Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Brandi Glanville Doubles Down On Denise Richards Kiss Photo As Some Fans Doubt It's Really Her - ‘1 Million Percent DR!’ - yuetu.info


Some people saw that picture of Brandi Glanville and another woman sharing an intimate kiss that she posted and were convinced it was Denise Richards in the snap! At the same time, however, there were also some who were not convinced, thinking that Brandi was only trying to further add to the drama surrounding the speculations the two co-stars had an affair.

Well, Brandi made sure to respond to the second category of social media users, assuring them it’s both!

Just because the reality TV celeb may be trying to throw shade and cause drama with her supposedly old mistress, does not mean the picture features a ‘look alike!’

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star made it very clear that Denise was a hundred percent the other woman in the snap that she was kissing while the latter keeps denying there was ever anything romantic happening between them.

The photo in question is up for debate purely for the fact that it is rather grainy and darkly lit so it leaves room for speculation it might not even feature who Brandi was trying to suggest it did!

But while she did not name drop her previously, only hinting at the affair, seeing the doubt some had, Brandi returned to her Twitter account to make it as clear as possible: ‘It’s 1 million percent DR!!! Not a DR look alike.’

This comes after months of Brandi telling the world the affair speculations were true all the while Denise was saying the opposite.

It is expected that it will all unfold and the truth will be revealed during this season of RHOBH.

As for Brandi’s tweet in which she used Denise’s initials, one user called her out by saying: ‘@BrandiGlanville People’s sexuality is their own business, and shouldn’t be weaponized to improve ratings on a sinking franchise. Maybe that’s not how it’ll play out but it sure looks that way.’

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