Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Erica Dixon Shares The Sweetest Video Of Daughters Emani Richardson And Eryss Bonding, But Receives Harsh Criticism For This Reason -


Erica Dixon sure knows how to make her fans smile with the help of her wonderful daughters. The reality TV star took to social media, where she delighted her followers with an unbeatable video filled with cuteness and joy.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is mom to three girls — twin babies Embrii and Eryss and her teen daughter, Emani Richardson.

She recently posted a series of videos that showed the strong and beautiful bond between her daughters. In a viral clip, Emani is seen cuddling, and rubbing her nose against Eryss’s face, who could not stop giggling.

One fan said: “Emani sounds just like you❣️ love this❣️❣️.”

This backer claimed: “Awe this so beautiful ❤️❤️ It’s something about a baby’s laugh that melts your heart. She loves her sissy so much she is cracking up too cute.#Ineededthat.”

This follower revealed: “That’s so beautiful. 😍😍😍” This critic shared: “I see you struggling without Imani… She better hurry home, huh.”

She was slammed by a supporter: “Sweetie, I wasn’t a negative period I just a similar situation as her with twins and an older daughter she understood it just fine… If you read what she said to me, she knew I wasn’t judgemental is all Have a Bless Day baby girl.❤️”

The person tried to defend their good name: “Cuteness overload… I didn’t say anything negative about Imari being home to help… But these ppl on IG JUST LOOKING FOR NEGATIVITY….KEEP DOING WHAT You DOING SWEETIE JOB WELL DONE❤️”

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Ery loves her sissy @official_emanii

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A backer of Erica hit the commenter with this: “And I said something, to begin with, but you seemed to look right over that…By misery💀”

This fan added: “Nobody’s arguing though, 😂 “I said something, to begin with, but you seemed to look right over it “I’m not scrolling through this lady comments looking for what people say yours was the first comment on my end that Instagram showed an I didn’t name call or be rude with you I was making the point that she probably isn’t “struggling” which is what you said NOT mean I thought that was unfair to place judgment on her when you don’t know who’s in her corner supporting and loving on her and her babies, so as I spread my POSITIVITY I hope you search deep within and find yours, negativity doesn’t look that good on you, & May God bless!”

Erika is in a very good place.

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