? Is she ok ??? Please tell me this is all lies,’ and a commenter said: ‘it was said she in stable condition but still unconscious.’

One person posted this: ‘Sending light to Tamar and the family. Hope the reports are false and she is well,’ and someone else wrote: ‘Please David update is on Tamar. Let her know we love her.’

A fan sent this message: ‘I am sending prayers to you, Tamar and Logan. I stand in agreement with you for her full recovery, in the name of Jesus. By His stripes, she is healed. May you be comforted during this difficult time, because that has to be stressful for you to have found her in such a state. Please know you have so much love being sent to you and countless prayers. God is in charge. He has given you everything you need to overcome this obstacle.’

Please, let’s keep Tamar and her family lifted up in prayer. Stay tuned for more details.

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