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Khloe Kardashian Claims 2018 Was A Year Which Continually "Tested" Her - Here's Why -


As most know, 2018 has been a very eventful year for Ms. Khloe Kardahsian, who recently had a baby with the basketball player, Tristan Thompson, 27. In what was arguably the biggest scandal in entertainment news this year, it was revealed that Tristan cheated on her with more than one woman – and while she was pregnant as well.

It was a choice that Tristan undoubtedly must regret, especially considering the wrath of her sisters, Kylie, Kendall, Kim, and Kourtney. Us Weekly reports that the star took to her Instagram earlier and said her soul endured “the highest highs and the lowest lows.”

Interestingly, Khloe became very religious on social media, stating that the “devil did not rest” this year and that she was “tested time, and time again.” The Revenge Body host said her spirit can’t be broken. She went on to state a number of different affirmations about her strength, resilience, and fortitude in the face of adversity.

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❥➹ 2018 was a roller coaster of emotions My soul endured, the highest highs and the lowest lows. Praise be to GOD because at this moment, I’m at an all time high. This season the devil did not rest, I was tested, time and time again. I came out of my experiences stronger than ever! My spirit can not be broken!! This year I faced my challenges by trusting myself, not always in my decisions but in my ability to overcome whatever I was being tested with. I now know I am a conqueror, I am stronger than I ever could have imagined, and no matter which obstacle I face, I will always overcome it. Life does not always go as planned, but the beauty of it is, that it can surprise you in any moment with the sweetest of serendipity. The key is to keep moving forward, keep smiling, keep being a positive ray of light in a somewhat dark world! Knowing that God and the universe has your back and that life is meant to get better as long as we internally feel grateful and strive to become better humans. Start each day with a grateful, loving heart. Be truly grateful and that will create a ripple effect of karma and blessings. You get what you give in anything you do✨ True, you are and forever will be my greatest blessing- my greatest gift!! There is nothing I wouldn’t endure a million times over to be blessed with an angel like you!!! Thank you for showing me what it feels like to be complete. To be at peace in my soul. I never knew my heart could be so full. I will love you until the end of time! You were worth the wait my sweet baby True! ❥➹ 🎵Daniel Cesar- Blessed 🎵

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As it was previously reported, footage surfaced in April showing Tristan Thompson cozying up to a few different women right around the time she gave birth to True.

Just two days after The Daily Mail published the proof of his infidelity, Kourtney gave birth to True Thompson in Cleveland, on the 12th of April. Putting the past aside, in her post on Monday, Kardashian said life didn’t always go as scheduled.

In the final part of her message, Khloe praised and gushed over her child with the 27-year-old basketball player. The star thanked True for being such a “blessing” – it’s her “greatest gift!”

In May, reporters from Us Weekly confirmed that Thompson and Khloe had figured things out. Despite her bold proclamations, fans of the Kardashian sister have begun to question her “tough girl” image.

People on social media have criticized Khloe for claiming to be such a strong woman, while at the same time dealing with a philandering man who has cheated more than once. Moreover, fans have pointed out the possibility that those are just the times he was caught.

When the reports first came out, a litany of KUWK fans took to Tristan’s Instagram and wrote mean-spirited messages. Moreover, he was allegedly booed at one of his basketball games.

Demi Lovato Shares Her Gratefulness For Life Following Near-Fatal Overdose -


Demi Lovato knows how great it is to be alive following her summertime opiate overdose. Us Weekly reported that the star took to her Instagram Story to explain how grateful she was to be walking the soil. There’s no doubt her comments were partially inspired by the death of the late Mac Miller, who passed away in September.

The 26-year-old said on her Instagram that she was “so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned this year.” On the 31st of December, Demi said she would never take a day in her life for granted ever again, even the bad days.

As it was previously reported, Demi was found unconscious due to a drug overdose at her Hollywood home on the 24th of July. It came just a few days after the release of her song, “Sober,” in which she sang about succumbing to drug addiction.

And for two weeks, Demi stayed in the hospital before finally checking into a treatment center. A source who spoke with Us Weekly in August said that she was “in much more drill sergeant-style” training.

In November, the Disney Channel star finished the final stages of the program. On the 27th of December, a source who spoke with Us Weekly claimed she was working toward a very healthy, sober, and happy lifestyle.

Moreover, Lovato has a new boyfriend named Henry Levin, and she’s apparently “totally” into him. The star apparently met Levin in rehab. The two of them have really bonded in recent months.

Despite the fact she is focused on what the future holds, Demi said she would one day clarify what happened regarding her overdose in July. Lovato said there would be a day where she told the world “exactly what happened” and how it all went down.

Demi urged her fans to “stop making things up” and instead give her time and space to heal. Demi has been more than candid about drug addiction, substance abuse, and mental health issues since her career beginnings.

Lovato said people used to make fun of her when she was in school due to her Disney career. Moreover, her father allegedly struggled with drug abuse as well when he was a much younger man.

Kanye West Blasts Drake Again And Requests Public Apology For Following Kim K -


Kanye West is still not pleased with the fact Drake has been following his wife, Kim Kardashian, on social media. According to People Magazine, Kanye, who’s currently on vacation with his wife and their three children in Aspen, Colorado, went on Twitter on New Year’s Eve to speak about Drake yet again.

West said on Twitter that he has never touched on anything related to the family when it comes to beef with other rappers. Drake, on the other hand, spoke about Pusha-T’s fiancé as well as Kanye’s family – something which he obviously believes is a cardinal sin.

The rapper insinuated that Drake overstepped a serious boundary by following his wife on Instagram. According to Kanye, he has been “extending olive branches” to the Toronto rapper for months, and instead, Drake chose to ignore and then threaten him.

The Life of Pablo rapper asked rhetorically whose wise idea it was to have Drake following Kim on Instagram. He said there wasn’t beefing with anyone, but he’s going to try and focus on his family and his life.

And “you keep my family out of this wrestling foolishness,” Kanye wrote on Twitter. As most know, this is just one of many Kanye Twitter tirades lately, since Kanye first began vehemently supporting Trump around the time of the release of his latest album, Ye.

Later on, Kanye tweeted once again that he would’ve chosen to sit down and talk for a long time, rather than squabble online. He wasn’t trying to “score points” off of his fellow rapper because he doesn’t get down like that.

The rapper went on to say that he doesn’t follow “man-made codes,” and only listens to God instead. Moreover, Kanye criticized the fact some people have suggested he make a rap diss.

According to the father-of-three, he isn’t trying to follow the rules established by anybody. He’s trying to get a public apology for Drake following his wife on Instagram. Kanye said tweeting was both “legal and therapeutic,” and he would continue to do so.

West said he loves everyone in the world, even Drake because that’s his “whole thing.” This isn’t the only time Drake has feuded with another rapper this year. During the summer months, Kanye and Pusha-T feuded and released several diss tracks at each other.

However, Pusha’s “The Story Of Adidon,” crushed the Toronto native so badly that he released a PR-style statement afterward explaining the embarrassing photograph the rapper acquired. It was a photo of Drake with his skin colored white and his face colored extremely black.

Paul McCartney Dishes On John Lennon's Greatest Fears -


According to Paul McCartney, John Lennon had a tremendous fear of something that might just surprise you. According to a report from The Huffington Post, during a 60 Minutes Overtime portion with Sharyn Alfonsi, the star spoke about her conversation with the legendary Beatles member in which she revealed a behind-the-scenes video.

The video featured the 76-year-old Paul speaking about his own insecurities and flaws, as well as the fact John suffered from self-doubt a lot. It appears as though the introspective artist stereotype has rung true in this case, because Paul emotionally said that “John was a bit insecure.”

Lennon, one day, randomly in a conversation with Paul, said he feared about the way in which people would remember him. Right away, McCartney felt obligated to console and explain just how much people would appreciate his legacy.

Paul claims he told John that he would be remembered as one of the greatest artists ever. He said, “cause you are, you’re fantastic.” As most know, John is arguably one of the most legendary rock figures of all time following his death in December of 1980.

Mark David Chapman, who’s still in jail serving his time, snuck up behind Lennon and shot him in the back one night as he returned home from a recording studio.

It was right in front of the Dakota – Lennon’s apartment in Central Park West in New York City. Since then, Mr. Chapman has been denied parole approximately 10 times. Reportedly, his wife of the time, Yoko Ono, requested from the court and jury that Mark spent his remaining days behind bars due to the terrible nature of John’s death.

In later interviews, Mark said that he shot Lennon because he wanted to become famous. The convicted murderer admitted that he planned to kill someone else, but due to the layout of John’s apartment building, he decided it would be easiest to kill him instead.

Despite McCartney’s tearful recollections of John’s life and death, he admitted some of Lennon’s darker personality traits, including the way he refused to acknowledge the talent of those closest to him.

John would hardly admit that anything Paul had written was good, with the exception of “Here, There and Everywhere.” To this day, Paul has remembered that John liked that one song. He admitted that he felt it was “pathetic, really.”

Here's What Kourtney Kardashian Thinks Of Younes Bendjima's Post-Breakup Instagram Posts -


Ever since Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima split up, there hasn’t been much talk of their relationship’s demise, with the exception of the press reporting on Bendjima’s violent outbursts on a couple of different outings including an incident in a restaurant one evening.

According to a report from E! Online, Kourtney has, for the most part, moved on from Younes completely. This past weekend, Kourtney’s ex went on Instagram to pay tribute to her with posts in which he uploaded a couple of different photographs of him and her hanging out.

Younes wrote on the ‘Gram, “let’s not forget this beautiful woman inside and out.” Bendjima, in a post that appeared oddly adulating, said he realized how important it was not to forget “moments like that.”

The model/boxer described Kourtney as a great person and mother, and he hoped for her nothing but the best. In response, Kourtney wrote, “All love. We live and we learn.”

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We live, we learn #kourtneykardashian

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Since then, a source who spoke with E! News said that “she has moved from that time in her life” already. If Younes is looking to get back together, it’s far too late.

The oldest Kardashian sister is “focused on other people and other things,” the outlet reported. And another source who spoke with the publication claimed she is not in contact with Mr. Bendjima at all.

The insider went on to add that Kourtney knows Younes is feeling the pain these days, but she’s not focused on him anymore. It’s as simple as that. As it was previously reported, Kourtney and Younes broke up over the summer months after approximately two years of dating.

And since then, Kourtney has hung around men like Luka Sabbat, when she helped him celebrate his 21st birthday last month. Moreover, she spent time with Scott in recent weeks including on a trip to San Lucas, Mexico, with Sofia Richie.

At the moment, Sofia, Scott, and Kourtney are in Aspen, Colorado, on vacation. Insiders claim they’re surprisingly getting along very well together despite past squabbles. Kourtney reportedly took issue with her and Scott’s children hanging around a girl who is barely legal to drink yet.

Are 'Teen Mom' Stars Cheyenne Floyd And Cory Wharton Planning On More Babies? -


Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd and her baby daddy Cory Wharton have a beautiful one-year-old daughter named Ryder. And even though they aren’t in a committed relationship at the moment, both Floyd and Wharton admitted during the recent Teen Mom OG reunion that they are open to the idea of having more children together.

After meeting on MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals III, Wharton and Floyd hooked up. But, Floyd didn’t know that Wharton was Ryder’s dad until the baby was six months old. According to Romper, Wharton’s paternity came to light because Ryder has a rare disease called VLCAD or Very-long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency.

VLCAD is a condition in which the body can’t properly break down certain fats into energy, and that can cause a metabolic crisis. Fortunately, Ryder is doing well, and once Wharton and Floyd discovered his paternity, they developed a successful co-parenting relationship.

They get along so well, that when she was asked during Monday night’s reunion if she would have another baby with Wharton, Floyd nodded her head. And, Wharton says he is “100 percent” on board.

But there is a problem. In addition to another baby, Floyd is also interested in a serious and committed relationship with Wharton, but he doesn’t feel the same way – at least, not right now.

So, Floyd says she is not opposed to waiting.

“I mean, I don’t know how long I will wait, but I’ll wait,” Floyd said.

For the time being, the two reality stars are committed to co-parenting Ryder, and Floyd believes she and Wharton co-parent well because they were never in a romantic relationship.

“We never crossed that line to begin with,” she told a friend. “We were at that flirting, ‘Okay, let’s talk a little bit’ stage.”

Floyd also credits Wharton for pulling her out of one of the “darkest periods” of her life, and he feels lucky to have her.

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New York ❤️

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“It’s been the best year of my life for many reasons, but the number 1 reason has to be me becoming a father,” Wharton wrote on Instagram.

Ever since their first episode of Teen Mom OG, fans have been rooting for Wharton and Floyd to get together. And, the MTV stars recently joked around on Instagram Stories while watching the Teen Mom OG season finale, and he even got down on one knee to fake a proposal.

It was all in good fun, and Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton knew exactly what kind of reaction they would get from fans. For a second, many thought it was the real thing. But right now, it’s just not meant to be.

"Avengers: Endgame" Named 2019's Most Anticipated Movie By Atom Tickets -


The upcoming Avengers movie, Avengers: Endgame, is 2019’s most anticipated film reports Atom Tickets through Backed by Fox, Disney, and Lionsgate, Atom Tickets, who specializes in distributing surveys, placed Captain Marvel and Toy Story 4 in second and third place respectively.

The organization reported that Endgame far surpassed other films by “wide margins.” Fandango, a similar company, had results of the same nature just last week. The organization stated the upcoming superhero movie was 2019’s most awaited flick.

The Chairman and Co-Founder of Atom Tickets, Matthew Bakal, said that Dwayne Johnson, Star Wars, The Avengers, and Lupita Nyong’o would be competing with each other vociferously, but thus far, the Avengers, starring Robert Downey Junior and Jeremy Renner, is ahead of the pack.

Movie enthusiasts know murmurs around the scene have claimed streaming would soon overtake the film business, however, reports state that consumers are still interested in going out to the cinema.

The survey reported that an “overwhelming 86% of respondents” claimed they were excited to go to the movie theaters in 2019. Not only will they watch the movie in the theater but they’ll also tune in at home.

As it was previously reported, analysts last year, around the time of Stephen King’s It, worried that movie studios were in serious trouble, however, it appears as though they have continued to pump out extremely lucrative films.

Additionally, the international demand for American-made film and television shows has exploded, especially the former. Fast and Furious, Avengers and other superhero movies have all done exceedingly well at international box offices.

Although, one can foresee, admittedly, that traditional broadcasting networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC, are in serious trouble, as streaming juggernauts like Netflix continue to produce groundbreaking films and television. Some of the most popular series created by the company includes House Of Cards, Narcos, Stranger Things, and many others.

Putting that aside, it looks like the traditional movie theater isn’t going anywhere yet, but no one can say how long it will last. Moreover, due to television series’ earning potential, writers are increasingly attracted to shows like Game Of Thrones.

Kourtney Kardashian Leaving 'KUWK'? Inside Her Spin-Off Plans With Scott Disick And Sofia Richie -


Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Sofia Richie recently went on vacation together, and things went so well the friendly exes are considering starring in a spinoff of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that will chronicle their respective dating lives. E! executives, as well as momager Kris Jenner, believe that fans want to see the dynamic between the three, and it could be the “most intriguing soap opera or spinoff of KUWTK” that we have seen.

According to Radar Online, KUWTK cameras rolled during the Mexican vacation because Jenner knew that fans wanted to see Disick juggle the duties of being a boyfriend and being an ex-boyfriend.

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Almost spilled the tea

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“Kris wouldn’t not let this be filmed because it will be great for ratings,” an insider said. “It is hilarious to her, and she knows it will be great for next season.”

The source added that there is no bad blood between Kardashian and Richie, and the mom of three is “actually getting a kick out of seeing Scott try to keep his cool right now.”

Richie is reportedly on board with the spinoff project, but Disick isn’t going to have much choice says a source. As for Kardashian, her dating life is sure to bring in the viewers because she can bring in new characters, like her latest boy toy, Luke Sabbat.

And, it looks like the new show could also feature Kardashian’s neighbor, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. A network source also claims that the spinoff would include a “ton of behind-the-scenes assistants and hangers-on who don’t get much airtime” on KUWTK.

During their recent trip to Mexico, everyone got along despite their history – not to mention the huge age difference between the 39-year-old Kardashian and the 20-year-old Richie.

Kardashian, Disick, and Richie all enjoyed some time on the beach, with Kardashian stripping down to a barely-there black bikini. The sexy mom of Penelope, Mason, and Reign had no trouble showing off her assets and giving Disick a glimpse at what he was missing. Richie also showed off her bikini body with an orange thong.

And in pictures, it looks like Kardashian and Richie had a chance to bond, and at one point they could be seen talking and sitting close while soaking up some sun.

Disick even posted a photo of himself sitting between Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie, and he wrote in the caption, “What more can a guy ask for? Three’s company.”

New episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians air Sunday nights on E!.

Reports Claim Brad Pitt Wanted Supervised Visits With The Kids To Prove He's A Great Father -


This past Christmas, legendary Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt, spent some time with his six children. However, unfortunately for the Fury alum, not all of his kids were there for the occasion.

Mercury News reported that Brad hung around only a few of his and Angelina Jolie’s children over the Christmas holidays just a few weeks after they reached a custody agreement.

Us Weekly and a few other outlets claim that Pitt and four of his kids were at his place for Christmas Eve, where they exchanged presents. The arrangement was supervised as requested by the court.

Reportedly, a court-ordered watcher slept in a guest room in the house, to make sure Brad and the kids got along. Despite what some may say, Brad allegedly was thrilled to have the monitor there. He has no shame regarding his personal life these days.

Ever since he and Angelina broke up back in September 2016, the star has complicity agreed to have a monitor around while he visits with his six adopted children.

As it was previously revealed, Hollywood Life reported that Brad supposedly had an altercation with Maddox, 17-years-old, back in 2016, which allegedly was the interaction which broke the straw on the camel’s back. In other words, it was the final incident which led to Angelina and Brad’s separation.


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Law experts who spoke with Hollywood Life claimed that it was in Brad’s best interest to have a monitor around while he spends time with the kids. It allows for Brad to show the progress he has made since his split with Angelina two years ago.

David T. Pisarra, a family law attorney in Los Angeles, claimed the monitored visits show that Brad is more than willing to demonstrate what is considered to be “appropriate parenting.”

The publication also claimed that Brad was disappointed to see that his 43-year-old ex-wife was “parading” her children around on shopping trips to show what a good mother she is. In the past, Angelina supposedly intended to keep their children completely out of the spotlight, but all of that has changed since their split.

How 'Outlander' Star Sophie Skelton Wishes The Show Would Have Handled Brianna's Rape -


Heading into Season 4 of Outlander, fans of Diana Gabaldon’s books had no idea how the show was going to handle Brianna’s (Sophie Skelton) sexual assault at the hands of Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers). In light of the heightened awareness of sexual misconduct in real life, there was talk that the series might exclude the scene altogether.

But that didn’t happen. Last week’s episode, titled “Wilmington,” featured the attack, though producers opted to depart from the books and cut out the more explicit parts of the scene.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Skelton opened up about her character’s assault and expressed a little regret about how it was handled on the show.

The Outlander star explained how cutting out the explicit scenes shows “how far we haven’t” come in terms of talking about sexual assault.

She also went into great detail about the other version of the assault and revealed that she did a lot of research on PTSD and how sexual assault victims cope with their trauma prior to filming.

Skelton and the rest of the crew filmed several versions of the rape scene. The scene that was cut focused solely on Brianna while the assault was happening. It also stuck closer to what happened in the book, minus the vivid details.

Although Skelton was disappointed, she understands that producers had to navigate some tricky waters given all the recent scandals. At the end of the day, they did not want to be insensitive to what is going on in the real world.

She also believes that including the rape will open up conversations and raise awareness about sexual assault.

“I do think it will encourage people to talk about the bystanders. They’re not the ones doing the rape, but the fact that they’re seeing it and doing nothing puts them on the same page as being guilty,” she added.

Given how the series departed from the books, it will be interesting to see how they handle the aftermath of the sexual assault from Brianna’s point of view.

New episodes of Outlander air Sunday nights on Starz.