Friday, January 31, 2020

Emily Ratjakowski Leaves Little To The Imagination As She Promotes New Inamorata Woman Bodysuit -


Emily Ratajkowski is leaving little to the imagination as she modeled her new Inamorata Woman Greenwich bodysuit. The bodysuit features sheer paneling with black polka dots and Emily shared a series of risque photos and videos on her social media accounts showing off the new lingerie. Emily had her curves on full display as she moved from side to side showing off the garment. Emily posed with her hands across her chest in order to cover her modesty but she revealed enough to ensure the bodysuit would top fashion lists.

The 28-year-old promised that new clothes were coming to Inamorata Woman and she certainly held true to her word. The new bodysuit is part of the new sheer dot collection. The Greenwich bodysuit is described as having a deep-v-neck and a racer cross back. The sheer paneling is already making this bodysuit a popular choice for fans. It retails at the Inamorata Woman website for approximately $65.

Emily Ratajkowski has been sharing plenty of photos and videos on her official Instagram accounts where she models her own clothes and her fans were thrilled she decided to show off her flawless figure for her latest campaign.

In addition to the bodysuit, Emily showed off a bra and panty set and in some of the photos, the model chose to wear a bit more makeup than she traditionally wears on Instagram. She wore her dark brown hair parted down the middle for some shots and in others, she swept her hair over to the side. Emily played up her dark brown, almond-shaped eyes with plenty of smokey eyeliner that gave her a mysterious look. She chose a soft, brown color for her lips and wore a rose-colored blush on her cheeks. Emily chose several pieces of jewelry for some of the shoots but in others opted not to wear any.

Other new pieces in the collection include another deep v-neck bodysuit called the Bleecker, a lacy bra called the Baxter, the Crosby bralette, the Ludlow bottom, and the Mercer thong. The Carmine bralette and Madison Thong are both parts of the sheer dot collection and retail for approximately $32.

What do you think about Emily Ratajkowski’s latest additions to the Inamorata Woman clothing line?

Jessica Simpson 'Doesn't Care' What Ex John Mayer Thinks Of Her New Memoir -


Fans of Jessica Simpson know she has been all over the headlines for the last few days on account of her promotional tour for her new book, Open Book, which explores some of the more tumultuous events in her life.

Page Six reported that Mr. Mayer should likely get ready for Jessica to spill the beans on their relationship. Jessica reveals all about her life in Open Book, including her challenges with sexual abuse as a young girl in addition to her addiction to pills and alcohol.

Furthermore, the outlet claims Jessica really dives into the details of her romance with the Continuum artist. During a chat with the New York Times, the 39-year-old revealed that she never actually spoke with John about the book, despite the fact he appears in it frequently.

“I don’t think he’ll be shocked,” Jessica explained to the New York Times, adding that Mayer already has heard all of the stories in the memoir. Reportedly, the NYT asked Jessica how he would feel about her accusation that John wanted to use their relationship publicity to his advantage.

Jessica said she didn’t care how he felt about it either way. One of the more interesting aspects of her memoir, at least from what we know thus far, is that it was actually Jessica’s therapist who convinced her that Mayer really didn’t love her.

Her therapist held the belief that John was simply obsessed with Jessica, and there wasn’t really love there. Since her split with Mayer, Jessica has been married to Eric Johnson since 2014. They have three kids together. Before then, Simpson was married to Nick Lachey for four years from 2002 until 2006.

Open Book is out on the 4th of February. Earlier today, Nick Markus reported that Jessica also discussed how Nick Lachey reported begged her to stay with him.

Initially, Jessica explained, she wanted to get divorced but Nick refused and instead opted for marriage counseling. Jessica claims Nick begged and pleaded for her not to leave, so she was willing to give it another chance.

Jessica Biel Gushes Over Her And Justin Timberlake's ‘Timeless’ Love Following His PDA Scandal! -


Despite some drama not too long ago, it sounds like Jessica Biel is still very much in love with her husband, Justin Timberlake! That being said, to celebrate his 39th birthday, she took to social media to post a sweet message in which she told him just how much he means to her.

Not only that, but she also called their love ‘timeless’ which is good to hear to those who have been rooting for them in the aftermath of his PDA scandal with another woman.

Justin has already apologized for getting too drunk and doing some PDA with one of his co-stars, for which he was caught but there have still been speculations that Jessica was really upset.

Therefore, people were worried she might leave Justin.

However, her tribute tells all – their romance is everlasting!

‘Happy birthday to the most timeless man I know. You somehow grow up without growing old. We love you so much ❤️🎂,’ she wrote alongside a number of pics that showed them looking affectionate and happy at different points in their lives, such as his college graduation, backstage at one of his concerts and more!

There was even a super cute snap of two pair dressed up as The Lego Batman Movie characters for Halloween!

This comes two months after he was caught on camera holding hands with Palmer co-star, Alisha Wainwright while having dinner together.

Following the incident, Timberlake posted an apology that reads: ‘A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse of judgement – but let me be clear – nothing happened between me and my costar… This is not the example I want to set for my son.’

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Justin is doing his part to show Jessica he really feels bad with all the fallout.’

Obviously, he’s done a great job at that since she’s accepted his apology!

Chris Brown's Daughter Suffers An Injury While Trying To Dance Like Her Dad -


Chris Brown’s daughter reportedly hurt herself while trying to show off her dance moves, a report from Page Six recently revealed. Reportedly, the 5-year-old girl revealed photos of herself on Instagram, run by her mother, Nia Guzman, one of which shows a bandage on her forehead.

The 5-year-old appears to have had stitches. You can check out the Instagram post below:

It’s not clear how or when she fell down and hurt her head, but it may have had something to do with her attendance of the 2020 Grammys alongside her dad. Fans of Brown know that Chris took his young daughter to the awards this year.

It’s clear the 30-year-old musician cares for her deeply. The performing artist has shown off her dancing skills many times on social media, including one video in which she was imitating his moves from “Gimme That.”

Chris also just welcomed another child, Aeko Catori Brown, back in November with Ammika Harris. Brown’s personal life seems to be on the up and up, which, as fans of his know, hasn’t always been the case.

For years, Chris has been linked to Rihanna for the notorious fight they got into just before the Grammy Awards back in 2009. On the 8th of February, 2009, Brown and his girlfriend, Rihanna, got into an argument that quickly turned physical.

Afterward, Brown went to the Los Angeles Police Department to turn himself in to the authorities. He was booked under suspicion of making criminal threats. Initially, the police never revealed who was involved, but media publications soon figured out it was Rihanna.

Brown’s arrest had a significant effect on his career at the time, including several dropped commercials, TV shows, and music withdrawn from several radio stations. He was also replaced at the 2009 Grammy Awards by Justin Timberlake.

Later in life, Chris’ problems continued, including a 2016 incident in which a woman phoned the police accusing Brown of threatening her with a handgun. The police arrived, but he denied them entry without a warrant. As a result of his charges over the years, Brown remains banned from several countries including the United Kingdom and Australia.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Gets Arrested On Harassment And Resisting Arrest Charges! -


Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa Chapman was reportedly taken into custody by the police on charges of harassment as well as resting arrest! In the meantime, however, she’s been released after making bail.

This happened on January 30 in Honolulu, Hawaii, the local police department reports via HollywoodLife.

However, it turns out that she spent no more than 25 minutes in jail before she paid her $600 bail.

$500 was set for the harassment, while the other $100 was for the resisting arrest charge, TMZ reports.

Both are considered misdemeanor charges so she was off the hook pretty quickly and easily.

At this point in time, it’s not yet public knowledge who reported her and who she was supposedly ‘harassing.’

But there are theories from fans that it has something to do with her father and his new girlfriend, Moon Angell.

After all, she was arrested on the same day that their appearance on Dr. Oz aired.

On the show, they talk about their controversial relationship since they started seeing each other only months after Duane’s wife, Beth Chapman’s passing.

Not only that but he even asked Moon to marry him on air, shocking everyone!

In the meantime, Lyssa has been very openly against their relationship so it would make sense something happened between the trio that then led to her being arrested.

Initially, after the interview went public, she just took to Twitter to write: ‘sipping tea.’

And that was not all! Lyssa also went ahead to post a pic of Beth in a bathing suit with the hashtag ‘#WhatARealWomanLooksLike,’ obviously throwing shade at Moon’s looks.

This all came after she previously tweeted at her in December, accusing her of first dating her brother before going for her dad.

‘If someone who met your family by dating your brother, tried to date your father after your stepmom died what would you do? If you went to your mom’s closet and saw that she moved all of her clothes and replaced them with hers, what would you do? #ItsNotWhenOrWhyItsWho,’ she wrote.

Lori Loughlin's Legal Trouble & The Rigged College Admissions System Are Spotlighted In New Documentary -


A new documentary is diving into the details of the Varsity Blues college admission scandal, and it also exposes how wealthy parents get involved in illegal schemes to get their children admitted into elite universities.

College Admissions Scandal: Varsity Blues features desperate parents with a lot of cash to spend and the college counselors and athletic coaches at elite universities who profit from illegal deals and who help rig the admissions system.

The doc will also highlight the recent scandal that led to federal prosecutors charging 50 different people in six states, and it attempts to find out if the case is just one example of a deeper, rigged system, or if it is just a one-off situation.

Of course, the most famous defendant in the college admissions case is former Fuller House star Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli. The couple has continued to fight the charges against them instead of taking a plea deal like Desperate Housewives alum Felicity Huffman.

In December 2019, Loughlin and Giannulli filed a motion in a Massachusetts federal court that claimed prosecutors in their case were withholding evidence that could exonerate them. The couple claimed prosecutors had documents which would prove they were making a donation to the University of Southern California and not paying a bribe to get their two daughters – Olivia and Bella – into the school as crew recruits even though they didn’t play the sport.

However, according to Us Weekly, when the government responded by releasing a 526-page motion that included redacted emails and transcripts from phone calls, it appeared that the information Loughlin and Giannulli requested actually strengthened the case against them.

A lot of the communication between the couple and college consultant Rick Singer appears to prove that Loughlin and Giannulli worked with Singer to create fake profiles for their daughters to make it appear that they had crew experience.

The fake profile for Bella described her as “an incredibly positive-minded coxswain,” and one email shows a USC official asking Giannulli if they could set up a tour of USC and “flag” her application. Giannulli responded “I think we are all squared away.”

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli allegedly paid $500,000 to Singer and his nonprofit organization to help get Olivia and Bella into USC.

College Admission Scandal: Varsity Blues airs Saturday, February 8th on Reelz.

Dave Chappelle Reveals Why He Supports Andrew Yang - 'This Man Has Some Great Ideas' -


At the beginning of January 2020, Dave Chappelle was in the media headlines for a reason other than his controversial performances. The comedian announced he was a member of the “Yang Gang,” a term of endearment for social media users who support Andrew Yang as their presidential candidate.

During a conversation with Des Moines Register, Dave explained his position, arguing that Andrew Yang had some “great ideas,” for how to handle the inevitable problems of the future, including the purported threat of automation.

Dave said to the outlet that nobody had to listen to him or not. In his view, he’s simply doing his civic duty by talking publicly about his views and who he supports. Chappelle added that he thought Yang had some great ideas, and fans should look into them.

Andrew Yang has proven to be a popular option among Hollywood celebrities and the entertainment industry elite. Previously, even Elon Musk announced he was a big fan of Andrew Yang and supported him as a candidate.

As it was previously reported, Dave Chappelle first revealed he supported Andrew Yang in a social media post from earlier this month. Additionally, the stand-up comic announced two separate comedy shows in support of Andrew’s candidacy.

Dave’s concerts already went down, as of January 31st, with the first occurring on the 29th of January and the 30th in South Carolina. South Carolina is the first southern state to kick off the primaries. In response to Dave’s public support of him, he wrote, “let’s do this for our kids,” after saying that Dave was “the best.”

This past month, in LA, Donald Glover also revealed that Andrew Yang was his man. He and his team even sold merchandise for $1000 per item. The sweatshirts were signed by Glover, known also by his stage name, Childish Gambino.

The $1000 price-tag is no coincidence, as Yang has said repeatedly that he promises to give each US citizen $1000 per month. Andrew’s proposal has been supported widely by many people and hated by others.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Says GF Moon Angell Saved His Life - He Was Going To Commit Suicide After His Wife Beth Chapman's Passing! -


People, including his daughters, have been harshly criticizing Dog the Bounty Hunter for moving on from Beth Chapman with another woman only months after her passing. However, the man insists that Moon Angell is his life’s savior!

Apparently, after Beth lost the battle with throat cancer, he ‘could not stop crying’ and even considered committing suicide!

However, his longtime friend turned lover, Moon Angell, managed to pull him out of that deep depression.

While a guest on Dr. Oz, Duane opened up more than ever, showing a very raw and emotionally-filled part of him, insisting that losing the love of his life, wife Beth Chapman was world shattering for him.

‘I could not stop crying. I’m Apache. I was not going to commit suicide with a gun, or something. Was going to take a lot of pills. Beth left all her big pills…so I thought I just need one drink of water…,’ he confessed, starting to break down in tears, his voice getting shaky.

The host wanted to confirm: ‘You were going to commit suicide?’ and Dog did not hesitate to answer: ‘Oh yeah.’

That’s when he motioned to the woman sitting next to him and added: ‘Well she’s pretty rough, this one,’ suggesting she was the one who stopped him from going through with it.

‘I say brutally honest,’ she interjected, prompting Dog to agree and say he found her ‘brutal’ at times.

In the end, it was revealed that her main mission was to have Dog returning to his show and therefore be busy once more, as a distraction.

In the promotional video for Dr. Oz, Dog went as far as to ask Moon to marry him and that shocked everyone, including those watching in the studio at the time.

There are reports that he is not actually engaged, however, so maybe Moon said no?

Either way, that would definitely not sit well with his daughters Lyssa and Cecily who have made it very clear in social media posts that they really dislike Moon.

Lisa Vanderpump's Dog Foundation Responds To Sexual Harassment Lawsuit -


Earlier this week, a former employee of Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Foundation filed a lawsuit against the rescue facility claiming that her manager Martin Duarte sexually harassed her when she worked at the foundation last summer, and that led to her wrongful termination. Now, Vanderpump Dogs executive director John Sessa has responded to the lawsuit, and he says the case is “unnecessary.”

“It’s a shame that someone who worked for the Foundation for less than 90 days would choose to sue or try to malign an organization whose sole purpose is dedicated to being a voice for the voiceless,” Sessa told TooFab. “Working to resolve unnecessary cases like this just takes away from being able to save more lives.”

Damiana Guzman worked as a groomer for Vanderpump Dogs at its West Hollywood facility for two months, but she claims in court documents that she was forced to quit in July 2019 “because of the intolerable working conditions created by her manager, Martin Duarte, and his superiors.”

Guzman claimed that Duarte called her names like “skinny a** fool” and “flat a** b*tch,” and he also allegedly told her that he didn’t understand how her girlfriend could tolerate dating her because “she had no a**.”

Guzman also claims in her lawsuit that Duarte told her that he could “turn her straight,” like he did with the mother of his child. Apparently, Duarte told her that she hadn’t found the right man yet.

She says that every day she worked at Vanderpump Dogs she had to deal with Duarte making comments about “her body, her sexual preference, or his sexual prowess.” She also says that when she went to Duarte’s bosses with her complaints, they didn’t do anything about it.

Eventually, Guzman believed that her only option was to quit her job. She filed her lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on January 24th, and she is seeking an unspecified amount in damages and has demanded a jury trial. Guzman has also filed a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Lisa Vanderpump has not publicly commented about the lawsuit.

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Tuesday nights on Bravo.

Billy Porter Says There's A Lot Of Homophobia In The Hip-Hop Community -


The Pose star, Billy Porter, doesn’t care what Pastor Troy had to say about Lil Nas X’s sexuality or any LGBT star for that matter. TMZ recently spoke with the actor on Thursday morning, the 30th of January, while in New York City where they asked him what he thought of the Atlanta artist’s comments on IG.

Ported said to them, “I don’t think anything about it,” but when asked whether it was a symptom of a much larger issue in the hip-hop and black community, Porter noted there was a “lot of homophobia in hip-hop.” They asked him what could be done to solve the problem, and Porter responded, “I’m doing it by being who I am.”

Additionally, Porter noted that he was incredibly proud of the “Old Town Road” artist’s coming-out revelation in addition to his Grammy Awards outfit. Porter described it as “fabulous.” Pastor Troy, on his IG account, took Lil Nas X to task for winning two Grammys for “Old Town Road.”

Troy claims it was all part of the conspirational agenda to bring down heterosexual men. Lil Nas X wore a pink leather cowboy suit to the Grammy Awards, and when Troy’s comments came out, Lil Nas X noted how good he looked.

Fame has certainly brought additional troubles for the young rapper. Ashley Mitchell reported earlier this year that Lil Nas X admitted that celebrity was having an ambiguous effect on his life. It hasn’t been an easy adjustment.

Fans of Lil Nas X know that 2019 was easily his best year yet, case-in-point, his massive hit song, “Old Town Road,” which was a success on many different levels.

According to Lil Nas X, he likes to pretend that being hated doesn’t get to him, but truthfully, it “eats away” at him. The rapper added that it’s a very sobering and “scary” thought to know that you have the world in your hands, but it can all disappear at any moment.

In September, Lil Nas X stated that he was going to take a break. However, he still took time out of his schedule to show up to the Grammy Awards.

Jimmy Kimmel's Latest Mean Tweets Segment Goes After The NFL & Tom Brady Ahead Of Super Bowl Sunday -


Just a few days ahead of Super Bowl LIV, Jimmy Kimmel decided to roast some of the NFL’s most popular athletes with hilarious burns during his newest Mean Tweets segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The biggest target of the night was future hall-of-famer Tom Brady, who had to read three savage tweets out loud.

Some of the tweets were hilarious, others were strange. But, the best part of the segment was seeing the reaction from the players, who aren’t used to hearing such nasty words from “fans.”

“Hi, I’m Tom Brady and I’m a cry baby and I have a butt hole in my chin,” was the first tweet that the New England Patriots quarterback read out loud. A second mean tweet about Brady also called him out for his love of crying, and the third went after his dog, which Brady called “f*cked up.”

Brady’s fellow New England Patriot Sony Michel had to deal with a bad joke about electronics that was a play on his name.

One Twitter user believes that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’s barber is a super hero, and his teammate Travis Kelce apparently looks like a popular mascot.

Other current players that joined the segment included Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement, Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Devin Funchess, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, and former Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi.

Hall of Fame players also got involved in the segment. Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw – who will be part of Fox’s Super Bowl broadcast on Sunday – had a quick comeback to an insult about his lack of hair and his intelligence.

And, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin didn’t have to worry about an insult when it came to his looks or his football talent, but he did have to deal with a unique description of his bold fashion choices.

All of the current and former NFL players seemed to take the trash talk in stride, as they either laughed, groaned, or simply looked up at the camera in disbelief.

Super Bowl LIV airs Sunday on Fox. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights on ABC.

Taylor Swift Didn't Dive Into Her Joe Alwyn Relationship In New Documentary For A Particular Reason -


Even though Taylor Swift doesn’t name her boyfriend directly in Miss Americana, he does appear in it a few times throughout. Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor Swift dives into her very private romance with Joe Alwyn in the aforementioned documentary, which just started streaming today.

Fans of Taylor and Joe know they first started seeing each other back in 2016, although, it wasn’t confirmed they were dating until May of the following year. Taylor has written several songs about him for her 2017 record, Reputation, and her 2019 record, Lover, however, the pair has kept intimate details under wraps.

Miss Americana features a clip of Taylor explaining how she and Joe first started dating when she was feuding with Kanye West. For that reason, she stayed out of the spotlight for quite a while, a time during which she felt “alone” and “really bitter.”

Swift claims she felt like a “wounded animal lashing out” at others. She realized she had to re-evaluate her life situation, and begin conducting herself in a different manner. Joe, on the other hand, had a “normal, balanced, grounded life,” part of the reason why she is so attracted to him.

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A post shared by Joe Alwyn (@joe.alwyn) on

According to Taylor, she and Joe realized they had to make their relationship as private as possible. It’s just better that way. Miss Americana features videos of Taylor performing songs for Joe, as well as one clip where she mouths “I love you,” to him.

Fans of Swift know she’s no stranger to controversy. In 2019, Swift was involved in a bitter feud with Scooter Braun, who purchased Big Machine Records, possessing all of Taylor Swift’s master recordings in the process.

After it was revealed and reported by the media, Taylor took to her Tumblr to write a long post explaining how it was arguably one of the worst things that could’ve ever happened to her. Since then, the two have continued fighting.

Just before the American Music Awards, Taylor accused Scooter and his company, Ithaca Holdings, of barring her from performing her classic songs at the AMAs as well as in her documentary.

Meghan Trainor Loses It When She Gets A Big Surprise During Carpool Karaoke - See The Video! -


Meghan Trainor has been waiting for years to help James Corden drive to work in his fan-favorite Carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show, and she finally got her wish on Thursday night. But, the singer wasn’t expecting the big surprise that Corden had in store.

The duo started off the segment by singing Trainor’s hit All About That Bass, and then she told Corden during their discussion that she loved married life, and she met her husband Daryl Sabara through a blind date set up by her friend Chloe Grace Moretz.

Trainor explained that she went on a double date with Sabara, Moretz, and Brooklyn Beckham at a bowling alley, and she hit it off with Sabara that first night. Trainor revealed that Sabara serenaded her with a karaoke version of Elton John’s Your Song, and that was the moment she knew she would marry him.

The singer said that Moretz and Beckham kept telling her to kiss Sabara, to which Corden asked how old she was at the time. His guess was that she was 12. Trainor said she told Moretz and Beckham, “you are children.” However, later that night, she told her security guard to leave, and that’s when Sabara got the cue that things were “going down.”

Later in the segment, Corden brought up Trainor’s love of Dr. Phil, who she claimed to “worship.” She then admitted that she had recently sat in the audience of his talk show.

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Back in the UK with my ❤️ @darylsabara

A post shared by Meghan Trainor (@meghan_trainor) on

“For my birthday, my brother got me tickets to see Dr. Phil live and I went there and it was the greatest day of my whole life,” said Trainor.

A few seconds later, Meghan starts losing it because she noticed in the side mirror the surprise Corden had for her – Dr. Phil was getting into the backseat.

“I’m gonna throw up. I’m so excited,” she said. Then turning to Dr. Phil, she added, “Your teeth look so good. He’s so handsome.”

Dr. Phil proceeded to sing All About That Bass with Trainor and Corden, and he also revealed that he was a big fan of the singer. He also promoted Meghan Trainor’s new album Treat Myself, which dropped on Friday.

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs weeknights on CBS.

Netflix Orders 4 More Movies From Adam Sandler -


Over the years, it’s become cool to talk badly about Adam Sandler movies on account of the arguably “low-brow” humor, as some might call it, but it appears that viewer numbers and box office figures are an indication of another truth.

According to The Verge, in fact, Netflix recently purchased another four movies from Sandler and his production company, Happy Madison Productions. In other words, it looks like public discourse may say the opposite, but in private, everyone loves Adam Sandler movies.

Moreover, Netflix recently revealed that Adam Sandler’s movie, Murder Mystery, released in 2019, was their most popular movie and it was their “most-watched” content on the service in several countries, including UAE, Singapore, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

Previously, Sandler struck a deal with the streaming juggernauts to create and star in four films for them back in 2014, however, in 2017, they added another four movies. Since then, Adam has dropped several movies on the platform, including The Do-Over, Ridiculous 6, The Week Of, Sandy Wexler, and Murder Mystery.

While Sandler has been one of the biggest stars in Hollywood for many years, the past few years for him have been incredible, including the recent critically acclaimed film, Uncut Gems. Even though the aforementioned Safdie Brothers film wasn’t included in the Netflix deal, it was partially financed by the streaming platform.

In a statement announcing their intention to continue their working relationship with Sandler, Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer for Netflix, claimed that regardless of the film, Netflix members can’t get enough of Sandler’s projects.

Additionally, The Verge claims Netflix customers have watched Sandler movies for 2 billion hours since The Ridiculous 6 first dropped on the platform five years ago.

Adam, who started his career in the industry as a comedian and SNL main-stay, joked earlier this year that he shouldn’t get an Oscar nomination for Uncut Gems. He stated that his next project is going to be so bad, on purpose, “just to make you all pay.”

“That’s how I get them,” Sandler joked.