Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sylvester Stallone’s Daughters Look As Hot As Ever While Out With Their Dad - Check Out Their Matching Leather Outfits! -


People, including celebrities, have been going out a little more lately since it seems like the pandemic restrictions are easing out. That being said, Sylvester Stallone, his current wife, Jennifer Flavin, and two of his daughters were spotted out and about on a family dinner and it’s safe to say that the young women looked stunning in leather outfits!

Sistine, 22, and Scarlet Rose, 18 spent the evening with their dad and his third wife and it really seems like they had a great time.

After all, the family was seemingly celebrating Sistine’s birthday when they were caught on camera at Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills.

And of course, they could not have stepped out for such a special occasion and not dress up!

The newly turned 22 year old girl rocked a pair of high waisted black leather pants and leather jacket, softening the look a little with a baby pink corset-style top.

Her hair was styled in relaxed waves and she accessorized the outfit to perfection with a bunch of silver necklaces but also a tiny black handbag and matching pumps.

She and her sister were caught on camera without face masks on but at least Sylvester and Jennifer did wear them to make sure to protect everyone amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking of the younger sister, Scarlet Rose looked just as fashionable in a similar outfit as her older sister’s.

The main differences were that she was rocking grey jeans and a black lace top very similar to Sistine’s in style, the leather jacket being part of her outfit as well.

Her accessories consisted of a leopard print handbag and a necklace, her blonde hair straightened and sleeked to perfection.

The two have a third sister named Sophia who is actually the oldest of the trio at the age of 23 but she was not photographed at the family dinner.

Either way, all three of them have actually been quite the style inspirations for many so this was no surprise!

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