Thursday, June 25, 2020

Kim Kardashian Puts Her Curves On Display And Shows Off Her Tiny Waist In Mr. Pearl Corset -


Kim Kardashian is putting her curves on full display and showing off her tiny waist in a Mr. Pearl corset. Kim wore a corset in her mind-boggling Met Gala outfit back in 2019 but lost it. Explaining that she wanted the corset preserved in her archive, she actually went back to London to have a replica made. Kim spoke about the incident and shared a throwback video of herself wearing the corset and fans are freaking out. Kim’s waist looks so small she could be a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records! After photos of Kim in the corset and wearing her Thierry Mugler gown that took eight-months to make and was created in homage to Sophia Loren went viral, women worldwide began waist training!

You may see the video that Kim Kardashian shared where she shows off her tiny waist in her Mr. Pearl corset along with the caption she shared below.

Just found this in my phone from my special trip to London last year to meet w Mr. Pearl. I wore a corset like this for the Met Ball for my @manfredthierrymugler Camp look but the corset was misplaced that night 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I want it so badly preserved for my archive that I flew to London to have another made. We also might have started making a few more costumes including my special 40th bday staging. Can’t wait to show you the video LOOKSSSS we’ve been cooking up ✨ ✨

In addition to showing off her tiny waist and fabulous figure, Kim Kardashian is also wowing her 176.7 million Instagram followers by showing off her backside. Kim is known for her curves and derriere and she showed off both in a new photo slideshow that has more than three million likes.

You may see the slideshow Kim shared with her fans below.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s new photos? Were you surprised to see how tiny her waist is in the Mr. Pearl corset?

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