Friday, July 24, 2020

Ben Simmons' Older Sister Has A Message About Ousted Kardashian Family Friend Larsa Pippen -- Many Think She Confirmed That She Slept With Tristan Thompson -


Larsa Pippen and the KarJenner family used to be chummy with each other. The friendships gone sour was apparent months ago when she was unfollowed by the sisters and wasn’t wished a happy birthday.

In his many tweets sent out in the middle of the night, Kanye West tweeted the former Housewives’ name with no real explanation while seemingly accusing his current wife, Kim Kardashian, of cheating.

There have been rumors that Larsa was given the boot because she slept with Tristan Thompson. Since the rumor has been floating around, many people wondered why Pippen wasn’t given the public ousting treatment like Jordyn Woods who was shamed by the family both online and on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Woods also liked a tweet that said: ‘Okay so the only thing I peeped from that man’s rant (Kanye’s twitter rant) is that LARSA PIPPIN[sic] SLEPT WITH TRISTAN but didn’t get dragged like Jordyn did because HE kissed HER. You dust buckets kept your mouths closed and just unfollowed that white woman and LITERALLY tried to destroy Jordyn,’

If that wasn’t enough to get the rumors started again, Kendall Jenner’s ex, Ben Simmons, has an older sister that is absolutely not afraid to speak her mind about the KarJenner family.

Olivia Simmons seemingly added fuel to the fire about Larsa when she added a comment to a tweet that questioned why Pippen was at a party full of young people.

Olivia said: ‘She likes her men young, used and second hand. She’s the kardashians vacuum. Picks up their crumbs. Real life story.’

This definitely caused people to further believe that Larsa indeed hooked up with the much younger NBA baller.

This comes after she revealed her firsthand experience of hanging with her brother’s ex-girlfriend.

‘The Kartrashians don’t care about the mental health of black men. Seen it with my own eyes and now you’re all seeing it. From verbal abuse to gaslighting you name it, these women don’t help our men they completely hinder them. LET US PRAY FOR KANYE AT THIS POINT HE NEEDS US!’

She also spoke about Kendall Jenner’s draining ‘energy.’

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