Monday, June 29, 2020

Kelsea Ballerini Slams ‘Selfish’ Chase Rice After Video Of Him Performing In Concert Attended By Thousands Despite Social Distancing Orders Goes Viral -


Many are not happy about Chase Rice performing for a concert crowd despite the danger of the COVID-19 virus spreading and killing people! One of them is none other than Kelsea Ballerini and she did not hesitate to call out the man for his life threatening decision!

She took to her Twitter account yesterday to label him as ‘selfish’ for ignoring the social distancing guidelines amid a global health crisis.

It all started with a clip that showed footage from his concert in east Tennessee, proving it was just packed with people!

Thousands of fans were loudly cheering for the performer, no masks in sight and, obviously, no recommended 6 feet distance between them either!

Seeing this, Kelsea tweeted: ‘Imagine being selfish enough to put thousands of people’s health at risk, not to mention the potential ripple effect, and play a NORMAL country concert right now. [Chase], we all want (and need) to tour. We just care about our fans and their families enough to wait.’

As mentioned before, she was not the only one so upset about it.

In fact, the country crooner has been in hot water with online users over the concert as well, the backlash being very visible.

Hundreds of people called Chase out for the same reasons Kelsea pointed out as well and his concert video even became viral because of the negative attention it has been getting.

Here are a couple of comments he got: ‘Chase Rice and everyone who attended that concert are f***ing idiots.’ / ‘EXTREMELY irresponsible to do something like this when we’re in the middle of a pandemic and people are dying.’

However, in a statement shared via HollywoodLife, Vice President of the Brushy Mountain Group, Brian May argued that the venue’s 10,000 capacity was reduced to less than 50 percent in order to keep the 4,000 people who were allowed to attend, safe.

Furthermore, he claimed that the concertgoers were also all given temperature checks before entering the venue and that the vendors and staff were ‘advised’ to wear gloves and protective masks.

Regardless, he admitted that they were ultimately unable to force people to respect the recommended social distance and insisted they were looking into future solutions for that problem.

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