Saturday, June 27, 2020

NeNe Leakes Reportedly Willing To Take A Pay Cut To Keep RHOA Gig But Still Thinks She Deserves A Spin-Off - Keeping Her Options Open! -


Amid rumors that NeNe Leakes has been axed from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the reality TV star did not hesitate to shoot them down! However, there is no denying that at this point, the future of her reality TV career is far less than certain!

Whether that is because she’ll end up getting fired or leave for better and bigger things, that is yet to be seen!

What seems to be the case, however, is that the RHOA star believes she deserves her very own spin-off.

But if that is not possible for her, she is supposedly desperate to still have the Real Housewives gig as the backup plan.

After a report appeared last week suggesting that NeNe was fired, everyone was shocked, including NeNe herself who took to her Twitter account to assure fans she would definitely be the first to tell them if she were ever let go.

Not too long after, Bravo also confirmed she was, indeed, not fired at that point.

But the report was at least half right since it seems like NeNe is in the middle of some heated negotiations with the network, probably over her screen time or salary.

The Sun also reports that NeNe is trying to seek a second option that might be even better for her if RHOA doesn’t come through with her requests.

More precisely, she wants a spin-off of her own and has been in talks with other networks in hopes she’ll land it.

And that’s not all! Supposedly, she’s been doing this without really keeping Bravo posted on it.

The plan is that if the network really does let her go, she will have that fallback she is desperate for.

And who knows? Maybe her potential new job will be even better for her and her brand as well as her financial situation!

But if her quest for a spin-off falls through, she is reportedly ready to even take a pay cut to stay on RHOA.

After all, that is much better than losing her peach! For the time being, however, she is yet to sign her season 13 contract, keeping her options open.

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