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Alan Dershowitz Says That Ghislaine Maxwell Should Be Presumed 'Innocent' -


During a conversation with the New York Post this Friday, Alan Dershowitz stated that Ghislaine Maxwell should be “presumed innocent” in the human trafficking case in which she was involved with Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself while awaiting his trial.

According to Page Six, Dershowitz believes Ghislaine’s case won’t stand due to the statute of limitations. The outlet says that Mr. Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard University law professor, helped Jeffrey Epstein cop a plea deal with federal prosecutors in a Florida case.

Alan is currently fighting against a lawsuit as well from Virginia Guiffre, who says that Epstein forced her into sexual slavery when she was a teenager. She also says that she was forced to have sexual relationships with Dershowitz and Prince Andrew.

Dershowitz and Prince Andrew have both come out to deny this. Just one day after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, Dershowitz said to reporters from the New York Post that Ghislaine should stand a fair trial.

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He signed us his book #AlanDershowitz #honored

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Gershowitz went on to say that it wasn’t going to be easy to get the conviction. In case you missed it, on Thursday, Ghislaine Maxwell was booked on charges and then taken to a New Hampshire jail while awaiting a transfer to Manhattan to stand trial.

Ghislaine has been accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit underage girls into a sex ring. The 58-year-old waived her right to release on bail, however, her lawyer, Lawrence Vogelman, said she would have the right reinstated in New York.

Prosecutors overseeing the case wrote in their legal papers that Maxwell was a huge flight risk on account of her multiple passports as well as her $20 million spread across a number of bank accounts. As of now, Maxwell hasn’t submitted a plea deal related to the six charges.

The case of Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell has been controversial ever since the charges were revealed. The case became even more contentious once it was revealed that Mr. Epstein had reportedly killed himself back in August 2019.

Since then, his death has become a meme on social media and internet forums. His connection to Prince Andrew has proven to be equally as contentious as well. 

Liliana Barrios From Black Ink Crew Arrested On Assault Charges -


Page Six said today that Liliana Barrios, from Black Ink Crew: Chicago Crew, was apprehended by authorities due to allegations of abuse. The reality star reportedly came home to find her girlfriend in bed with a different woman. The outlet contacted Barrios directly on her IG and she said the story was “made up.”

Liliana stated that she just spoke with her lawyer and she had no idea where the story came from. She said, “I have no comment right now.” TMZ, who obtained the police report, alleges that authorities arrested her in San Antonio, Texas, at the beginning of June.

The reality star reportedly got into a fight with her 22-year-old girlfriend. According to the official police report, Barrios came home to find her 22-year-old partner with another woman. She pushed her onto the couch, scratched the other woman, and bit her on the right leg.

The police claim the abrasions signified that the attack was intentional. Page Six says that Barrios appeared on VH1’s reality series from the second season until the 5th.

Liliana isn’t reality television’s only tattoo artist to find themselves in trouble this past year. At the beginning of 2020, Page Six and TMZ reported that Oliver Peck from Ink Master, was booted from the show after old social media posts of him wearing blackface made their way onto the internet.

Peck reportedly wore blackface on a number of occasions for Halloween, including one instance, where he put on dark brown makeup to his face, neck, and his chest.

According to TMZ, who was the first to report on the news, the images were taken from an old MySpace account. Fans online picked them up and began circulating them on more relevant social media platforms.

Another picture featured Peck dressed as a black superhero. Stars such as Jimmy Fallon have also been attacked online for blackface. The television show host had to come out and apologize for a skit from the early 2000s in which he made fun of Chris Rock.

Is Britney Spears Engaged To Sam Asghari? -


Is Britney Spears engaged to Sam Asghari? That’s the question many people are asking due to noticeable changes in Britney’s demeanor. Britney frequently shares photos and videos with her 24.6 million Instagram followers and people have noticed that she is suddenly more cheerful, happy, and even energetic in her posts. Fans are noticing the change and many believe they know why! They think that Britney and Sam are engaged and planning the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. A source spoke to OK! magazine for their upcoming July 13, 2020, issue and stated the following when discussing one of Sam’s and Britney’s recent outings.

“She had a real spring in her step and a real positive energy. You could tell she’s lost that sadness and seems content — for the first time in a long while. For years she was tormented by online bullies and body shamers, but Britney’s in a really good place right now. The difference in her confidence and ability to cope with criticism these days — versus even just a few months ago —is dramatic, and everyone’s so pleased to see this new shift.”

The source also said that Britney used to take the negative things people would say online to heart, but not anymore. Now that she has found love with Sam Asghari, she has found inner peace and can handle the online bullying in ways that she couldn’t before.

The source continued.

“She used to break down sobbing over cruel online trolling and she’d freak out over every wrinkle or small amount of cellulite. Now she’s embracing who she is and is truly content inside out.”

You may see a recent video Britney shared with her followers where she sashayed and posed after receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers below.

Sam and Britney continue to put their love on display and fans are happy that the couple has each other. Sam has proved to be an amazing support system for her and the two are deeply in love.

What do you think about the report? Do you believe that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari is happy? Is that why she is happier?

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Shayna Taylor Says Her Days Are Filled With 'Stress' And 'Anxiety' Amid Ryan Seacrest Breakup -


Even though Shayna Taylor hasn’t commented directly on the news of her breakup with the American Idol alum, Ryan Seacrest, she did take to her Instagram account to drop a cryptic social media post, which many assumed was directly linked to her relationship.

This Thursday, the 28-year-old uploaded a handwritten note on her IG stories in which she described her days as a “furnace of distress and anxiety.” You can check out her post below:

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I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but the truth is you can’t change people or force them to do the work. One of the worst things we do to ourselves is take rejection personally. People are who they are and it’s not up to you to try and change them. Sometimes you meet a person and they’re in a space where they’re ready to do the work, and sometimes, they’re not. That doesn’t make them bad or toxic, and it doesn’t make you unworthy. We have to stop making so much meaning out of other peoples journey. All too often, we treat unavailable love as a challenge to convert someone. We might be unconsciously feeding an old story that we have to work to be loved, or that we’re not good enough to be chosen. At some point, we have to stop getting on the train that leads to self-abandonment in the pursuit of external approval and validation. Consider that each of us is on our own soul mission. You don’t have control over when and how a person is ready to wake up, do their healing work, or change their patterns. This is a call to stop giving energy to the belief that rejection means you’re unworthy. Trust that with the right person, it won’t feel like a roller-coaster You won’t have to prove yourself constantly or dim your shine in order to be digestible for them. When it’s right, it won’t be so hard. When it’s right, you’ll consciously choose each other rather than grasping to be chosen. And some days, it will still be hard, because there’s no such thing as the perfect partner. But the idea that you need to chase love is driven by your wound. Your worth knows better. If you have the energy to chase love, then you have energy to channel into your creativity, to pursue your dreams and do things that make you feel alive. Don’t misuse your energy by trying to convince them to show up. Your heart is sacred, let that be known. @sheleanaaiyana

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Additionally, Taylor posted a quote which many fans thought was connected to her split with Ryan.

Paraphrasing what her statement said, Shayna believes that a person can’t be convinced to stay with another. She argued that a person can’t force their partner to make changes if they don’t want too.

This Monday, Seacrest’s team revealed that his seven-year intermittent relationship with Shayna had ended. They claimed Taylor and Seacrest were going to remain good friends. In a statement to E! News, Ryan’s team revealed the couple had decided to move on from each other.

It’s clear that Ryan has already found someone else. According to Page Six, he was spotted out on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with an unidentified female. Some fans believe the split is in some way connected to his recent health scare.

As it was previously reported, several outlets noted that Ryan was considering moving to Los Angeles permanently. An insider who spoke with Close Weekly claimed the television show host was exhausted staying in New York City.

The insider noted that the star has been very tired ever since his health problems back in May of this year. During the final episode of American Idol, the 45-year-old reportedly struggled to speak in front of the camera.

Viewers online noted that the star appeared confused and his one eye was drooping. Reps for the American Idol host denied the allegations, arguing that Mr. Seacrest was just tired and trying to find the right balance between his personal life and his career. Moreover, they denied that Ryan was going to permanently move to California.

Happy Birthday, Tom Cruise — Is The Top Gun Actor Saying Goodbye To Hollywood? -


Happy Birthday, Tom Cruise! The Top Gun actor is 58-years-old having been born on July 3, 1962.  Now, some are asking if Tom is saying goodbye to Hollywood and hello to the United Kingdom! It was previously reported that Tom Cruise purchased a sprawling mansion in Clearwater, Florida so he could be close to Scientology’s U.S. headquarters. Now, an article in the upcoming July 13, 2020, issue of Life & Style suggests that Tom is considering a permanent move to England.

According to the publication, Tom stayed at Saint Hill Manor in England during the Coronavirus quarantine and ensured he was near Scientology’s headquarters in England. Apparently, he loved the atmosphere so much, and getting away from Hollywood was refreshing and now he’s house hunting! Tom Cruise hasn’t confirmed or denied the report so, at this point, no one knows for sure if it is true.

A source spoke to the publication and stated the following.

“Tom feels like he gets treated better there than in the United States. He got tired of all the Hollywood drama. The negative stories and the focus on his personal life never ends. He just wants to make movies and the end of the day go home to some peace and quiet.”

The news comes as Toms’s fans continue to celebrate his birthday on social media.

Here is a video highlighting some of Tom Cruise’s best moments in cinema.

Many fans are sounding off and discussing their favorite Tom Cruise movies!

The source continued dishing on Tom Cruise’s stay in the United Kingdom and claimed that since Tom sold his Beverly Hills mansion, he hasn’t missed Los Angeles at all.

“In London, he’s been doing Zoom meeting with fellow Scientologists and he seems to have adjusted well to living overseas. Tom’s about to turn 58. He wants a simpler life, to be able to spend time with family, and he can do that in England. After years of traveling, he’s finally settled on a place to call home.”

What do you think about the report? Do you believe that Tom Cruise is going to leave Hollywood and move to the UK?

Happy Birthday, Tom Cruise!

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Bachelorette Star Chad Johnson's Motion In Sexual Harassment Suit Allowed -


Chad Johnson won the first round in a sexual harassment lawsuit he brought against a film industry exec and a studio. Page Six says that Johnson filed a suit against Cristina Cimino and Sunset Studios Entertainment LLC back in July of 2018.

Judge Mel Red Recana, on Thursday, allowed Johnson’s motion for sexual harassment to pass through, including allegations that the company failed to prevent sexual harassment, fraud by intentional misrepresentation, as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Attornies for the studio and Cimino weren’t present for the court dispute which Johnson appears to be winning.

As fans of Johnson know, he appeared on The Bachelorette during the 12th season of 2016. He later starred in Bachelor in Paradise. Reportedly, Johnson was looking for film and TV work back in 2018, and the studio, including Cimino, contacted him through IG and said they could get him a job.

However, Johnson claims Cimino used her power in the industry to communicate with him on a regular basis to an inappropriate level. The reality star says that Cimino used her position to lure him to many in-person meetings, and she also called him many times and sent thousands of SMS messages.

As time passed, Johnson argued in the suit, Cimino became more and more sexual. He tried to ignore the sexual advances because he didn’t want to offend her. The reality star wanted to be hired by the studio.

As her sexual advances intensified, Johnson told her to remain professional in their communications. Reportedly, she wrote up several employment offers for him, including two movies, however, when he denied her sexual advances, she rescinded both of the offers.

Chad was in the headlines earlier this year due to his alleged behavior on the set of The Bachelorette. The host of the series, Chris Harrison, reportedly kicked him off the show due to his “horrible behavior and violent tendencies,” Suzy Kerr reported.

Chad also had a domestic dispute this year whose trial was put on hold due to the coronavirus. 

Kim Kardashian Is Not A Billionaire Yet Forbes Claims -


Hot New Hip Hop said today that the reality star, Kim Kardashian, isn’t a billionaire yet. According to the outlet, Kim recently came upon even more wealth after she sold part of her company, KKW Beauty Brand, but Forbes says she’s still not a billionaire.

Near the beginning of the week, Kanye West took to his Twitter account to congratulate the reality star for officially reaching the billionaire status after she did the same thing for him regarding his new Gap deal. The rapper wrote that he was so proud of his wife for reaching the milestone.

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Morning snuggles sleepover w Reign

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Forbes Magazine says that while KKW Beauty is a billion-dollar company, her net worth at the moment is approximately $900,000,000. As it was previously reported, Kim’s financial progress intensified following the selling of her 20% stake in the KKW Beauty Line. She sold it to Coty, Inc.

Coty, Inc, is the same company that was reported to have purchased 51% of Kylie Jenner’s company, Kylie Cosmetics, near the beginning of the year. Fans of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star know that the family hasn’t had a great relationship with Forbes as of late.

Earlier this year, in May, Forbes released a report in which they stated that Kylie had inflated her numbers to reach the billionaire milestone. Kylie responded to the allegations by claiming Forbes had made a number of “inaccurate statements” based on “unproven assumptions.”

Forbes accused Kylie of faking documents to make it appear as if her company was worth more money than it really was. The turn of events proved controversial on social media due to Forbes designation of Kylie as the youngest self-made billionaire in the years prior.

This decision was also controversial, with many people online arguing that Kylie wasn’t really “self-made.” Social media users had a hey-day with the label, arguing that Kylie merely used her position in an already wealthy family to capitalize on a pre-existing brand.

Her defenders argued, on the other hand, that regardless of the family she was born into, she still managed to leverage her position to build one of the most successful makeup companies around.

Mike Tyson Says He Was Drunk And High While Filming The Hangover - Says He Was Like A 'Pig' -


Mike Tyson says that he was intoxicated for most of his time filming on the set of The Hangover. New York Post reported on comments from the 54-year-old heavyweight in which he described his appearence as a “pig” during the movie.

The star said he didn’t even know that he was supposed to star in the comedy film. The boxing champ says he actually ran into Zach Galifianakis and the other co-stars on a night out before filming, and they told him about the cameo.

During a conversation with Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker, Tyson said he met up with the guys in the club, and in the VIP section, he said to them that it would normally just be him in there. Tyson claimed at that point in his life, he was drinking, doing drugs, and smoking a lot, so he didn’t even remember his part.

Thankfully, Mike appeared in the movie and it wound up being one of the most successful films that year. In the 2009 comedy, Tyson acted as himself and the main characters of the film manage to steal one of his tigers during a wild night out partying in Las Vegas.

During an interview with Yahoo Sports, Tyson explained that he was a mess at the time of the movie’s creation, he was “overweight,” doing a lot of cocaine, and acting like a “pig.” Afterward, Tyson went on to appear in The Hangover Part 2 and also built a solid relationship with the film’s lead, Bradley Cooper.

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54 today. Where did the time go.

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Tyson stated that Bradley was a great guy, and he’s doing well in his life as well. Since then, Tyson has managed to turn his life around completely, creating his own Broadway show, and even getting his own animated series.

The famous boxer states that he has been training lately as well, and plans on having his first fight in 15 years for a charity. Reportedly, Tyson claims his famous knockout scene in The Hangover is what led to his resurgence in popularity. Jamie Foxx will now star in a biopic about the notorious heavyweight champ. 

Tyson says the movie changed his life completely. People know who he is now because of the film. Many people didn’t even know he was a famous boxer.

Moreover, the star has appeared on many podcasts over the last few months, including the JRE among others.

RuPaul's Fans Are Upset After He Deletes All Of His Social Media Content -


RuPaul’s fans aren’t happy with him. Page Six reported on Thursday that the 59-year-old wiped clean all of his Instagram accounts as well as his Twitter page without any explanation. Not long before he eliminated all of the content from his pages, fans began noticing that he slowly started deleting them one by one.

Fans initially thought that his account was merely hacked. Earlier this week, a Twitter user wrote that someone had hacked into his social media and started eliminating all of his old content.

Interestingly, other fans started noticing that the Drag Race alum, Kameron Michaels also eliminated much of the content from his IG account. This all comes at the same time as Thursday’s debut of Canada’s Drag Race, which marks the fourth rendition of the reality series.

RuPaul’s show was in the headlines this year for other reasons. Jeff Goldblum, who appeared in Jurassic Park as well as the sci-fi movie, Independence Day, made his way into the headlines as a contestant on RuPaul’s show, Drag Race.

During his appearence, Jeff asked a question about the tenets of the Islamic religion, and whether or not it fostered a culture of intolerance to gay people and the general LGBTQ community.

Goldblum’s questions were asked during a runway walk in which Dauris Rose wore a blue hijab with silver stars on it as well as a red and white caftan. The Iranian-Canadian, Cox, stated that a person could be an American citizen even if they were a Muslim or from the middle east.

Cox alleged that it was crucial for her to represent the minorities in the United States. At this point in the conversation, Goldblum questioned whether Islamic societies were tolerable to LGBTQ communities after saying he was just “thinking out loud.”

Social media users weren’t happy with the actor’s comments. They pointed out that anti-LGBTQ rhetoric persisted in many societies throughout the world, even predominantly Christian nations.

It’s not clear if Goldblum’s comments contributed to RuPaul’s social media cleansing, but sources say it likely played no role.

Jordyn Woods Rocks Her Curves In This Pink Skin-Tight Dress - Fans Ask For A Beauty Line -


Jordyn Woods decided to post her very first Tik Tok, and her fans are right here for it. Check out the clip that she shared on her social media account below.

She’s wearing a gorgeous pink skin-tight dress that flaunts her amazing curves.

‘just posted my first TikTok 💗go follow me! @jordyn_woods and make sure you go stream my girls song #girlsinthehood 😛’ Jordyn captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘I’m just… you were fine before the makeup and then got even finer???’ and lots of other fans gushed over her gorgeous figure.

Another commenter wrote: ‘Can you start singing again? Like the mask signer songs you did or planned on doing if you went further,’ and someone else said: ‘Damn the audio distorted u got my eardrums ringing.’

One follower posted this: ‘You look pretty I pray you and your family stay safe and healthy,’ and another fan posted: ‘@jordynwoods omg you are so freaking pretty I swear omg you do not need makeup you are the bomb sis !! omg I love you .. you are great.’

A fan wrote: ‘But like tik tok literally doesn’t support black people so why are you giving them money and views @jordynwoods,’ and one other follower said: ‘I’m reporting this post!!! How are you going to snatch my edges like that? You trying to hurt me!?’

Another fan posted the following message: ‘You should definitely do a beauty line, One that really has “us” In mind. I’m ready to support it!’

Jordyn shared a selfie she took on her social media account and managed to leave her fans in awe.

Judging by the way she looks, it’s no wonder that people flooded her comments section with praising words.

‘Every morning you get to wake up, there’s another day for the opportunity 🖤’ Jordyn captioned her post.

Fans loved her look like always.