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Bella Thorne Flaunts Her Curves In Derive Two-Piece Bathing Suit -


Bella Thorne is showing off her curves in photos where she wore an orange, Derive bikini. As soon as Bella shared the photos with her 23.2 million followers the bathing suit sold out. The distinctive bikini top is called the Moshou and features a cut-out section that reveals plenty of underboob with a strap that wraps under the bust. Bella wore the bathing suit in bright orange that complemented her newly dyed red hair. Bella wore two, face-framing chunky sections of hair along with two high ponytails. Bella has stated that she does her own makeup and is an expert makeup artist in her own right. Her eyes popped underneath shimmering lines of orange and gold and she chose strawberry-wine lipstick to accentuate her full mouth.

She paired the Moshou top with the Utopia bottoms that also features a cutout panel on one side. Bella wore ribbons in her hair and chunky jewelry including watches and bracelets. Bella wore multi-colored nail polish and large, gemstone rings that appeared to be rubies, diamonds, and sapphires.

Sharing two photos with her fans, Bella posed in her bedroom and took several selfies of herself in the outfit. She shared the following caption.

“Wanna go for a swim? 🤓”

Bella is fresh off the success of her new movie Infamous and has been in a celebratory mood since the film topped box office charts.

Bella set pulses racing when she shared a video of herself dancing and showing off her curves from all angles in a TikTok video where she wore the bikini.

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I see nothing wrong with this video at all!! @lauraclery Decided to use this video on one of her Facebook post and say how is this okay but breast-feeding in public wrong? She also said PS I see nothing wrong with either things! People have been Bashing @bellathorne for this video and the only thing I have to say is SHUT THE FUCK UP!!😡😡 she is an adult she is not a child so what she posts on her TickTock or any of her social media is her business and nobody else’s. For the people that say how can she do this, or that’s not very Disney of you, It’s called growing up and I think a lot of you need to do that exact thing once again she is an adult she is not a child so it is perfectly fine!!!❤️ Now addressing the parents and the other people who do not like her making videos like this because kids are on TikTok, if you do not want your children to see stuff like this then monitor what they do on their phones or don’t give them a phone at all I’ll be damned if I’m handing my nine-year-old a phone! It’s OK if you let children listen to rappers like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj seeing as how they Where worst things than this but when somebody like Bella post something as a bikini it’s World War III, Are you serious? And last but not lease for Laura’s post it is not Bella’s problem or her fault but Laura made that post and Laura did say she doesn’t see anything wrong with the Bella’s video so I want to know why people are continuing to bash Bella for that she has done nothing wrong and she has not said anything to anybody so why is everybody bashing her and making her seem like the criminal for something she didn’t even do??

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The Derive website immediately shared the photo that Bella posted of herself wearing the bikini and reposted one of Bella’s photos to their official Instagram account. You may see that photo below.

What do you think about Bella Thorne’s photos and videos? Do you like the Derive bikini? Are you going to order the Moshou bikini top and Utopia bikini bottoms when Derive restocks?

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