Thursday, July 23, 2020

Brandi Glanville Insists Denise Richards And Her Husband Are In An ‘Open’ Marriage And Claims They Have Even Asked Her To Find Other Women For Them! -


The drama of Denise Richards with Brandi Glanville is not even close to being over! Now, Brandi went ahead to claim something else about the marriage of her co-star with Aaron Phypers.

As fans know the two women are rumored to having had an affair for months.

But while Denise Richards has vehemently denied it, Brandi Glanville has been totally confirming it every chance she gets, even posting proof such as a pic in which it looks like she and Denise were kissing.

Furthermore, she’s also alleged before that it wasn’t really cheating since Denise Richards and her husband are actually in an open marriage, something else Denise has been denying.

Now, Brandi is further stressing that claim, sharing even more details about the type of relationship Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers truly have.

This was revealed on the newest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills yesterday.

During a chat Brandi had with Kyle, Kim Richards and Teddi Mellencamp, Brandi mentioned that she and Denise actually made out the very first day that they met.

Apparently, she and Aaron ‘had an understanding. [Denise] could be with girls if she wanted. And as long as, you know, it was not with a guy.’

And that was not all! She also claimed that one time she and Denise were intimate while her kids were downstairs

‘I was uncomfortable. And I just could not get into it. And the next day, she said to me, ‘No matter what you do, you cannot tell Aaron. He will kill me.’’

The whole situation made Brandi feel like she was ‘the other woman,’ something she definitely did not want to be since she had dealt with cheating herself when her former husband betrayed her.

If the whole open marriage thing is true, however, things were definitely pretty different for Denise and Aaron.

After the episode aired, Brandi exposed things evern more while responded to criticism, tweeting that: ‘First off f**k off Im not ruining any marriages!! They are open and asked me to find chicks for them!! Please f**k off.’

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