Saturday, June 27, 2020

Billie Lee Will Not Be Silenced -- Continues To Point Out Lisa Vanderpump Exploits LGBT But Does Not Foster Inclusive Environment For Minorities -


After Faith Stowers finally got a chance to tell her truth during the #amplifyblackvoices movement, Billie Lee — who has never been afraid to call out Lisa Vanderpump — will not be silenced. Fans are learning more and more about why she left the show.

Last year, rumors swirled that she quit Vanderpump Rules due to a toxic work environment and rumors that she was hooking up with Tom Sandoval (which recently was revealed as a rumor started by Jax Taylor). However, the activist who is advocating for the LGBT community and the Black Lives Matter movement revealed that she was actually fired.

She is claiming that she got the boot because Jax didn’t want to film with her because he didn’t want to get accused of the same things he’s being exposed for now — homophobia and transphobia.

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While speaking on the I Feel Tried podcast, Billie dives deeper into what her former boss LVP is like. Although they did have wonderful talks and a good relationship off screen, she points out that she does not foster an inclusive work environment on her show although there is an annual Pride episode.

‘During my reunion, I publicly posted that there was no minority on stage with me, none of my cast members were of color or LGBTQ. For me to be silenced and talked over and gaslighted by Lisa was just really, really sad. … I tried to publicly talk about it but I was silenced. Lisa personally called me and said that, you know, she made my career and she could easily take it away.’

Lee went on to say: ‘I think that she thinks that she does enough because she does have restaurants in the heart of West Hollywood and they do this whole Pride thing every year with VanderpumpThey get their cocktails out and their rainbow s*** and march down the street — that’s not enough. We’re in the middle of a revolution. Our health coverage is being taken away, Black people are being killed and beaten by cops. It’s not enough. Your f****** rainbow flag and your parade is not enough.’

The activist is very aware that her comments could get her in trouble but she is fighting for something worth it.

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