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Ashley Benson And G-Eazy Fuel Dating Rumors, As The Rapper Drops A New Album -


Ashley Benson and G-Eazy continue to fuel dating rumors just two months after her split from Cara Delvingne. The duo has been spotted together numerous times around Los Angeles in the past few weeks, and Benson has made an appearance on the rapper’s new album, Everything’s Strange Here.

Last month, Benson and G-Eazy – born Gerald Gillum – were spotted sharing a kiss, and since then they have been on numerous dates. Not only have they been seen grabbing a bite to eat together in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, going for a hike while holding hands, and walking together in Griffith Park, but Benson also introduced G-Eazy to her family at her sister Shaylene’s wedding.

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I just want to share my opinion.My opinion is that Ashley Victoria Benson is a human being like all of us.She has made mistakes ,she has taken wrong decisions and she will continue because it’s normal!People just some of her decisions which we don’t know anything about them and judge them without knowing the whole story and what’s hidden behind of that.We can’t know anything and we can’t judge something from an image.Its her life and she will do whatever she wants and whatever feels right to her.If she does sth wrong and if she has taken a bad decision,in the end the reality comes and she will take responsibility for her actions but it’s none of our business.Ashley has her own life now and a new chapter has began which the period of time will show if its worth it.Judging by an image and by the cover ,is never good.People have feelings no matter who u are and we are all humans.Its not right to hate in a shitty way like that.What will u gain?Respect?Nah,nothing.Spreading hate is not okay without knowing.We can just share our opinion without including any hate to it.And if we really love her (the fans) we should tell our opinion either is bad or good and then just support her decision and respect it.She is an old woman and she knows much better than u what she does.Thanks for reading,everyone can have their own opinion,my opinion is what u read right now.

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Shaylene posted a pic from the event that featured G-Eazy at a table at the event next to Benson, and in the caption she wrote: “Family.” Shaylene also documented the day on her Instagram Story, and shared a photo of the rapper laughing with Benson’s family.

But, the biggest indication that Benson and G-Eazy are a couple is that she appears on the track All the Things You’re Searching For on his new album. This is their second musical collaboration in a matter of weeks, as they previously teamed up for a cover of Radiohead’s Creep that he posted on his YouTube page back in April.

G-Eazy’s new song features a conversation with Benson before he starts singing about a relationship, and he raps the lyrics: “I feel like you’re the one, there’s only one you.”

“The best sex I ever had, I can’t forget that / If I go a day without you, then I’ll miss that / I’ll lose my mind before I lose you, I can’t risk that,” he continues.

In addition to Benson, G-Eazy’s new album also features other musicians, singers, and producers like Kossisko, Ambezza, Marshmello, Dakari, Cole MGN, Austin Ward, Julia Lewis, and Christoph Andersson.

The new album features ten tracks, and G-Eazy recorded the majority of it during quarantine, according to the press release. It is a “personal exploration for G, highlighting his wide-ranging musical sensibilities with a mix of unexpected covers and original songs.”

Everything’s Strange Here is out now.

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